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The Earth Star Chakra – Guest Blogger Vikki Gadd

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WOW – what a weekend at the spectacular Gorton Monastery working with Vikki Gadd. Our position was in the centre of the Monastery, looking up at the fantastic altar with beams of light shining down. It was absolutely awesome and the wonderful people we met and worked with will stay with me for a lifetime. Thank you so much if you popped by, attended Vikki’s talk or had a treatment – you are amazing and we are blessed to have met you.

Vikki’s talk was on the Earth Star Chakra. It is the connection to our SOUL and a chakra that isn’t really talked about very much. It resides deep in the Earth below our feet, but if this chakra is blocked or disconnected in any way, it causes us to feel lost and makes listening to our soul’s purpose extremely difficult. Vikki has been kind enough to write a guest blog for me explaining why the Earth Star Chakra is so important…………

Hi I’m Vikki Gadd and I specialise in crystal energy therapy. I have just had the pleasure of working with the fabulous Krissy at Gorton Monastery this weekend, where I did treatments and also a talk on “A Journey To The Earth Star And Beyond!!!”  It was a huge honour to be able to share this passion and knowledge with so many lovely people, all willing and eager to delve into the depths of our Earth Star to reap the rewards.

So where is our Earth Star Chakra?

If you are familiar with your chakra system you will know that we speak and work mostly with 7 of them which all reside within the body.  However there are additional transpersonal chakras that exist in the auric field and in the earth.  It’s these chakras which are now beginning to rise from their slumber as the vibration of the Universe and our Earth changes.

The earth star is located about 12 ” below the earth and we share this chakra with all of humanity.  Our earth star highlights individual elements and needs within ourselves and our soul, as well as combining this with the energies of those closest to us. This energy and connection then ripples out to our family, community, country and then the rest of the world.  This immense inclusion leaves us feeling totally accepted and safe and enables us to work as one with the world whilst honouring our own individuality.

Clearing and connecting with our earth star chakra point has never been so important!
Earth star chakras come in all shapes and sizes.  I see some wonderful earth stars, as well as scary, desolate, lonely, dark ones.  I first started to see them as a room with or without a lit fire within.  Then the more I peeled back the layers, the more hidden depths were revealed.  When I reach the bottom of those layers, I believe I have come to the doorway to our souls…….where long forgotten dreams and buried nightmares reside.  Some from this life time, others from past lives.  All of them leave footprints or scars .

Why do we fill and block our pathway to the soul?

How I see it is, as we bumble along through our lives trying to stay on course, different experiences happen to us. This can start as early as being in the womb, through childhood or more recently.  Depending on how painful or negative the experience was signifies how much we get thrown , shoved or walk ourselves away from our true path.  The trick is finding our way back!

Now we can live most of our lives out of alignment and indeed, many of us do. Some of us never really acknowledge this and for some souls, thats OK. However, the more aware we are, the more we will have a feelinOKg of being a bit lost, possibly unhappy and knowing that we are living parallel to our dreams instead of playing the best part in them.

But we can,  if we choose, clamber through the brambles and shrubbery and process these negative experiences rather than allowing the dark shadow of them to block our path and disconnect us from our soul’s true purpose. This isn’t easy as it requires us feeling the emotions and working through those experiences in order to clear them. If we can find the strength and courage to do this however, we have the power to reconnect with our true selves, honouring our dreams and then LIVING THEM.

How can we help ourselves?

Daily meditation is a great way to strengthen the earth star chakra and our connection to it. If meditation is difficult for whatever reason, just checking in with ourselves on a daily basis works wonders. It is simple to make this part of our  morning or evening routine.

We can also help ourselves by opening our eyes & mind to the tiny wonders that bless our day…….. like a falling feather, the smile of a kind stranger, the colour of autumn leaves or a spotting magnificent rainbow. These small wonders can pierce light through our heavy coats of armour. To take the time to truly see these things and appreciate them opens us up and allows energy to pour down into us and deeply connect.

Some people need to work on their earth star more than others. You’ll have an awareness if you are not deeply connected to your Earth Star chakra – you may feel a little lost, unsure, misguided and hesitant, even though you know you need to move forward in some way.  

Crystals can easily help to clear our system and get us back on track. Krissy and I came up with an “Earth Star Action Pack” which contains 7 amazing crystals and full instructions to help you clear and claim back your connection to self.

This pack has not been created for profit. It has been created to help, shift & guide you so even though it contains seven crystals, some of which are expensive such as Fire Agate & Moldavite, it is only priced at £12.50. Please click here if you would like more information on the Earth Star Action Pack.

Help yourself and begin to honour your light within, for this will ignite and empower you…….allowing you to become the person you were always meant to be.
Enjoy, with Love, Vikki

If you have any questions about the Earth Star Chakra, please do drop me a line or contact Vikki directly via her website

Until next time, have a lovely week and keep an eye out this evening for meteors 🙂  

Huge hugs

Krissy XXX

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