Personal Story ~ How to tell someone you KNOW they need medical help!

Personal Story ~ How to tell someone you KNOW they need medical help!

Working with Spirit has always been a joyful, slightly scary, but very intimate experience for me.

Over the past few decades, we’ve gone back and forth, testing the waters as to what will and won’t work. Spirit rarely force themselves upon us ~ we are nearly always in control and can decide what is and isn’t acceptable when working with them.

However, the part of working with Spirit that has always concerned me is the health and medical side of things. For those who aren’t used to having a reading or seeing a medium, it can be an extremely scary prospect to hear the words ‘have you seen a doctor recently’ or ‘have you had a cough lately’. We’re all human, we all have fears and insecurities and I know if I heard those words, they would worry me.

So what do we do when Spirit give us a clear indication that something is wrong with someone’s health? How do we put that message across without scaring the bejeesus out’ve people? If something is medically out of balance with someone, I can feel it in my own body. My chest tightens and I get breathless if there is a heart or circulatory problem. My body will hurt in the area of an injury or consistent pain, my kidneys will ache if there is addiction involved. Its a bit unpleasant, but goes away quickly so is bearable.

I had a very powerful experience at an event around 8 years ago that taught me that I need to trust Spirit, or they would step up and do my work for me.

I was working at a large fair on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. This event wasn’t Mind, Body & Spirit ~ it was arts and crafts. I tend to dial down the spiritual side of my work at such events and focus on the historical, chemical and scientific elements of crystals as it sparks curiosity rather than fear of the unknown.

A lovely, middle aged lady stepped up to the stand and we started to chat. The more we spoke, the worse I began to feel. The pain started first in my side and chest, then seemed to radiate outward to encompass the whole of my torso. Tendrils of pain started to move up my body into my head and it began to pound. It was hard to focus on the conversation as all I wanted to blurt out was ‘I think you’re really ill and need to see a doctor’.

Spirit were literally pushing me from behind and I fought them every step of the way as there was NO WAY I was going to deliver a message like that. It could scare the heck out of some poor woman who’d just wandered up for a chat and to look at jewellery! I remember moving round to the side of the table and then back behind the stand again and we said goodbye. That was it.


About a month later, my home phone rang. Now I don’t EVER give out my home telephone number except to family, close friends and the official companies that require it. My home number is unlisted.

A woman’s voice asked for me by name, so I said hello. The response stunned me as the woman said ‘I met you at Sandringham a month ago at the Craft Fair and am just calling to say thank you, that you were right. I have indeed got cancer. I went to my doctor’s the very next day and although I probably won’t beat it, you’ve given me more time than I would have had.’

My reply was ‘I would never have told you that you had cancer or that you were really ill, there is NO CHANCE I would do that to someone’.

She replied ‘You did, how can you not remember…you stepped round to the front of the stand, took my hands in yours and told me very calmly and very kindly that I had cancer and should see my doctor immediately.  I’m just calling to say thank you’. Then woman then put the phone down!!!!

I sat there in shock. How on earth did she get my home phone number for a start??? (that will always remain a mystery).  I can remember stepping round the side of the stand, but have absolutely NO recollection of touching this woman and certainly not delivering such frightening news as that! I just wouldn’t do it through fear of really upsetting, scaring or angering someone. It completely freaked me out!

So I called on a very experienced medium friend and asked what had happened. She said that it was extremely rare, but Spirit must have needed this woman to know she was ill and had literally stepped into me to ensure it happened. Effectively, I had gone into trance and had no recollection of it happening. To be honest, it really scared me, but thinking back, there had been a lot of Spirit activity that weekend.

Another lovely lady had come along to chat and I could see a man in Spirit standing behind her. He was sending waves of love, enveloping her in them, so much so that tears sprang up as his love was so unconditional and strong. My throat felt very tight and sore, as if I couldn’t speak. I had the courage then to ask if the lady had lost anyone recently. She looked a little shocked, but asked me if someone was with her and to describe him. I did so and kept touching my throat as it was difficult to get the words out. She confirmed that her husband had passed the week beforehand and his funeral was the following Wednesday. He had been very ill and had large tubes down his throat when he died, so was unable to speak at all. The lady burst into happy tears, gave me a massive hug (at which point I was also in tears) and was so grateful to receive confirmation that her husband was safely on the other side and OK. This lady came along to every event after that, bringing friends to introduce and said thank you every time.

Looking back on the whole weekend’s experience, I decided that from that point onward, I would have to push through my fear and trust Spirit. If they were giving me a message that was clear, concise and important, then I shouldn’t hold back from delivering that message through fear of upsetting people. After all, I felt comfortable telling one lady that someone was with her, but not about telling the other about her illness, which actually lengthened her life expectancy ~ so the issue was with me, not Spirit.

9 times out of 10, it is going to be a bit upsetting on some level as Spirit are loved ones that have passed. To receive a message from someone we have loved and lost is always going to touch our deepest emotions. The whole experience strengthened me and although it doesn’t happen very often these days, as I prefer to assist people on emotional and spiritual levels, I’ve learned to develop an intimate rapport with people. For me, Spirit now deliver difficult messages toward the end of a session, once a supportive bond is in place for someone to receive the words positively and know they come from a place of love and honour.

I truly believe it is a gift to work with Spirit, but also a huge responsibility to care for other’s feelings, to deliver messages in careful, respectful ways that reassure and support rather than frighten or worry. It isn’t always easy, but to Spirit, it is often very necessary and its an honour to be able to help.

Much love

Krissy XXX

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