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Nirvana Quartz ~ Releasing Patterns

Nirvana Quartz (also known as Himalayan Ice Quartz) is a beautiful quartz that was only discovered in 2006 when the glaciers high up in the Himalayan mountain range began to melt and recede. They estimate that this quartz had lain under those glaciers for 1000s of years and isn’t found anywhere else on Earth.

Nirvana Quartz is a form of Growth Interference Quartz, which is quartz that has had it’s expansion and growth ‘interfered with’ by paper spar, a form of very flat, thin Calcite. The Calcite (or occasionally other minerals) disrupts the growth of the Quartz, but then disappears further along the growth path. This leaves behind a surface on the quartz which has an etched and pitted look about it, making it rough to the touch. Some of the surface pitting and markings also come from being compact pressured under the weight of glaciers for so long, so no two pieces look the same.

To find fairly clear or smoother pieces of Nirvana Quartz is extremely rare as it doesn’t often have obvious sides and terminations like most forms of quartz. Most Nirvana Quartz is a very pale pink colour, although some pieces can also be clear or white.

Nirvana Quartz is said to activate and stimulate the entire chakra system, with the strongest effects being felt at the solar plexus, heart, third eye and crown. It is a very subtle, peaceful, gentle energy that slowly sinks into the system (although some people can still feel a real buzz or tingle when they first connect to it).

Nirvana Quartz draws in the energy of ‘inner peace’, allowing us to consciously see what we need to do in order to move forward on our spiritual path. It is fantastic for highlighting our deeply ingrained emotional and mental patterning from childhood, those subconscious patterns that control us from behind the scenes. If we have any self sabotaging patterns, any behaviour that is based on fear or causes us to act in self destructive ways, then Nirvana Quartz is one of the best crystals to work with to gently show us how to change and heal those patterns.

Some believe that because Nirvana Quartz is so ancient, that it holds the wisdom of the ancients. Having meditated with it myself, I haven’t found that to be the case (although that doesn’t mean to say it isn’t so). It has, however connected me deeply to my sense of self and allowed me to look at myself, warts and all, with no judgement or blame. Nirvana Quartz seems to silence the inner critic within that tells us off all the time and allows us to look at situations and how we’ve behaved in them with blunt honestly, yet also with gentleness and kindness toward’s the self.

Nirvana Quartz is a great tool if we’re working towards forgiving or accepting ourself or others. We are all human, we all have flaws and have all, at some point, acted in a way we are not proud of. It’s these flaws and experiences that teach us and are a vital step on the journey of truly knowing who we are.  Nirvana Quartz eases all of that pressure and truly changes the perspective we have of ourselves. 

Most people are eager to develop spiritually, but we forget that until we deal with our human patterns and any destructive/negative behaviours, there is no chance of our moving forward spiritually. We can take every course under the sun, read tons of books, work in lots of spiritual ways….but our power…..our ability to actually connect to the Universe from the heart rather than the egoic mind…..that doesn’t grow until WE grow as a human being.

Until we tackle the things within ourselves that we KNOW are unhealthy or causing us to harm ourselves or others, we remain exactly where we are. If we aren’t aware of any patterns or of self sabotage, then that is fair enough…….but most of us DO know and if we know, then we have to deal with it or the only thing that will expand is our mind as we fill it with knowledge. Our spiritual energy and our intuitive abilities, however, will remain exactly the same until we change.


Most of my crystal blogs recently have been about crystals that help us to achieve heightened spiritual connection. Nirvana Quartz does that too, by helping us work on anything that is keeping our spiritual ability tethered. On my most recent supplier trip, I’d been given this crystal intuitively before even entering the warehouse and my logical mind had actually dismissed it given that finding nice quality pieces at a reasonable price is very difficult. As has happened a lot lately however, there was a new shipment in and it sang so loud across the warehouse, my head started to ache. Needless to say, I bought what I could afford as the quality and energy is soooooo beautiful.

Nirvana Quartz is a gorgeous crystal friend to work with. I would carry mine on a day to day basis to ensure I am gentle & loving with myself. It fills me with a sense of peacefulness that is different from many other stones, as it comes with a sense of awareness and connection. It makes me feel like I am coming from a higher place of consciousness and acceptance.

I have also meditated with Nirvana Quartz and it does what it says on the tin…if we’re stuck, if we have questions about ourselves, our past, our childhood or our patterns, then they gently come to the surface during meditation.

Keep a notebook handy to write things down as for some people, Nirvana Quartz is an excellent tool for channelling. For me, I didn’t channel spiritual things, but more along the lines of information about myself or others that was helpful for healing or growth. If you can completely relax, open the mind and let go, it would be interesting to see what comes forth.

I also think this would be a good crystal to use after suffering any form of emotional trauma, because it connects us deeply to our inner self, which removes us from the drama of situations and is actually very comforting. It’s like Nirvana Quartz provides us with the distance required to simply witness things rather than get emotionally involved. If we have become emotionally involved, it allows us to step back and let things go or at least cocoons us in a lovely blanket of gentleness.

However, I would not sleep with Nirvana Quartz……although it is gentle, it does have quite a strong connection to the crown chakra, which we don’t need to be activated when wanting a good night’s sleep. I’m a vivid dreamer and found myself dreaming rather than getting enough restful sleep.

With much love, have a fab day

Krissy XXX

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