Fulgurite is the name given to glassy tubes of crystal formed by lightning strikes on sand or other silica-rich soil.  The meaning of the word Fulgurite comes from the Latin ‘Fulgar’, which means lightening.

The lightening strike creates a Fulgurite by releasing a huge amount of energy into the earth. For an instant, the heat when the lightening strike discharges its energy is said to be hotter than the surface of the Sun.

This intense heat vaporizes the sand at the centre of the strike and melts the material around the edges. Fulgurites are formed in a single, powerful event rather than growing slowly over long periods of time like other crystals. This explains the reactions of many when they say Fulgurites have ‘intense’ energy.

Don’t be fooled by thinking this is an ugly lump of sand. Fulgurites aren’t the prettiest tools to work with, but they are extremely effective! It takes sitting with one for a few minutes to realise there is a lot more energy in them than their personal appearance suggests. They make my hands tingle and spark 🙂

Fulgurites are quite fragile so it wouldn’t be advisable to carry them in a pocket. However, they are excellent shamanic and spiritual tools that can be used in crystal grids, as a meditation aid, on altars or as crystal healing tools.


Energy flows inward toward us or outwardly with a Fulgurite depending on our intent when we use it. Fulgurites assist in connecting our mind to the Universe, heightening our gifts of divination and perception. Sit in meditation with a Fulgurite and see what information comes to you.

These unusual formations are also said to be excellent manifestation tools. We must set our intent wisely however, as Fulgurites are very much ‘we get what we wish for’ formations. They are excellent visualisation tools and assist in us manifesting what we need in life ~ although it is always wise to ensure we already have a little of what we’re asking for. If we want to manifest abundance, then we must feel abundance. If we’re looking for love, then we must feel and act with love in. Like attracts like!

Indigenous cultures used to pray to their gods and then blow the prayer through the tube of Fulgurite and out into the world, seeing it carried by the Spirits of their ancestors. For manifestation purposes, sit with the Fulgurite holding your intention clearly in mind. Imagine all the things happening that you are asking for, then blow through the Fulgurite, knowing your intention is now out in the Universe~ which will hear and respond!

Fulgurite has also long been a Shamanic tool. Shamans would use a Fulgurite during Soul Retrieval, which is the calling back of pieces of ourselves that have been lost through traumatic experiences. The shaman would locate and then place the energy of the lost piece of ourselves within the hollow tube of Fulgurite, then blow it back into our system once we are ready.

Fulgurite works best on the higher chakras, from the heart upward, stimulating them and encouraging any energy blocks to rise out of our physical body to be released. They are said to work very well for those with clairaudient skills, so if you’re developing a gift of working with Spirit, these are an easy tool to use.

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