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Aqua Kyanite ~ NEW FIND!

There has recently been a completely NEW find of Kyanite located in Zambia, Africa.

Having worked with Kyanite for nearly two decades, I was so excited to come across this new blend. From what I can both see and feel (and having run it past several different rock specialists), it is believed this is a blend of very intense, dark Blue Kyanite with a little black mixed in. On the outside is a stunning, pale green, shimmery crystal that has grown alongside the Kyanite. We’ve had it confirmed that it isn’t Fuschite, but are still waiting to see if this beautiful green substance can be identified.

The feeling of this crystal is simply fabulous. The strength and compassionate support that radiates from it is wonderful to work with. It is a crystal that gets to work on our energy system immediately! The Blue Kyanite is so strong and intense (not in an overwhelming way), it quickly pulls our chakras into alignment. This can feel a little bit odd, possibly make people a bit light headed for a few moments or make their stomach flip. Depending on where our chakras are out of alignment is where we are most likely to feel the energy.

The green crystal then opens the heart chakra. It is soft, gentle and beautiful, but will open us up nonetheless. It made me feel a little vulnerable, but full of love at the same time. Just to touch it, it feels so soft and leaves sparkles on my fingertips. I am assuming it is some form of mica, but it is very soft and pure. After 20 minutes, I felt so good ~ loved, supported, safe and strong.

The realignment of our chakra system and heart space energy sort’ve leaves any unwanted or negative energy behind. I consciously used the Black Kyanite element to ground myself solidly into the earth and dispel any leftover energy no longer required by my system.

The result was I felt strong, open hearted and compassionate, clear headed and very calm. You know when you’re in a really good place, in your adult self and very connected to the Universe? That feeling…….


Blue Kyanite is also called St Micheal’s Sword due to it’s associations with Arch Angel Michael. It is also said to be a powerful connection/communication bridge between us and our Higher Selves and guides. If you’d like to read my informative blog on Kyanite, please Click Here.

I feel this new find of Aqua Kyanite has come to us now as a wonderful crystal tool and ally. It prepares us….for work, for divination, for meditation ~ for whatever we choose to do that day. When we connect to Aqua Kyanite, it prepares us for what lies ahead, both mentally, emotionally and energetically. If we then keep it in our pocket or close by, it continues to provide supportive energies and a strong, protective shield. This particular combination has a very soothing effect on the nervous system, so releases stress and eases anxiety.

Aqua Kyanite can also be used as a powerful divination or meditation tool, given its strong elements of connection and protection. Simply hold it in your hands and ask it to work for your Highest Good and see what happens 😉

There isn’t a lot of Aqua Kyanite available, but I’ve listed the few pieces that are in stock (Click Here) and will be trying to source some more next week. A good trick is to rub a little oil into the crystal. It won’t harm the crystal and brings out the most amazing colours! Or you could try rubbing it with a few drops of water on the tip of a finger. A lot of people do this to enhance the colour in photographs to sell crystals, but I prefer to take natural shots and you can then experiment and play with the crystal to see the different colours when it arrives 🙂

Have a wonderful day, with much love

Krissy XXX

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