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UNIQUE GIFT for Parents ~ Baby/Child Astrology Reading


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This reading is specifically for babies or young children. It is a highly unique and personalised gift for parents to be that will be utilised, re-read and talked about for years to come. Everyone who has commissioned this reading has been completely blown away as it details so many different aspects of their little one’s personality.

I study the chart in depth to ascertain what the child’s main personality characteristics are, where they will need grounding, support or balance as they grow up, how emotional or academically minded they are or whether they would prefer art or creative subjects etc.

I also look at how they relate to others, how they’ll make friends, how they feel happiest expressing themselves, what’s important to them, what they value the most and lots of helpful tips and information on their personality. I also detail what each parent means to the child and what their role is in guiding that beautiful little Soul. For example, some children are very independent, for others it is very important that they have a good connection with one or both parents for them to feel stable and secure as a child.

It’s really helpful to know as a parent how you can naturally support your child and what they will rely on you for, for healthy development. This reading can be adapted based on the parent’s personality ~ some are practical & don’t have any interest in the spiritual side of life, in which case, I’d keep the reading very simple and practical. Others may be very spiritual, so would like to know some of the deeper, Soul related aspects of their child such as their Soul Purpose. I am happy and able to adapt each reading based on what would suit the reader best.

In essence, this reading is an astrological perspective for parents on how they can be the best possible parent to their child and also, what they can expect from their child. It is a joy to conduct these readings and they make fantastic gifts that are unique, personal and very different. I’ve done many of these readings as a present for new parents as it’s absolutely fascinating to learn so much information about our child at such a young age.

Each reading comes in a beautiful, quality box where it can be safely kept, includes a heart shaped, natural crystal for the child when they are older, is wrapped with a thick bow/ribbon and is ready to gift to someone special. As a gift, it looks really classy.

Astrology is a hugely useful tool to help us navigate our lives and I make these readings as in depth as possible, alongside answering any specific queries or questions you might have. If you would like to see an example of one of my Children’s Astrology Readings, please drop me a line via the contact form and I’ll pop one over via email. I remove all of the astrological jargon so your reading is in plain English and very easy to understand. You can then let me know if you’d like me to simplify things even further or whether you’re happy with a report as it is. This report is jam packed with information, so is approximately 12-16 pages long, written solely by myself (no computer generated, generic nonsense) and will take quite some time to read/absorb.

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