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NEW Green Crazy Lace Chalcedony ~ Processing/Releasing Emotions & Physical Healing

There has been a new find of a blend of minerals that have been given the marketing name of Green Crazy Lace Chalcedony. It was discovered recently in Nigeria and the combination of minerals gives it the most fantastic energy!

It is a mixture of Green Chalcedony, Smithsonite and Quartz. We think there must’ve been layers of these crystals laid down next to each other, but further heating and cooling via volcanic activity has caused them to jumble together and form in a haphazard way that is completely natural. There was only a small amount of this crystal found at the time so what is in stock is all that is available at the moment, although am hoping more arrives before the Summer.

I have been working with this new crystal for months. Usually I and maybe one or two other experienced crystal therapists will experiment when a new crystal appears and our collective feedback forms part of the information in my blogs. With this crystal however, I felt the need to hand it out to quite a few lovely customers and clients. Having received lots of lovely feedback, I can now understand why…….because Green Crazy Lace Chalcedony is a bit of a magical chameleon!

I say this because each one of us had a very personal response to the energy and it provided support through elements that suited each individual. For example, one person is highly attuned to water and the emotions and felt this crystal reminded her of the sea, of froth & foam and the clearing away of old emotions and stagnant energy, like being washed clean. Another felt it was very Earthy, safe and comforting and allowed emotional issues to rise to the surface of her awareness with less fear or anxiety around them. Another described it as a ‘breath of fresh air through my heart and mind’.

Many experienced the revelation of core issues related to physical ailments they were struggling with. The reasons behind why they were poorly or injured became easier to understand and accept on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. This in turn made it easier to find the right healing modalities and methods to heal holistically on every level.

We are all currently going through cycles that keep repeatedly bringing up the past ~ I truly feel this beautiful new crystal is here to help us to finally heal right down to our Soul so the cycle ends. Whether it be something that keeps repeating from this lifetime, from a Past Life or on an Ancestral/Generational level, this crystal connects us to the core of the matter. The energy of this crystal also seems to find the weak parts in our physical body, releasing any blocks or discordant energy, allowing us to move on.

Green Crazy Lace Chalcedony also allows us to let go and explore our own boundaries and values. If we draw a boundary with another, how to we uphold that boundary in a healthy way? How do we respond to people crossing our boundaries, causing us to feel disrespected or hurt? Do we speak our truth and if not, why not? Do we speak from the heart and a place of compassion or through Ego and a desire to be right? Working with this crystal on an emotional level allows us to form new, healthier boundaries that are upheld from a place of maturity and peacefulness rather than anger or defence.

On a physical level, because Green Crazy Lace Chalcedony releases so much emotional energy, it is said to be particularly beneficial to the heart, lungs, respiratory allergies and also soothes the nervous system. It can be used on any chakra, bringing up the emotional issues behind any imbalance or difficulty.

Working with this crystal benefits on every level, raising our awareness and therefore vibration. It seems to change from day to day in accordance with what we need. Logically I think it might be my tuning into the mineral I need most within it on any given day.

The reality of carrying it on me, however, meant that one day it was soothing & comforting and on another, it felt quite cheeky and motivational. Some days I feel really calm and blissful using it, other days my mind seems to sharpen and my intuition flows at high speed. It has never felt overwhelming, even though meditating with it occasionally brought up emotional, physical, spiritual and mental information all at once. It did it in a way that all of the information blended together well, felt balanced and made sense! All in all, I feel better connected to myself and to my path forward through working with Green Crazy Lace Chalcedony.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and continue to sparkle on your journey 🙂

With love and bright blessings

Krissy XXX


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