Crystals for Love, Romance & Relationships

Crystals for Love, Romance & Relationships

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Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, you deserve to be LOVED.

There are all sorts of crystals for love and relationships, the list is endless. Over the years however, I’ve found certain crystals deal with very specific issues when it comes to relationships and handling our emotions.

There are also a few very simple rules we all have to follow in order to draw in and then maintain loving relationships in our life:

1. No one can love you more than you love yourself. So if you don’t like yourself very much, you’re not going to allow someone else to like you very much either! This makes it difficult and a bit unfair on a partner unless we’re open and share our vulnerabilities around relationships. This way, two people are able to open up and become stronger by sharing their issues and working through them, which creates trust and intimacy. We all have our fears and insecurities….as we share those things and realise someone else loves us anyway, this can help us to love ourselves more too.

2. To obtain the things you want in a relationship…..GIVE them. If you give freely with no attachment, you will receive in return ~ Karma. Its no good sitting and complaining about a partner not doing something or giving us something we need (emptying the bin…….cuddling, holding hands, listening, being interested in our day etc) ~ if we’re not willing to do those things ourselves. Give what you wish to receive, it really is that simple. It shows the other person in actions what you feel a relationship is all about. If they don’t respond to actions, try talking openly and love them with words or they may be a person needs a lot of hugs. Give freely!

3. Be flexible, compromise and pick your battles. There can be so many little clashes over the years…..learn what your core issues & values are and what is most important to you….then let the rest go. No one needs to find fault and constantly pick on a partner over every little thing. That simply grinds an otherwise happy relationship into the ground! If you’d like to read my blogs about core values & complete an easy exercise to find out what yours are (and whether your partner’s match!), please Click Here.

4. Healthy long term relationships take effort. So make the effort. Two people get out’ve a relationship what they put in… always make the effort. All those little things you did to impress, woo and show each other you cared at the start of the relationship……just keep on doing them forever. Its so worth it.


The below table details the best crystals to use for specific relationship and emotional issues:

Issue                                                        Crystal        
 Self Love   kunzitepinkKunzit
Creating Romance in relationships    rosequartzRose Quartz
Draw Love into your life   aventurineAventurine
Heal after Heartbreak pink opalPink Opal
Stabilise & balance emotions  WatermelonTourmalineWatermelon Tourmaline
Open up to Divine Love  pinktor Pink Tourmaline
Draw a Soul Mate to you  RhodochrositeRhodochrosite
Strengthen existing relationships  lapisbtLapis Lazuli
Passion & sexuality  garnetGarnet
Creating intimate relationships  Ruby-indexRuby
Conception, Fertility, Pregnancy  MoonstoneGarnet & Moonstone
Strengthen family relationships  Carnelian-3Carnelian
Processing anger & hurt  HowliteHowlite
Building bridges & healing difficult relationships  bluekyanitebeadsBlue Kyanite



There are a few other crystals not mentioned above as these cover a much wider range of heart or relationship based issues, but deserve a mention nonetheless. Mangano Calcite is one of my absolute favourite heart stones. It also soothes, supports and comforts like no other crystals. Pink Botswana Agate is also amazing, so emotional grounding, stabilising and comforting. It’s my current fave!

As most of the above mentioned crystals deal with emotions or hormones, I’d recommend wearing them as jewellery or carrying a piece in your pocket on a consistent basis. For at least a few weeks. It takes time to stabilise emotions so crystals should be cleansed and charged regularly. You’ll know when the crystal has completed its work.

Wishing you a week and life full of love, from my heart to yours

Krissy XXX


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