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Wands – What Are They & How Do We Use Them?

Crystal wands are solid pieces of crystal that have been carved or cut into a ‘wand’ shape. These can be a simple, smooth, pure piece of crystal. Or a wand can be as fancy as you like, with crystals fit into a piece of wood or metal, which then has other crystals, feathers or items attached to it. Copper, gold and silverwire are commonly used to secure or design a wand as these metals are good conductors of energy. Some wands are mainly wood and then have crystals and metals wound around or added to them to increase their energy.


However, for energy healing and grid work, pure crystal wands are best.

When using a wand in a crystal grid, to direct the energy/intent of the grid outwards into the Universe (for example, if you wanted to create a grid to send healing to someone), the bottom end of the wand should be on the inside of the grid with the tip pointing outwards. If you wanted to draw the energy of the Universe into a grid to give it a boost or to work with a specific energy, then the tip of the wand should be placed pointing inwards.

When working on clients, to draw discordant or unhealthy energy out of a person (ie negative energy that we want to clear/dissolve), point the wand outwards and away from the client. Similarly, if a chakra point is sluggish or you wanted to direct healing energy into a person, then hold the end of the wand in the centre of your palm, close your fingers around it and point the tip towards the relevant area of the body or chakra point. This is a great way to calm or stimulate an area of the body or to open up or slow down a chakra centre.

Wands are excellent for directing energy in a powerful stream of focus or intent. There are also specialist wands called Laser Wands that work in a specific way. Click Here to read more specific information on Laser Wands.

 A pure crystal wand, such as the Blue Obsidian wand below, can also be used as a massage tool and physically laid on the body and rolled quite hard over the skin and muscles in order to work the energy of the wand deep into the muscle tissues. The larger sized pure crystal wands that are smooth and have quite a thick end are great for working knots of energy out of tired or worn muscles, particularly in the back, shoulder and leg areas.


For me personally, I use a wand on specific areas of the body to loosen up stagnant or knotty areas of energy. Sometimes using the wand is enough and there will be an emotional release or something that indicates that the energy has moved and dissolved. However, if it’s a particularly stubborn area or a lot of energy (such as releasing suppressed emotion from childhood), I’ll use a wand to loosen everything up and then move that energy out of the body with physical movement such as dance, yoga, Qi Gong or breathwork.

I hope you’ve found this blog useful ~ please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below. With Love, Krissy


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