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Moonstone ~ Feminine & Goddess Energy

Moonstone is a member of the iridescent feldspar family (another member being Labradorite). It is formed from two different Feldspar species, Albite and Orthoclase. It’s technical name is Hecatolite.

Moonstone has a micro-structure, which typically of feldspars, consists of many layers that cause light to reflect and bounce off it. This provides the famous blue sheen on Rainbow Moonstone (as shown in the above pic).

Rainbow Moonstone is the cause of the well known phrase ‘Once in a Blue Moon’.  It was said that every 21 years, when the Sun & Moon aligned in astrological harmony and the moon was full, large, incredible quality chunks of this beautiful stone would wash up on the shores of beaches in India. The Indian word for Moonstone is Chandrakanta, which means ‘beloved by the Moon’.

Natural Moonstone, as it comes out of the ground, is a pale cream, white, peach or browny colour (as shown below). Often there will be sections that will shimmer, but the blue sheen is predominantly found on Rainbow Moonstone only. There are occasional reflections of peach, pink, purple, yellow or a slight greenish light.

Always check Moonstone jewellery carefully. If the jewellery is sealed in at the back (most jewellers will set a stone, say, in a pendant and there will be a hole at the back for light to shine through), then the Moonstone has probably been enhanced. For example, there is no such thing as natural pink or green Moonstone.

In Nepal and India, they use a sparkly, clear resin/paste and paint the back of inferior quality Rainbow Moonstone in either pink or green, which then shines through the stone from behind, creating the illusion that the stone itself is actually pink or green. Pieces are then set in jewellery, but the back is sealed so we can’t see the resin that has been added. Rainbow Moonstone rarely, if ever, comes in those colours. It would be a fluke for it to do so and would also be incredibly expensive! There may be a flash of green or pink amongst a large band of blue perhaps, but that is all.


Moonstone has many myths surrounding it. It is said to represent Feminine energy and the Moon is responsible for tidal movement, so Moonstone eases cycles within our body such as hormones and emotional cycles.

On a personal level, I find it a very gentle, magical stone that embraces all aspects of the Feminine. Moonstone gathers the whimsies, dreams and troubles of women around her like a soft cloak and bathes us in the reflection of the Goddess.

I don’t use the word God or Goddess very often, but with Moonstone, it simply feels right. There is no other word that can describe the energy except, perhaps, Divine.

Long considered to have inherent connections to the moon by our ancient & indigenous cultures, Moonstone is used during the waxing moon for emotional issues and during a waning moon to heighten our intuition. Carry a piece with you or wear it as jewellery.

Moonstone is said to regulate all of our female cycles. Puberty, Conception, Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breast Feeding, Mood Swings, Menopause and PMS/PMT. All are said to be soothed and brought into a better place of balance by Moonstone.

Men who are sensitive or drawn to a spiritual path may find Moonstone helpful as it supports their ability to connect with their feminine side. Men with a high testosterone level, too much aggression or too much of a logical/rational/masculine way of interpreting the world can benefit greatly from carrying Moonstone. For men, Moonstone has a very soothing energy that works very well with Lapis Lazuli (which eases their mind and blends the masculine with the feminine for better balance).

Energetically, Moonstone is very gentle. It may tingle slightly in the hand or become very warm, but it doesn’t shoot big bolts of energy into the system like some crystals can. Moonstone is much more subtle in its effect, which is why is should be carried or worn consistently over a period of days, weeks or months. As our system, both physical and energetic, needs to rest at night, I would remove all Moonstone so the body and hormones can settle or regenerate during the night and we have restful sleep.

Moonstone is excellent to use in a crystal grid where any form of calm, soothing or balance is required.

Because Moonstone can heighten our intuition and is quite a sensitive crystal, its good to be aware that it’s energy may fluctuate from time to time. Removing it every evening and then intuitively seeing if its the right stone to carry the next day ensures we work with and honour it’s energy properly.

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2 thoughts on “Moonstone ~ Feminine & Goddess Energy”

  1. April Austen

    I am always attracted to moonstone and always wear one and write poetry under the name @moonstonebrightpoetry but I wondered which stone is the most psychic abilities stone please?

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi April, what a lovely poetry name! For psychic ability, I personally use Brandbergs, Blades of Light Quartz, Azurite, Moldavite, Blue Kyanite or Herkimer Diamonds.
      Hope that helps, with bright blessings, Krissy

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