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Distance Healing with Crystals

I’ve had a few queries recently about Distance Healing. Does it work and if so, how? Can we use crystals to help and do we need to be a reiki practitioner in order to send distance healing?

Distance Healing is when we sit down for a few quiet minutes to focus completely on someone who needs healing, but whom is far away from us. It works on the premise that we are all energetically connected.

In order to wrap our heads around this, think about sound. We know that sound waves exist, but they aren’t something we can see with our physical eyes. Have you ever stood by a radio and tapped your foot to the rhythm of a song? It’s not something that is visible, we can only hear it. However, turn that radio up full blast and all of a sudden, the bass beat is throbbing through our entire body and we can feel vibrations in the air. Again, we can’t see the sound waves, but now we can both hear and feel them. Heat is very similar, we can feel it, but can only see it when it is extremely intense, such as in a desert. At that point, we start to see the waves of heat rising up from the sand.

Energy and therefore distance healing works in the same way. We can’t always see it, often we can’t even feel it, but those waves of energy flow nonetheless. If we direct distance healing energy toward someone, it doesn’t matter how far away they are, those healing vibes will travel across the miles until they reach their target.

Do we have to practice Reiki in order to be able to send distance healing? I would say no. The reason many people may think this is because there are particular symbols that are given when being initiated into Reiki. These symbols are placed in our auric field and when we think of them, they add power to the energy we are channelling. However, distance healing can be sent by anyone, from anywhere in the world.

I personally know this to be a fact, as when splitting up from my ex-partner, it was under such traumatic circumstances, I literally went into shock. For several weeks I would go to bed at night and lie there…….. then the shaking would start. My limbs would jerk and muscles jump and no matter how hard I tried to relax and control it, there was no way of stopping it. I was told by someone that I was having a panic attack, but that didn’t feel right to me.

So I searched for another answer and an experienced healer suggested that my body was trying to release the shock of the recent experiences. This resonated better as I had been asking for the energy to be released and to move forward. Also, it would only happen at night after my son had gone to sleep whereas panic attacks can strike any time, anywhere.  It was so debilitating ~ my chest would tighten to the point where I could hardly breathe and I’d often fall off the bed as the jerking would be so severe. I couldn’t stop it, I couldn’t even make my arms and legs work enough to brace myself for the fall and quickly learned to lie down in the middle of the bed!!

In desperation, I asked to be put on an international healing list where everyone who was part of a multinational healing group would send me distance healing.

I’m primarily an energy worker and extremely sensitive to any form of energy and over the next few days, could feel waves of warmth and a slight tingling feeling every now and again. I felt soothed and supported afterwards and marvelled at how quickly it was working. My body was still going crazy at night, but my mind and system moved into a place of acceptance and I encouraged and supported my body as it released the shock.

The healing energy seemed to really ramp up between 5-6pm and I literally felt bathed in waves of warmth, one after another. When I asked one of the ladies from the group about this, she smiled and said ‘That’s America waking up and coming online’. WOW! I am proud to say I am now a part of this wonderful healing group and send distance healing on a daily basis to those on our list because I remember how grateful I was for it during a time of need.


So distance healing can and does work and anyone can do it from anywhere in the world. So how do we use a crystal for distance healing?

It’s a little like preparing for meditation. Ensure that the crystal has been cleansed, charged and programmed with your intent. This is done simply by popping the crystal in natural sunlight for 10 minutes. Double check its OK to put that particular crystal in sunlight. 99% of them are fine for 10 minutes and sunlight will have no adverse effect whatsoever, but err on the side of caution if you’re worried and use another form of cleansing/charging if you prefer. Each of us has our own individual preference.

Once holding the crystal, think in your mind ‘I would like this crystal to send healing energy to ……………., to ease their pain, suffering…..[insert appropriate intention]’.  I also ask the crystal to amplify my intent to send distance healing. You can be as vague or as specific as you like. Make sure you are sat comfortably and place the crystal of choice in your hands, in front of the solar plexus/tummy and let your hands holding the crystal relax into your lap.

I would highly recommend Apophyllite. Not only does it open us up to be a conduit for Universal energy, it then transmits it very effectively. It is said to be the stone par excellence for healing work. Click Here to read more about Apophyllite.

Any other crystal would work too. For instance, if you know someone is recovering from illness or surgery, holding Blue or Green Calcite would be a good choice. If someone is going through a spiritual crisis, a piece of Clear Quartz or Amethyst to raise their vibrations and assist them in tuning into their Higher Selves would be great. If you know they are suffering from mental anxiety, sleepless nights and issues of the mind, Lapis Lazuli or Howlite are very effective. Similarly, Rose Quartz, Mangano Calcite or Pink Tourmaline would soothe relationship or emotional issues.

Essentially, whatever the crystal means and whatever we program it with is the energy that will be sent out into the Universe. If we are so inclined, we can also ask guides, angels, Mother Earth, the elements, God/Goddess or any other form of energetic being to assist us in sending healing.

Once I am in a comfortable position and calm, I imagine the person in my mind. I open myself up and imagine beautiful, golden, healing light pouring from above, through my crown chakra, down through my body and igniting the crystal in my hands before going on to be grounded into the earth. Once I can imagine/feel this energy flowing, I then think of the person I’d like to send energy to and imagine it coming through me and being amplified. It then explodes out of the crystal and speeds off into the Universe. I see this beautiful, healing energy flowing into the person’s body at the other end. Once we’ve practised this a few times, it becomes easier and we can send a bolt of healing energy in just a few seconds.

So that is how distance healing works and how you can send healing energy to anyone, anywhere. Crystals are fantastic tools to amplify and expand our intent. They are also fabulous to send very specific energy. It may take a few times to get used to the feeling and often, we won’t feel much at all and won’t be sure whether it has worked or not.  That isn’t the point of distance healing however. Its not about us, we are simply a conduit and tool for directing positive energy. Just know that the energy HAS been sent and it WILL be received the other end.

I know absolutely that distance healing helps, but if you’re sceptical, that’s OK too. Just remember, it certainly can’t do any harm to send loving thoughts, healing energy and prayers out into the Universe on behalf those in need. 

Have a beautiful day. With much love

Krissy XXX

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  1. I would like to thank you for that information. I have a son who is an addict he got in some trouble and now he’s in prison for 2 years. I would like to learn how to send him the healing that he needs so he is no longer an addict. He needs this healing.

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