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Mexican Blue Opal ~ Vision and Clarity

Hello 🙂

There has been a new discovery of Opal in Mexico, which they have named Blue Opal. I find this highly amusing as the colour is more purple than blue, but that is what they have called it 🙂  These opals have the most beautiful, soothing energy, whilst they open our mind and clear our mental nervous system so we can achieve more clarity.

The term Opal is said to originally come from the Sanskrit word ‘upala’ meaning precious stone. Opals do not have any internal lattice structure and no definite chemical composition, so are therefore amorphous and a ‘mineraloid’ rather than a mineral.

Opals consist of veins or lines of silica that have formed in base rock. For example, the most commonly known Australian Opal is usually found in Ironstone and Boulder Opals are often found growing in Rhyolite. The colour play and flash of an Opal depends on the arrangement of the microscopic spheres of silica within it. The more regularly the spheres are arranged, the brighter the colour and flash. The size of the spheres denotes what colour the Opal is.

This new find of Mexican Blue Opals are Potch Opals as they do not have the flashy, sparkly characteristic of Australian opals. These new Opals are more in line with the Blue Andean or Pink Peruvian Opals, which have a soothing, gentle feel to them without all of the flashy sparkles. It also makes them extremely affordable as the more an Opal flashes, the more zeros get put on the end of the price!

Many moons ago, when Opals were first discovered, it upset the Diamond merchants greatly! They spread the rumour that Opals are bad luck in order to stop people from buying them. Society was very superstitious back then and to this day, I still have people ask whether we can only wear an Opal if it is our birthstone or they wonder if it will bring them bad luck. The answer to all of these sorts of questions is no! It was simply a marketing ploy back in the day to discredit Opals as an expensive gemstone and to keep up the sale of Diamonds 🙂


Opals are very stimulating gemstones, so I like that this new discovery feels a lot more subtle and supportive. The stunning depth of purple colour in these Opals signifies that they are about cosmic connection, bringing in flashes of intuitive guidance with a strong sense of ‘rightness’. We often question our intuition time and again, arguing with the logical mind. Carrying a Mexican Blue Opal seems to alleviate those doubts & insecurities so we can freely & confidently act on our intuition. This beautiful stone works deeply on the throat chakra, releasing blocks and supporting us in bringing unspoken matters to the surface.

Opals are extremely spiritual gemstones, bringing in protective energies for deep inner work, meditations or journeys. They slowly bring our shadow side to the surface in a way that is transformational and reveals our hidden gifts  ~ those gifts that are often discarded in the depths of ourselves that we do not want to look at or are ashamed of. Whilst looking at the shadow side of ourselves can be uncomfortable & leave us feeling vulnerable, using the Mexican Blue Opal allows us to look at our feelings and thoughts with enough distance to be able to detach from them and let them go.

Mexican Blue Opals provide gentle, supportive, nurturing energies so we can transform ourselves or experience challenging situations and come out the other side calmer, wiser and stronger than before. The heavy amount of purple in these stones mean they are excellent for easing the nervous system, soothing our stress away and easing depressive or negative feelings. It works well on our heart, mind and throat. This stone is not joyful as such, but it seems to ease all of the symptoms of anxiety that are present in our day-to-day lives.

Mexican Blue Opals also bring in balance (combining water and earth energies) so work on soothing our nervous system and calming and balancing our emotions ~ only then can our mental energy loosen up enough to connect us to our Higher Selves with clarity and confidence.  They are an excellent meditation tool, bringing in the exact energy required to facilitate a deep, meditative state if programmed to do so.

These new Opals are also said to bring in higher energies, such as Angelic or high Spirit energy (Guides or Ascended Masters, rather than relatives) and I would use them if wanting to connect to any form of energetic guidance. Whether that be indigenous, Shamanic (Spirit Animals/Guides), Angelic, Earth or Elemental energy etc. Anything that is higher and brighter than ourselves will be drawn into our energy system once we have calmed our system enough to stabilise our nerves & emotions. Only when we reach a calm and centred place will our mind open to receive guidance. 

With love and blessings


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  1. Nice Blog! Opal is my favorite gem stone, among all it has a different shade I like blue the most. It feels good to know more about this gem and various properties that blue opal owns. Thanks for sharing this.

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