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Lizardite ~ Kundalini & Soul Connection

Lizardite is a really cool and unusual energy to work with. Also known as Orthoantigotite (Ortho-anti-go-tite), it’s a rare form of Serpentine that was first discovered in 1955 on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, UK. The Lizardite I sell is sourced ethically, by hand, from Cornwall and Scotland as the energy is really rich, yet gentle. A stone of quiet power.

By gemstone standards, this is a modern mineral and one that is here to support us in releasing, shifting or transforming any energy that does not serve us. Lizardite is special because it also enhances our positive energies and can kick start sluggish chakras, facilitating the release of Kundalini energy ~ IF our Soul has chosen to experience that energy in this lifetime. It’s not the path for everyone, but if you’re curious, read on as you can use this mineral in a very specific way to ignite that inner spark of creativity and power. In a nutshell, Lizardite helps us to clear the energies we don’t want and amplifies the energies we do want.

Lizardite is known as one of the Kundalini Rising stones as it facilitates clearing blocks in our auric, etheric and energetic fields as well as our chakras. If you work with this unusual mineral to connect to and clear each chakra in turn (starting with the Root/Base), it can bring you into heart and soul coherence, which creates an amazing connection with your Higher Self, your intuitive gifts and most importantly, Source!

This mineral is all about connecting us to the power within ourselves, rather than seeking it externally. If you choose to work with it to clear energy blocks and to stimulate chakras, ensure you include the Tantien or Naval chakra. This is why most people struggle with Kundalini energy ~ the West only focuses on 7 chakras when there are actually many more ~ one of the most important being our Tantien/Naval Chakra. This chakra is the seat of our personal power and connection to Source. Due to it being omitted in Western teachings, most people miss it out and then wonder why they cannot connect to Kundalini energy. So ensure you work on the root, then sacral, then Tantien and see if that makes a difference.

Lizardite is also an uplifting, yet deeply soothing meditation tool. It’s earthy and protective too, so you’ll never feel like you’re going too ‘out there’. It’s much more about connecting within and feeling the incredible strength, courage, confidence and inner peace in that connection. Lizardite facilitates that deep, all encompassing, on every level ‘knowing’. Physically it’s excellent for issues with the renal system such as pancreas, gallbladder, liver, kidneys or diabetes. Due to it’s high magnesium content (the great ‘opener’), it is also said to alleviate the pain of menstruation or cramping and the discomfort of IBS. This mineral works beautifully with the Sacral, Tantien, Solar Plexus and Heart, although it can clear all chakras quite easily when used with intent.

Lizardite is also a stone of hope as it stimulates the heart chakra in a way that helps us to heal a wounded heart and allows us to remain open to vulnerability and surrender. Naturally, many of us want to suppress our emotions or close our heart down and build a wall when we’ve been hurt. Lizardite gently supports us in keeping our heart and energy system open, so that we can continue to receive loving care and support from the Divine and from those in our lives who have our back. For this reason, it’s an excellent energy to work with if you’ve been let down, betrayed or taken advantage of in the past as it supports you to let go of that old, emotional trauma and transmute any pain into acceptance.

Lizardite works beautifully with Dioptase for inner child or inner teen work. Particularly if we wish to release any old, unhealthy habits or limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. It is extremely useful when we are learning how to work with personal boundaries ~ as setting strong boundaries starts within, usually as an internal process that boundaries the behaviour of those younger versions of ourselves. Once we have strong internal boundaries and can uphold them in a healthy way, we can then set external boundaries with ease (this process also works in reverse). Lizardite also blends beautifully with the energy of Black Tourmaline if we wish to create a protective shield that keeps our heart open, but our energies protected from external harm that might be caused by other people’s negative behaviour or opinions. We cannot stop others behaving in this way, but we can deflect the energy so it doesn’t have the same disruptive impact and keep our heart open to ensure we are in the energy of kindness or love, even when others are not.

You can also use Lizardite to ground and calm your energy system, particularly the Central Nervous System when becoming over stressed, over stimulated or tipped into emotional overwhelm. It’s an excellent energy to work with when learning about the Vagus Nerve and how we can work with this nerve to induce calm and bring us back to our peaceful centre. Lizardite supports us in learning patience and how to sit in a positive energy of receptivity, rather than always taking action or chasing whatever it is we are looking for. Often, all we need to do is ask the Universe, take some small steps of action and then wait. For those of us (waving all my hands in the air) who find it harder to sit in our receptive, feminine energy, this stone is a little Godsend ~ patience is a virtue am still learning to embrace, so in the meantime, it’s very handy to have an energetic tool that can support me in this.

The energy of this quirky mineral is a grower, so I’d recommend working with it for at least a month. Keep it in a pocket or slip it inside your bra, on the left hand side over your heart. If you have an affinity with Lunar/Moon energies, it’s an excellent ally to work with for a whole lunar cycle as it can easily shift from releasing to manifesting/amplifying.

As always, if you feel to share your own experiences with this unusual mineral, I’d love to read them in the comments section below.

With Love


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