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Linarite ~ Connecting Us To Our Inner Wisdom

Linarite is an incredibly rare mineral that was first discovered in Spain in 1822. In it’s purest form (see above pic) , it is a stunning, vivid, azure blue gemstone that is often confused with Azurite. The two minerals, however, are very different!

Please feel free to drool over the above picture ~ a piece that size and quality would go to auction with a start price of £10,000 and specimens have been known to sell for over £50,000!

I have been very lucky to obtain a few pieces of Linarite from the original source in Spain. It is mixed with a quartz based rock in a form that is powerfully energetic, whilst still being eye catching. Even better, it’s easy to handle and affordable. Linarite has a really cool energy that soothes me on one level, but excites on another 🙂

Linarite is said to open us up to the the wonder and wisdom within ourselves, connecting us to our own Higher Power. It enables us to start accepting our gifts and abilities with less fear or lack of self confidence.

It is a wonderful mineral to use to calm us down on the inside, but does have a tendency to move things along quicker in our external, day to day lives. Working with Linarite can trigger a flow of synchronicities and open up our path forward. If there are obstacles, Linarite will bring them to the surface of our mind so we can see things rationally and clearly and support us in working through them.

Despite its blue colour, working with our inner selves in such a way also opens the heart as we start to gain confidence and mental strength within ourselves. We are encouraged to look at ourselves from a different, more positive perspective and this fosters self love.


Linarite supports us in clearing emotional and mental debris from the past. If we are stuck in negative thought patterns or behaviours, this mineral allows us to look at ourselves clearly, without blame and self recrimination.

It is a refreshing, illuminating energy to work with, bringing knowledge, awareness and wisdom. By clearing our past, we can focus on the present and manifest a brighter future with less fear, less nerves and less worries. Linarite guides us towards accepting ourselves, exactly as we are ~ it halts the habit of constantly comparing ourselves to others and seeing ourselves as less than we are.

On a physical level, it is said this stone can help to treat sexual dysfunction. I can see how that is the case if there are psychological or emotional issues causing the problem, but there are better stones to use if the problem is physical. Linarite soothes the nervous system, releasing stress. The energy sort’ve zips and sparks through the system, so we may even feel an instant ‘ping’ or release of energy somewhere in our body when we first start to work with Linarite.

Obviously, with Linarite being so blue, it is excellent for throat chakra issues and for those who struggle to speak their truth, or even speak it to loud and too often…..a little diplomacy often a good thing 😉

With much love and blessings


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