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How to Clear, Rejuvenate & Recharge Your Energy System

The start of the 2020 decade is likely to be tumultuous……. full of challenge, change and growth. Sometimes it may feel deeply overwhelming, at other times joyous & expansive ~ this is the polarity of life. We often have to dip down in order to be able to appreciate the corresponding high.

However, I’ve noticed recently that many are feeling absolutely exhausted on some level & aren’t really doing anything about it. Cleansing and recharging our system is a simple and highly effective way to keep ourselves going when life gets tough. Our energy system has four main sections or layers. There is our physical body, then emotional, mental and spiritual. If just one of those systems goes down, life gets a whole lot harder to navigate.

Sometimes we may have been so focused on work, our mental energy burns out and we simply can’t think straight. If we’ve been in conflict with or responsible for someone we care about for a long period of time, we can become emotionally exhausted, quickly slipping into fear, overwhelm or tears. If we’ve been pushing ourselves too hard and not getting enough rest, our body may incur an injury or we’ll fall ill. Then there’s that bone tired, completely done, ‘What’s the Point’ feeling when our Spirit and Soul are absolutely exhausted and our entire energy system just needs to rest.

In those moments, whether it’s one system, two or all of them, there are several things we can do to help ourselves so we don’t become too unbalanced, drained or lose the plot.

Firstly, take a few deep breaths in and out, ground yourself and then feel into your entire system ~ being 100% present with yourself:

  • Feel into your body ~ are there any aches, pains or pressure points of energy?
  • Pay attention to your inner mental dialogue ~ how are you speaking to yourself and what are you thinking about others?
  • Lean into your emotions ~ how are you actually feeling and where in your body are you feeling those emotions?
  • Tap into your intuition and run everything past your gut feelings

Secondly, get out into nature if you can. Bare feet or hands on the grass if you can do so. If you can’t go barefoot, just find somewhere quiet in nature where you can sit or stand comfortably for a as long as it feels right to you. If your physical or nervous system is under pressure, try leaning against a tree ~ they offer such beautiful strength, support and soothing to our nerves.

Trust your intuition and connect to nature in whatever way you feel drawn to do so. I often imagine white, sparkly light pouring through my system from the crown to my base, feet or hands, washing away all the negative energy and releasing it into Mother Earth. Other times, I lean on a tree and ask it for strength and calm/clarity/grounding and send it light in exchange.

If I’m feeling highly emotional, I’ll gravitate towards water ~ a river, a stream, a pond, lake or the seaside. Water is extremely soothing to be around when our emotional system is burned out. If my mind is foggy or stuck in a low vibe energy or thought pattern, I’ll go for a walk when it’s really windy ~ to literally blow those cobwebs out of my brain! There’s nothing like walking along a beach during a windy, rainy storm to make me feel alive (although I’ll usually leg it back to the car or house quite quickly!) 😉 Use Nature and the Elements to boost and rejuvenate your system. It has been proven that getting out in nature actually resets our energy system back to neutral/base.

All of these different connections to nature help to drain or clear away any negative energy, rejuvenate us with some fresh energy and recharge our energy system. I’ve found it important to truly connect, to give myself the time to breathe and relax into the energy of Mother Earth. It’s imperative to be absolutely present and connected, not off in your head somewhere. It’s not something that takes a lot of time, but it’s also something that can’t be rushed and squashed into a 10 minute gap. When our system is under pressure, we need to remove that pressure as quickly and easily as possible.

However, not all of us can get out into nature every day. For those who commute with 9-5 jobs and have family to attend to when they get home, finding the time to spend a good half an hour in nature every day can be difficult. This is why I absolutely adore crystals ~ because if I can’t get out into Nature, then I can bring Nature and Mother Earth to me ~ in the form of fabulously energetic tools.



All of the crystals below help to clear, detox, cleanse, purify and boost our energetic system on some level.

Each of the below crystals works in a slightly different way, which is quite magical. If you’re using them to cleanse, rejuvenate or recharge part or all of your energy system, the best way to do so is to meditate or simply sit with them on a daily basis and visualise connecting to nature through their energy.

