Trolleite ~ A Stone of Rapid Growth, Healing & Ascension

Trolleite ~ A Stone of Rapid Growth, Healing & Ascension

Trolleite is an amazing mineral that was first discovered in Sweden in the early 1900s. It is a hard, Phosphate mineral that contains Quartz, Lazulite and Scorzalite.

For many years, it was only located in Sweden, but recent finds in the USA, Africa and South American have allowed pieces to come to the fore that are affordable and easy to work with. Trolleite is quite a rare mineral and is currently only available in small, pocket or bra sized pieces. However, this makes it very easy to carry as it is an energy that works better when we use it consistently over time.

One of the core things Trolleite does is encourage our human self to move more in alignment with our Soul and it’s Purpose. Hence this is why Trolleite has been labelled ‘a stone of Ascension’. This mineral works with all chakras and all forms of energy, whether that be emotional, spiritual, mental or physical. Many are being called to wake up and if already awake, to step into a role of service to others on some level. Trolleite supports us regardless of where we are on our path.

Trolleite works at a cellular level, which is why it’s energy moves softly and deeply. When we are ready, it starts to bring up ancient memory, experiences and coding that is held in our cells. This may include any suppressed emotional or mental trauma from this or past lifetimes. However, it not only brings it up, but then guides us through how we can best release/heal and move into a brighter, lighter, new energy.

I firmly believe that ‘our biography becomes our biology’ ~ Caroline Myss. Unless our Soul has chosen to experience a physical ailment or impairment for it’s own learning & growth (ie we have contracted to experience it), any disease/illness is most likely a manifestation of suppressed trauma/emotion. Trolleite will help get to the root cause and energy of that illness and works beautifully in conjunction with conventional medicine.

As a general rule (there are always exceptions!), if illness manifests on the left hand side of the body, it tends to relate to the feminine and our grandmother, mum, sister or female authority figure in our life. The right hand side of the body indicates the core energy would be related to the masculine. Which chakra point/general area of the body it manifests in tells us what the core emotions are likely to be. Our body holds an incredible amount of information and awareness for us if we tap in and listen to it. Trolleite makes that journey of self discovery and healing an awful lot easier!

Trolleite is also a stone of manifestation, but truly, be mindful of what you wish for and ensure it is coming from your heart and a place of love. Trolleite is quick to show us when our intentions aren’t coming from the right place. Trolleite opens us up to be a divine channel for grace & Universal energy, so it is a fantastic mineral for anyone working on themselves spiritually or using any form of healing or divination modalities in service to others.

Lazulite is the ‘stone of Heaven’, which is how this energy of higher connection manifests so beautiful through this mineral.

Trolleite is also quick to release negative feelings such as anger, rage, frustration and hurt as it works to support us in achieving mental clarity, a calm energy system and emotional balance. The energy is both strong, yet blissfully and deeply connected at the same time.

Trolleite is an interesting crystal to meditate or dream with. It takes me both backwards into ancient past & civilisations as well as forwards into future timelines ~ enabling me to see many positive, uplifting possibilities moving forwards.

This mineral is best carried consistently, for a period of a few weeks. The more you consciously work with it in meditation, sleep or healing, the deeper the energy impacts and supports.

Please note that Trolleite is rare, so ONLY TWO PIECES are allowed per customer in order that everyone gets a chance to purchase and work with this wonderful, magical mineral.

Much love and gratitude

Krissy xxx





  1. Austin says

    Can Trolleite get wet since it has quartz in it or will it dissolve like selenite?

    Thank you

    • It can get wet no problem. Quartz can grow in running water, so it’s non soluble. Selenite, however, is a form of gypsum rather than Quartz, which is very soft and water soluble. Thanks Austin and have a great day 🙂

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