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Eudialyte ~ A Heart, Sacral & Base Chakra Crystal

Eudialyte is a highly unusual crystal. It’s name derives from the Greek phrase meaning ‘well decomposable’ ~ which in this day and age means it will dissolve in acid. Other names for this crystal are Saami Blood and Almandine Spar. There is also a Eudialyte ‘group’ of crystals, which are structurally and chemically related to pure Eudialyte, so have been placed together in a group.

Eudialyte was first discovered in 1819 in Greenland, although samples have since been found in Russia, Norway and Canada. Eudialyte contains significant quantities of six elements, Uranium, Zirconium, Tantalum, Lead, Niobium and Hafnium,  as well as a mix of rare earth elements. This makes it a highly collectable and rare mineral in it’s pure, crystalline form. Pure crystals are so brittle however that it is difficult to work with them holistically.

Most Eudialyte today is found in it’s natural state mixed in with base rock or other minerals and is identified by it’s bright red-pink colour. The picture above shows pure Eudialyte, whilst the picture below shows how it is most commonly found today, it’s tell tale vivid colour mixed with black, which is most often Aegerine. There have even been brown, blue and yellow Eudialyte crystals found, but these are incredibly rare and held by collectors and museums.

Eudialyte is a very pretty, unusual mineral with a strong, supportive, motivational energy!


On an energetic level, Eudialyte has an extremely positive vibration. We tend to be drawn to it when we are willing and able to heal from the past and want to move forward into a brighter future.

Eudialyte helps to clear old, stagnant, emotional energy from our system, particularly at the base, sacral and heart chakra areas, zipping through the body and connecting these three chakra centres together. This supports:

  • emotional healing;
  • healing from childhood trauma;
  • resolving issues with kundalini or sexual energy; and
  • grounding manifestation and visualisations into our physical reality.

As most Eudialyte is mixed with Aegerine, this also stimulates our intuitive gifts and mental capabilities, bringing forth new ideas and realisations. Synchronicities and coincidences seem to come in abundance when we work with Eudialyte…..and  not only listen to what our Higher Self is trying to tell us, but act on that information. This crystal gives us the fire in our belly to keep going!

Eudialyte is brilliant for clearing the past and then helping us to focus on creating our future. It is supportive and motivational, but in a gentle, persistent way. Some people instantly respond to Eudialyte with a ‘woah’ as it can feel really zippy and fizzy. Others grow to love the energy over a period of time.

This is a crystal that likes to be worked with consistently for several months~ if we forge a strong connection with it, it has the capacity to show us which direction to take in life and how to take the first steps towards making that a reality.

It’s hard to feel down when working with Eudialyte as it seems to strip away old, negative emotional energy, making us want to get on with things rather than wallowing in what has been.  Eudialyte allows us to let things go, to walk away from that unhealthy relationship, to say goodbye to that friend who has been treating us so badly, to move on from a job that does nothing for our soul…….

You can pick which chakra you’d like to focus on with Eudialyte. If it’s the Heart, focus on releasing the past, clearing emotional energy away, becoming kinder to yourself and practising self love. Open your heart to be healed from past trauma or hurt ~ let it all out and know you’ve got a fantastic crystal to support your emotional self and relationships going forward.

If its the Sacral chakra, you can draw energy down from above or up from the ground and into the Sacral area with the intention of bringing any childhood or sexual issues to the surface to be cleared and healed. Sometimes we just want a boost in this area and to feel more passionate and energised so open up to Universal energy and feel it flood your body, concentrating it on the Sacral area. I’d leave a piece of Eudialyte on the bedside table for a few months and consciously work with it on a regular basis. Little bits of information seem to drop randomly into the mind when working with Eudialyte 🙂

If you’d like to work with Eudialyte at the Base chakra, hold the crystal your stomach level and imagine the energy of it going down your legs to your feet and deep into the Earth, connecting as far down as you can imagine. Then draw energy up from the Earth and pool it at your feet ~ see if you can make them go hot, cold, tingle or feel anything physically or intuitively. This energy is creative energy, so draw it from the feet back up to the crystal and then use the crystal for very focused, clearly intended manifestation. The aim is to bring whatever it is you need into physical reality.  Just remember, this is a long term working crystal ~ it won’t bring that Ferrari overnight 😉

This is a great crystal to work with on so many different levels and on a personal level, it always makes me smile. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or hesitant, I just get on with whatever needs to be done and with a lighter heart.

Eudialyte clears our heart, clears our mind and enables us to focus on manifesting our future and grounding that into our physical reality. Pretty cool!

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about this unusual and beautiful crystal. My next crystal blog is all about Indigo Gabbro.

Have a wonderful day, love and bright blessings

Krissy XXX

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