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Sunshine Aura Quartz Pendant – Item F


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This is lovely, faceted piece of Sunshine Aura Quartz set in thick Sterling Silver. All of these pieces have the most gorgeous energy and sparkle, really boosting the confidence & joy we feel in our solar plexus. Each is designed slightly differently & all have been cut by a master jeweller.

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Sunshine Aura has a beautiful energy that resonates strongly with our solar plexus. It encourages us to look at how we take responsibility for our own happiness instead of placing it on others. Sunshine Aura promotes self confidence, good self esteem, trust in ourselves and others and is a stone of joy, happiness and love of life. Sunshine Aura is inspiring, connecting us to our power of creativity and encouraging us to bring those ideas out into the open. I can’t help, but smile when working with Sunshine Aura. Pebbles of Sunshine Aura are great to keep on a pocket and take with us on a regular basis. Larger clusters can be used in manifestation grids or crystal body layouts. Pieces are best worn as jewellery as we need to work with this energy consistently in order to slowly raise our levels of confidence, acceptance and trust.

You will receive the pendant in the photograph. Approx 1.5cm (15mm) long X 1cm (10mm) wide.


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