Colour : Celestial/Amethyst (Purple) Angel (Pale Rainbow) Aqua (Turquoise) Rainbow (Dark Rainbow) Ruby Aura (Ruby Red) Sunshine Aura (Orange)
Chakra : Please see individual listings.
Physical : Please see individual listings.
Spiritual : Aura Quartz is high quality Clear Quartz that has been permanently bonded with a layer of pure precious metal. The process is called Vacuum Metalising. Quartz is placed into a vacuum chamber, all oxygen is removed and the tiniest micron particles of precious metal are puffed into the chamber to bond with the quartz. Aura Quartz has a powerful energy due to this pure process. It would be a mistake to disregard Aura Quartz because it is ‘man made’. In reality, it is a fusion of earth & man, which creates an energy not achievable in any other way. Aura Quartz crystals ONLY amplify positive energy and dispel the negative.
Affirmation: I call forth my connection to Higher Energies and ask for upliftment, guidance, inner peace and joy.

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