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Faden Quartz

Faden Quartz is a tabular form of quartz, that differs from other quartzes due to a fuzzy white line running through the crystal.

Faden is the German word for fiber and the name of these crystals comes from the resemblance of the internal white line to a piece of cotton fiber. The line is straight and between 1mm and 1″ thick.

The line is usually due to the crystal being fractured through movement of the Earth’s tectonic plates. The quartz continues to grow over the fracture and creates the white fuzzy line. These lines may be fractures that have broken and re-grown more than once.

When a crystal has effectively healed itself, it is obvious to deduce that it is extremely helpful in all forms of healing. In the case of Faden Quartz, its speciality is in healing anything that is broken, from our physical bones to the auric field to our relationship with ourself, our inner child or others.


To use Faden Quartz in a healing capacity, it is best to charge it up and programme it for what we specifically want to use it for. It holds the charge and programming for quite a long time, so its best to be specific or if we aren’t sure, then program the crystal to work for the Highest Good. Faden Quartz can be laid on the body where there is disease and can provide an indication to either a crystal therapist or the client as to why the healthy energy in that area has broken down.

Faden Quartz can also be programmed to heal disturbances in our Auric Field. Simply pass the quartz through an area of the aura that might not feel perfectly balanced or healthy. Faden Quartz usually sticks a bit at this point or sometimes we might feel like it needs to be held in one particular place for a moment. Keep passing the Faden Quartz through the area until it moves easily and flows back and forth with no interruption. Then move on to other areas of the aura. When first learning how to work with Faden Quartz, its a good idea to ask someone where they have any illness or physical ailments and work with the Faden Quartz in that area. We can then get a feel for how Faden Quartz works personally with us and can then move on to the emotional, mental and spiritual auric fields.

Faden Quartz is also a great crystal to use during a ‘cutting ties’ exercise. This is an exercise we undertake when we want to break the bonds or ties from negative past relationships. This isn’t just about letting someone go or getting them out of our lives, its also about acknowledging and thanking them for the lessons and experiences they have given us, whether good or bad, and letting them go with love. Use the edge of a piece of Faden Quartz to cut the negative tie from our energy (and sometimes even physical) system and then use the flat part of the crystal to smooth over that area. We are then effectively healing our relationship with ourself!

Faden Quartz can be used in crystal grids to bring things together cohesively or placed by a bedside or in the South corner of our home to support the healing of broken relationships.

If there is a break down in communication between two people, sit across a table and place a Faden Quartz in the middle. Give each other the room to speak and truly listen to what the other person is saying (rather than impatiently waiting for them to finish so we can have our turn). Faden Quartz is really good at easing tensions and allowing communication to flow better.

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