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Malachite ~ Master Healer

Malachite is a stunning mineral full of Copper Carbonate ~ this provides the vibrant blend of green colours and also acts as a natural anti~inflammatory. In my book, that makes Malachite one of the most effective physical healing tools in the Mineral Kingdom.

Malachite derives from the Greek or possibly French word (no one is quite sure) ‘Malache’ due to its resemblance to the leaves of the Mallow Plant.

Evidence suggests that Malachite has been mined since 4000 BC in the Sinai when the scale of copper mining was so large, it created the first known industry in ancient civilisation. It was used extensively in Egypt and is associated with Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love, joy & happiness who was also known as ‘Lady of the Green Stone’. The Greeks then took a liking to it and started to create jewellery and precious small items using Malachite. Up until the 1800s, Malachite was ground down into powder and mixed into paint to create vibrant shades of green. The Russians made it extremely popular for decorative purposes in the 1800s. The rich had tiles made out of it and covered entire walls in their homes with Malachite or commissioned large dining tables and household furniture to be carved and polished from it. Probably the most famous & beautifully crafted piece of Malachite was created as an urn called The Tazza and presented to August Hecksher by Czar Nicholas II in 1910. It now resides in the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

tazza vase The Tazza, Linda Hall Library

The best Malachite comes from the Congo or Zambia in Africa and there have also been fabulous, huge deposits found in the Ural Mountains in Russia. This was the only place where the beautiful and rare combination of Malachite & Chrysocolla (Malacholla) has been found so I was very disappointed when the vein ran out and the mining of Malachite in general has currently ceased in Russia. Malachite is found in many different forms. It can be Botryoidal (round lumpy shapes, formed in water), Fibrous or Stalactitic.

On a holistic level, I find Malachite to be a very powerful healing tool for two reasons. Firstly, Malachite has a low vibrational frequency. Our body’s resident vibrations rise higher when we experience either pain, or consistent negativity on a mental & emotional level. If we bring Malachite close to the area of pain or carry it on our person regularly, then it fills our energy field with a low, throbbing, steady vibration that brings all the anxious or painful nerve synapses and high vibrations down from their unnatural, raised state to something more bearable. Malachite is also full of copper, which has a natural anti-inflammatory effect on our bodies (think of the copper bracelets recommend for those suffering from arthritis).


Although considered in ancient times to be a woman’s stone and associated with Goddesses, in current times, I find the energy of Malachite to be both strong and masculine.

Its one of those stones that we either love or hate. For those that are strongly drawn to Malachite I would always ask whether they suffer from physical issues such as arthritis, inflammation, pain, swelling, kidney stones or diabetes as the vibration of Malachite seems to ease all of these conditions. If none of those physical issues apply, then I would say there are old, outworn, negative mental thought patterns and emotional cycles that need to be brought to the surface, recognised, accepted and released.

Therefore, a lot of people do not like Malachite as they instinctively feel (even though they couldn’t verbalise it) that Malachite is going to bring up things they would rather not deal with. After all, we’re all on our own path and not everyone is supposed to rid themselves of negativity, to heal, grow or look at their history and the patterns their upbringing may have created. And that is absolutely fine and right for those people in this lifetime.

I’ve also heard people say that Malachite shouldn’t be used around pregnant women. To this I would say, let the pregnant woman decide! What works for one doesn’t work for another, but to generalise and blanket assume that one crystal isn’t going to work for a whole mass of people is very misleading.  If a pregnant woman picks up a piece of Malachite and doesn’t like it, she’ll put it down. However, some women who have strong energy systems, are carrying old souls or are used to working with energy might absolutely love Malachite ~ after all, its been used historically and holistically for pain relief! As with all things, the choice is individual and we all know when we pick up something and don’t like it ~ so trust your instincts, they’ll always be right.

I personally used a huge piece of Malacholla some years ago and to this day, am convinced it prevented the early onset of arthritis. My son was born in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, so didn’t catch a lot of the run of the mill, common diseases kids get in UK schools. We then returned to UK and around age 6 or 7, was attending our local primary school. One day, he came down with a rash and fever out of no where and we weren’t sure what was wrong. Our GP looked him over and declared that he had contracted Fifth Disease. Its called this as its the 5th most common disease amongst school children in the UK. Within a few days, I started to feel really unwell and the joints in my arms, hands and knees were becoming so painful I could barely move them. Back to the GP we went and she confirmed that I too had caught Fifth Disease. As a child, most children catch it and move through it without parents even knowing. The symptoms as a young child are like that of a cold. In an older child, there is the accompanying rash…….however in adults, it can cause the early onset of arthritis!!  As you can imagine, I was quite scared and upset. So I sat at home with a very large piece of Malacholla for three days, constantly rubbing it over my joints or holding it my hands whenever I was sat down. Within three days, the pain in my joints had gone. Another mum who contracted it at the same time now has very aggressive and painful arthritis. People often ask if they have to ‘believe’ for a crystal to work ~ my answer is always no. Its simply about science and vibration and for those three days, I could feel the tingle and throb as those vibrations worked to heal my pain.

So if you’re wondering what to use as a general, all round healing tool ~ look no further and source a piece of Malachite. Its another inexpensive tool to keep in your crystal kit 🙂

Until next time, LOTS OF LOVE 😉


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4 thoughts on “Malachite ~ Master Healer”

  1. Wow I was totally blown away by what you have posted about the type of people who are drawn to malachite. I recently purchased a piece because I was drawn to it but I also suffer from a condition which causes inflammation in my joints. I have always been told that you are drawn to certain crystals when you need them and this has certainly proven that fact to me.

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  3. I thought negative things like either pain, or consistent negativity decrease your vibration? ie positive things increase your vibration and bad things contribute towards a lower vibration ?

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Ben ~ with crystals, it’s better to view vibration as faster or slower. Yes, it is healthier to vibrate at a high vibration in general, but our body has it’s neutral, base energy (which can be high or low) and our day to day lives can affect that base energy, causing it to spike or dip. The core aim of using energy/vibrational tools is to bring things back down to our own, neutral vibration. Which will be different for everyone based on their awareness, wounding, environment, family dynamics, physical body mass, state of mind, diet etc.

      I’ve written a blog to explain it better. Please search for ‘Why Use a Crystal’. Hope that helps. Many thanks and bright blessings, Krissy.

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