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Sceptre Quartz

A Sceptre is a naturally formed crystal which has formed around a rod. They usually have one point, but are occasionally found with two or three points on the end.

Alternatively, you could say that one of the ends on a crystal point has grown disproportionately from the other. Sceptres can form in two separate ways, but end up looking very similar. The Clear Quartz below was formed around a rod of crystal, the Smokey Quartz below grew disproportionately.

Sceptres come in all shapes and sizes, the above being an Amethyst and below showing Clear Quartz and Smokey Quartz. Sceptres can also form when the end of a point mixes with another mineral, such as Calcite, which then grows along with the original crystal and builds up around the point until it has that disproportionate look.

The above picture of an Amethyst based Sceptre is a beautiful blend of Amethyst and Quartz. The bulging end is also an Elestial, where two crystals grow one on top of the other in layers. The tell tale indication of this can be seen in the obvious layering.

Quartz sceptre Madagascar(2)

A sceptre brings energy from the spirit realms into healing ceremonies and focuses the energy deep within the “heart” of the matter. It is an excellent tool for directing energy, whether in ceremony or circle or in group work.

Sceptre crystals are a great crystal to carry to boost confidence and to ensure any situations we are dealing with are seen from the ‘bigger picture’ perspective. Sceptre’s keep us in tune with what our Spirit desires and needs in order to grow (as opposed to our human self). They aid communication and connection between ourselves and others.


Sceptre quartz is a fantastic healing tool for anyone who works with crystals on that level. It can direct energy straight from divine source to the area on someone’s body that requires healing. They are similar to Lazer Wands, the difference being that a Lazer Wand is excellent to cut ties and direct blasts of energy into a certain area, but a Sceptre will bring an overall feeling of ‘why’ that is happening and connect us strongly to the client.

Sceptres appear to bring more holistic insight and information than a Lazer Wand, which is probably why they were used in ceremony and ancient rituals. I would use both a Lazer and Sceptre during a crystal healing therapy, for very different reasons.

It may take awhile to get used to how the energy flows through and out of a Sceptre. A Lazer Wand is very direct, very pointed and the energy will go exactly where you want it to. A Sceptre directs the energy exactly where you want it to go, but then seems to expand out and along the nervous system and then throughout the whole body.

Clients usually report feeling the energy enter their body and move through it like a wave. A Lazer will concentrate its energy purely on the point in question and no more. Brilliant for cutting ties and loosening up energy! Sceptres are better used when we want to know the reasons why an area needs healing, what the root issue is and to indicate if that issue is causing problems anywhere else in the body, whether physically or energetically. Either you’ll intuitively feel it or the client will.

Sceptres are extremely rare, so if I ever find them, they don’t hang around long enough to post on the website. Please contact me if you would like one however as I have a really good supplier who finds the most beautiful, cost effective pieces.

3 thoughts on “Sceptre Quartz”

  1. Heather Charnley

    Hello! I am interested in finding a good healing sceptre quartz crystal, and am open to whatever form of quartz that may be available, clear, smokey, amethyst etc. Please let me know what you are able to obtain, thank you. I live over in the north of England!

    1. Hi Heather, I’m so sorry, I missed this comment entirely! Please could you drop me an email via the contact form ~ as that will sit in my inbox along with all the others and I’ll take the list when I next go shopping. I’ve just sold a beautiful Brandberg Sceptre quartz, so I know there are some amazing pieces out there. Have a lovely day xxx

  2. Cherry Blackmore

    Hi Kristy!

    I just got a Sceptre Quartz yesterday. It’s only about 15mm long, but you and I both know, as I suspect most visitors here do, that size is no guide to power. Mine says it’s been waiting a long time to meet “its human” and seems eager to help. Of course, it and I are still learning about each other, but it definitely doesn’t mess around: it has power to mute sacroiliac pain (I don’t know how it happened, but mercy, it’s nasty) equivalent to a dose of Morphine! 🙂 It developed a rainbow within two hours of being cleansed. I always cleanse a new crystal; I trust my supplier completely, but you never know who’s handled the package en route, nor what state of mind they were in: at the time. At Christmas 2018 I bought a sweet Labradorite tumblestone by mail order, and the package alone, subjected to psychometry, told me two postal workers in negative mind-sets had handled it; one had a stinking cold (or maybe the ‘flu), and was less than happy to have to work Christmas, especially like that; the other had been in an argument with his SO. That bad energy would just have transferred to me had I not removed it.

    What’s the largest Sceptre Quartz you’ve ever seen? I’ve seen one four inches (10cm) long; it was gorgeous, but the price tag was prohibitively high.

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