Laser Wands

Laser Wands

lazerA Lazer Wand is a long slender crystal with small faces at the termination.

The crystal is wider at the base than at the tip and the angles of the sides of the crystal are  often (but not always) slightly curved, rather than straight. These crystals have an intimate relationship with both inner and outer energies and are excellent for healing or directive energy work.

As a crystal therapist, I rarely undertake any healing work without using two specific laser wands that have been part of my tool kit for as long as I can remember. I have even loaned them to serious, bona fide Shamans for intensive work such as Soul Retrieval and removal of negative energy from the auric field. They are excellent to pinpoint energy that is lying knotted or stagnant on the physical body ~ which to me indicates the start of illness or disease in that area. If I can point the incredibly direct and powerful energies of a laser wand at that area of energy with the intent of moving it, the energy moves! Sometimes a laser simply loosens up energy and the reasons for an illness then rise up the client’s consciousness. At other times, the client has worked through the issue that has caused disease, but the energy is still hanging in there, stuck ~ so the laser dissipates it into the body and it is then released.

To use a laser most effectively, place the wider base in the centre of your palm pointing upward. Then clasp all of your fingers around it, so you’re then pointing it like you would a pen. You then literally use the wand as you would a pen to drawn energy in through your crown (or up from the roots, we all work in different ways), through your body, down your arm and through the energy/meridian point in the centre of your hand (this is also where reiki energy flows from), through the laser and out. These are very nifty, powerful little tools so I wouldn’t point them and wave them about like an extra in Harry Potter. Use them with CLEAR INTENT and respect 🙂

The only thing I would say when working with a laser crystal is it could make the client feel very strange and often nauseous as negative energy is released from the system ~ even if working in the etherics or auric field. I’d always recommend grounding afterward, lots of water, time for the client to reflect and not to drink any alcohol or anything that could dehydrate for 48hrs afterward. A lot of things can come up after working with lasers and its all made a lot harder to process or understand if inebriated ~ plus energy work uses up a lot of the water in our body, so we dehydrate a lot faster and need to keep drinking to flush any loosened energy out of the system. 

I personally learned my lesson with this after receiving an acupuncture treatment one Saturday morning. It was lovely and relaxing, but I didn’t feel anything particular from the therapy and we were going out that evening. I didn’t particularly drink a lot, no more than I had drunk in the past ~ yet I suddenly came over all funny and passed out! I came round and was violently sick (much to my embarrassment) and even worse, had to be taken to hospital to be checked over as I’d passed out, hit my head hard and then been sick ~ which are classic signs of concussion.  I was absolutely mortified and questioned whether my drink had been spiked as it had come out of nowhere. One minute I was fine, normal, the next a huge rush of heat and energy washed over me from the feet upward and the next thing I knew, I woke up on the floor. The only thing difference between that day and any other day we’d gone out for a few drinks was the acupuncture treatment. The therapist had made it very clear not to drink, to flush my system out and above all REST. However, because I didn’t feel much from the therapy itself (bearing in mind I’m an energy worker so can sense/feel energy acutely!) ~ I’d completely forgotten about it and gone out. Lesson learned methinks 😉 Even if you don’t feel much during a treatment, it doesn’t mean to say nothing’s happened. It simply means you haven’t particularly felt it at the time.

Have fun ~ lasers are fabulous tools 🙂


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    Laser Wands

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