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Lepidolite ~ Eases Depression

Lepidolite is a beautiful, shimmering, purple, mica based mineral that derives its purple colour from the metals present when it formed. It was first discovered in the early 1700s when people mined for Tin.

Lepidolite is taken from the Greek word ‘lepidos’, which means scale and refers to the mica like scales and flakes that Lepidolite consists of (see above picture).

Lepidolite is special because it contains trace elements of Lithium and the extremely rare alkali metals Rubidium and Caesium. These metals belong to the same chemical group as Lithium and all are highly reactive, which creates vibrations that respond to our body in an effective and positive way.

Lithuim Carbonate is used to treat psychiatric disorders such as bi-polar/manic depression and in other medication as an anti-depressant or mood stabiliser.

Lithium, being the lightest metal in the world, is used in items such as rechargeable batteries, in motor, space & aviation industries and in common domestic appliances such as a toaster or our mobile phones.

The colour of Lepidolite ranges from a pale rose pink, to pale silvery/purple/grey to a extremely vibrant, deep, strong, solid coloured form. There is also a specific form of Lepidolite named Lilac Lepdidolite due to its uniform, dense, deep purple colour. Lepidolite in any form will always have a sparkle to it however. If there isn’t any sparkle, then regardless of whether it is rough, cut or polished, it is probably some other form of crystal.

Lepidolite is sometimes found with Tourmaline or Quartz. These minerals often blend together, so there are some fabulous combinations out there 🙂 Lepidolite is quite soft (2.5 – 4 Mohs), so can scratch easily. In its raw form, it is also quite flakey so pieces may drop off. This is normal. Lepidolite can be washed in warm soapy water, then rinsed and dried off in the sun. Water will not damage it, although I wouldn’t leave it out for a moon bath or outdoors if it were raining.

The challenges of 2014 alongside the constant up and down of life & shifting energies has caused many of us to feel a little down or low at times.  Lepidolite is therefore one of the best crystals to use to either maintain a good mental and emotional outlook on life, or to boost and stabilise moods during low periods. Low or ‘down’ periods are a perfectly natural state of being at times, but if we find ourselves remaining in that state for too long before being able to pull ourselves out, Lepidolite is the crystal to reach for in support.

Lepidolite is also a crystal I’d highly recommend for using with the Earth Star Chakra – the chakra that is the connection to ‘the seat of our soul’. Many of us can feel disconnected, alone or confused during the fluctuating energies of our times – Lepidolite helps significantly in managing those feelings. Please Click Here if you’d like to read more about the Earth Star Chakra.


Lepidolite should be worn over a consistent period of days, weeks or even months. It has a very gentle, subtle energy that works better over a long period of time. Pieces of Lepidolite, particularly jewellery, may often pale or lighten in colour during that time as our body can easily absorb the chemicals we need directly from the mineral.

My friend’s mum has severe manic depression so my friend decided to purchase a Lepidolite pendant for her mum in an effort to ease her mood swings. Several months later, the pendant was returned as my friend thought the ‘dye’ in it had come out. Instead of being a solid, shimmering purple, the pendant had paled to the point where it was almost see-through. I had never seen such an extreme example of a human body absorbing chemicals from a crystal. The pendant had never been dyed, it had been doing its job! It’s unfortunate that Lepidolite isn’t plentiful in jewellery!

Do not make a crystal elixir using Lepidolite. It puts too many contaminants in the water that our body will struggle to process. If you want to make an elixir, crystal essence or crystal infused drink to ease depression or balance out mood swings, please use Lithium Quartz instead. It is very effective.

I personally pop a glass of water on the windowsill in sunlight and place a piece of Lithium Quartz at the bottom of the glass. Ensure the Lithium Quartz has been cleansed, charged and set with your intent.  I just ask mine to ‘charge all the particles of water for my highest good’. After 5-10 minutes, I’ll drink the water, which is now infused with and vibrating at the frequency of the Lithium Quartz. This should not conflict with conventional medicine, but I would always check if you are on medication related to mental health issues or depression.

If you find yourself being strongly drawn to Lepidolite, but don’t have any of the emotional or mental health issues mentioned above, then it could be for soothing calm and support. Also known at the ‘Grandmother’s or Peace Stone’, Lepidolite has long been revered for its ability to soothe. It is said to open our mind to new ideas and sooth the Higher Self, allowing a strong flow of intuition to manifest.

Lepidolite is also an excellent meditation tool. When using it in meditation, first ask it to open your mind and then let your thoughts run for a good five minutes or so. Acknowledge and allow the thoughts to keep on moving. Eventually they will start to slow down and bring us into a calmer and clearer state of mind. I would then ask the Lepidolite to take you into a deeper place, always for your highest good. It is a beautiful and supportive tool to use when learning to meditate and even when we become very adept at it 🙂

It has and always will be part of my essential crystal tool kit.

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5 thoughts on “Lepidolite ~ Eases Depression”

  1. awesome stones here lepidolite and lithium quartz, me and my daughter can sure use… as we are so experiencing anxiety now more than ever …. thankyou and merry Christmas and happy new year to you I love you sight it helps me so much and has so much info…. keep them coming….. thanks so much Charlene ross canada

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Charlene. Lepidolite & Lithium Quartz are indeed amazing stones, particularly when we are under a lot of mental and emotional pressure. Lapis Lazuli and Howlite work a treat too, especially if we’re struggling to think straight, suffering with disrupted sleep or find ourselves snapping and getting angry over silly things. wishing you both a wonderful New Year, keep shining xx

  2. I have just sat with my new piece of lepidolite to do a visualisation cleanse. I can already feel that it is so gentle – while cleansing it I think I could feel it taking some positive energy from me to replace the negativity. I will take it slowly, cleansing a bit at a time so that I don’t become too drained, but I know that the piece will repay me over time. I was worried that a couple of flakes were left in my hands afterwards. I’m not sure if I should hold it in future to avoid this happening, or if I should use these fragments for something. If anyone sees this and has any suggestions I would welcome them. However, I mainly posted to thank you for writing this piece – it is a lovely explanation of lepidolite.

    1. Hi Natalie, thank you very much for the lovely comments 🙂 Lepidolite is a form of mica and by its very layered nature, pieces flake off all the time. Don’t worry about it. As you use it more and more, that flaking will settle down and start to smooth out a little. You’ll be absolutely fine to hold it. It is such a beautiful, gentle crystal. One of my ‘go to’ stones for sure! Have a wonderful weekend, Krissy xx

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