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Black Moonstone ~ The Divine Feminine & Protection

Black Moonstone is the rarest form of Moonstone that really packs a punch for me.  Moonstone, who’s geological name is Hecatolite, consists of two different feldspars (Albite & Orthoclase). As Moonstone is created and cools, these two feldspars mix in various ways and always in layers. When light touches the areas between these layers, it creates adularescence, also known as ‘Flash’.

The highest quality Moonstone comes from India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar (all of mine is sourced from these countries as it is simply the best and I am blessed to have visited the mines in Sri Lanka in person). The various different colours or types of Moonstone are down to the combination of those two feldspars, but often with the inclusion of a third chemical or mineral component.

There is Natural Moonstone, which is a creamy/peach/brown colour and has a peachy or golden type of flash. Then there is Rainbow Moonstone, which is white and can be quite milky white or even crystal clear depending on the quality (the clearer it is, the higher the quality) ~ what denotes it as Rainbow Moonstone is that it has a blue flash. This name came about many years ago when large chunks of Rainbow Moonstone used to wash up on the shores of India, ‘Once in a Blue Moon’. Rainbow Moonstone is often called Blue Moonstone, but they are the same mineral, simply with a different name. If the Moonstone is white without a flash, it is called White Moonstone.

If purchasing Moonstone jewellery in any form, always check that the back of the piece is open. If it’s closed, the Moonstone has most likely been painted on the back and sealed to hide the paint. This produces a flash that isn’t natural, as in the case of bright pink or green Moonstone. They also do this with the colour blue and I’ve even seen extremely expensive pieces in high street jewellers that are being sold as natural Rainbow Moonstone when they are not. They use low grade White Moonstone that has no flash to create these painted pieces ~ always check that the back of the jewellery is open.

Years ago, I had an awful conversation with a lovely lady who was visiting the Sandringham Craft Fair in Norfolk with her family. She had purchased an extremely expensive piece of ‘Rainbow Moonstone’ from a high street jeweller for her daughter’s 21st birthday. Without thinking, I took one look at it and said ‘they’ve painted that piece, it’s not genuine’. The lady’s face turned to thunder. She was furious and started to argue that it had cost £100s and I didn’t know what I was talking about. I was absolutely mortified. Lesson learned. In future, say nothing to a customer unless asked!!

Black Moonstone is a darker, almost black colour with a peachy/golden/white or silver type flash just underneath the surface. It can also look shattered or very obviously layered with cream, white or orangey veins and lines. This is perfectly normal given it’s layered composition. The orange is often an inclusion of Iron. All Moonstone is the same in this aspect, it’s just easier to see the layering with a dark background.

Black Moonstone is amazing for hormones as women get older. Rainbow Moonstone works better for younger women who are still in their child birthing years, but as soon as we reach peri-menopause, our system needs something a little bit stronger. Black Moonstone is particularly good at easing down hot flushes. If you suffer from hot flushes, mood swings and all the delightful side effects that come with a woman’s hormones easing off as we move into our latter years, check in with any issues that might relate to the Base, Sacral, Tantien or Solar Plexus chakras (lower back, renal, digestive & reproductive systems in both men and women).

More information about the chakra system and crystals that help those lower areas can be found Here. Having old wounds or energy stuck in this part of our energy system can make the symptoms of menopause much worse. The more we can heal, clear and keep our lower chakras balanced and healthy, the easier menopause will be.

Black Moonstone helps massively with that as it works to release energy and bring novel solutions relating to those lower chakras, whilst also connecting us to our higher awareness and wisdom ~ allowing us to step into our Divine Feminine energy in a healthy, balanced way. It is very empowering. Black Moonstone is said to stimulate the Pineal Gland, opening up our awareness and teaching us how to heighten and use our intuition. Men and women both carry divine masculine and feminine energy, so whether you are a woman wanting to develop your intuition or a man who needs to get in touch with his more feminine, intuitive & nurturing side, this magical mineral works for both genders equally well.

On a spiritual level, Black Moonstone is very protective and quite grounding, so we are able to think clearly and effectively. This protective energy allows us to breathe through fear and move into our hearts from a place of love.

What many people do not realise about Black Moonstone is that it’s energy also protects us from EMFs, mobile phones etc. and is excellent for anyone who is highly sensitive to electrical energy. I always wear Shungite 24/7 for this purpose, but also have Black Moonstone by my bedside and take an extra piece for protection when am aware I’ll be in crowds of people or close to a large amount of electrical energy, such as in a cinema or at a concert.

Black Moonstone also symbolises loyalty ~ both to our own integrity and to others. I would use this crystal if I were working with aspects of myself that I find difficult to accept. It is a great stone for silencing that inner, negative, self critic (or Ego Mind) we all have and mine can babble away in the background quite incessantly if am not mindful. Black Moonstone supports me in being more present and aware of my inner thoughts and dialogue.

One of the world’s premier workers of Dragon energy has worked extensively with Black Moonstone as it is said to bring forth connection to known and unknown sources of Universal Energy. There aren’t many minerals that work directly and effectively with Dragon energy, but if you find yourself pulled to working with Dragons, this mineral is the most supportive in aiding a stronger connection and flow of information between you. There is something magical about this mineral as it also works beautifully with Earth and Elemental energy.

Black Moonstone is a wonderful, quite magical mineral to work with and is best used consistently ~ so carry a piece with you for a full lunar cycle or have a larger piece by your bedside or on a coffee table so it is within your auric energy field (the aura around our body) and I’d suggest picking it up and simply holding it or turning it in your hands whilst watching television or relaxing. As long as there is daily connection and contact as working with the energy of Black Moonstone is cumulative, so the more you use it, the deeper into our energy system it permeates.

With much love and brightest of blessings

Krissy XXX



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    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Mel ~ Rainbow Moonstone and Labradorite are part of the same family of minerals called Iridescent Feldspars. They are actually two completely different minerals from the same family 🙂

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