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Elestial Quartz

The original meaning of Elestial Quartz is a transluscent gemstone with a smoky interior. They were first discovered in Africa and known as the gift from the Angels 🙂

More commonly defined, Elestial crystals are usually a combination of two crystals growing (with natural terminations) over the body and face of an etched and/or layered crystal. Common combinations are Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Smoky Quartz.

Elestial crystals have a high vibration and are excellent tools if we are focused on spiritual growth. These special crystals raise our vibrations high enough to connect with external beings such as Spirit, our Guides, the Masters etc.

Elestial crystals are said to be good for overcoming emotional burdens, to bring the heart and mind into balance. They help us to look within and find the love that has always been there. Most have a very strong energy.




A Smoky Quartz Elestial and Amethyst Elestial are pictured above. A Smoky Quartz Elestial will cut through negativity, is very protective and can facilitate deep healing on all levels. An Amethyst Elestial is a pure powerhouse for spiritual growth.

Elestials are very good at regulating energy, so one person may feel a huge impact from them ~ for example, if there are areas of blocked energy in the system. Others may feel them as subtle, gentle crystal ~ particularly if working through emotional issues.

Elestial crystals are great to use during times of change or transformation as they filter high vibrational energy into our life, in whatever way we need it. This allows us to see the bigger picture, a different perspective or to handle changes from a compassionate, heart centred place.

Above all, Elestial crystals are a spiritual crystal. They stimulate the heart & throat chakra and simply ignite the higher chakras. I will often feel/see light pouring down when I use an Elestial. They are great tools for meditation, connection, divination and any form of medium or psychic work.

Meditate with an Elestial ~ either lie down and place it over your heart chakra, or sit up and hold it in your hands with the hands resting gently in your lap. You may hear music or see colours as these crystals are strongly connected to both the Angelic Realm and Spirit. If your eyes are closed, there may be a flickering of light and shadow over them, as if something is moving in front of you. Thats OK, it is simply our eyes reacting to the shift in energy as it eases into our system.

Ask the crystal ‘how can you help me to help myself’ and see what information comes forth. I find it helpful to have a notebook and grounding crystal nearby. Once the meditation is finished, ground yourself (always a wise idea after using a high vibrational crystal or we can spend the day feeling very floaty) and write down anything that happened whilst you were working with your Elestial.

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