There are various meditations on You Tube that are about connecting to nature or clearing the chakra system using crystals. Anything along those lines would work perfectly ~ we are all different and often have to try a few different modalities and methods before finding the one that works for us. It reminds me often to approach each new thing with an open heart & mind and no attachment as to whether it will be a one off experience or a new technique to embody.

If you’d prefer not to work as deeply with crystals, but would still like a boost, simply hold any of the below crystals and set the intention for them to work to cleanse, clear and recharge your energy system and to do so in your highest good ~ they can then be carried in a pocket, slipped under a pillow, popped on a bedside table or you could just sit and hold them whilst watching TV or relaxing at home.

Green Halite is detoxing, purifying and cleansing. It works in tandem to balance our emotions, calm nerves, ease anxiety, clears confusion or brain fog and opens the heart. It also works on our physical body, releasing energy around any illness or disease we may be carrying. This release of energy helps us to become aware of the energetic/emotional core of the illness/disease from a clear and rational state of mind.

Hyalite is a form of water opal that works primarily on our emotional & mental systems in tandem. It is also powerfully cleansing, detoxing & purifying for our entire auric field. This brings in a calming, soothing energy that brings us back to centre. This boost to our energy system clears the mind to bring fresh energy and inspiration. It also helps us to release old, unwanted, outdated emotional and mental thought patterns. This one might make you cry, but it will be cathartic and healing to let those tears out. Hyalite also glows a crazy neon green under UV light.

Shungite is the creme de la creme of energy clearance and protection for me. It protects us from external energies that do not serve us, such as electrical, 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi etc. and also clears negative energy from within us. Shungite constantly keeps our energy system moving and clearing. This can help to boost our immune system. I wear it 24/7.

Ruby in Kyanite works on the throat as the blue toned Kyanites mentioned above. The addition of Ruby brings in more energy to cleanse the physical body, particularly the lower chakras. It soothes our nerves, heart, circulatory system & energy system. Ruby in Kyanite clears out old energy and stimulates the chakras. This increases our motivation, passion and energy. It also supports our emotional & spiritual energy as a powerful manifestation tool ~ IF we are manifesting something that is in line with our spiritual purpose.

Moss Agate is excellent to use whilst recovering from illness, trauma, addiction or injury ~ or just if we’re feeling run down and exhausted. It strengthens the energies of those who feel unstable or ungrounded, enhancing mental concentration and endurance. Moss Agate cleanses both our physical energy system as well as that of our environment. It also connects us to Mother Earth and Nature (feminine energies) on a much deeper level, so is excellent for those who spend too much time in the masculine energy of needing to be in control or action taking.

Angel Phantom Quartz stimulates the upper chakras and works primarily with our mental and spiritual energies. It is said to be excellent for nervous disorders or disease. It releases excess worry/fear or any mental anxiety or stress, reminding us that we all have spiritual support during difficult times. Angel Phantom Quartz reveals our deepest patterns, beliefs and karmic influences, often enhancing our dreams, journeying, visionary or spiritual development work. If we are blocked or stagnant on a spiritual or mental level, Angel Phantom Quartz brings us awareness around ‘why’, so we can take action to move into a higher/lighter vibration.

The final thing I use is my breath and a notebook ~ to write down why am worn out on some level and what I feel I need to replenish that energy. Rest, some time out, connecting with family or friends, quiet, creativity ~ the list is endless, but if we don’t slow down, breathe into our body and check in with ourselves, we’ll keep on ploughing through our energy until we completely break down. There really is no need. Love yourself enough to pay attention to your energy system and take responsibility for how you’re vibing ~ take action to ease up or step back until you feel strong and ready again.

So it’s really simple to cleanse, rejuvenate and recharge our energy system. Breathe, get out in nature, journal down your worries and stress, acknowledge when you’re exhausted and need to take responsibility for a cleanse and recharge and DO something about it. Get off that day to day grind/treadmill or snap out of that emotional funk or brain fog, just long enough to connect to the wider world around you and soak up some good vibes ~ they are always freely available. And use the crystal tools Mother Earth has provided to support us in our lives.

Everyone is going to go through deep changes this year. Be kind to yourself and one another and always choose love over fear.

With the brightest of blessings


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