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Children & Crystals

Children are amazing when it comes to working with crystals. They don’t have any of our adult pre conceived ideas, perceptions, superstitions, fears or doubts ~ children simply reach out and can feel the energy held in a crystal. I’ve seen it happen time and time again at my stand…..not only can kids feel crystal energy, but the majority can tell what that crystal can be used for!

I met an elderly gentleman called Arthur Norris in Edinburgh one year. He was well known on the Mind, Body & Spirit circuit as a medium and tarot card reader. Sadly, he has passed away now, but I’ll always remember the wisdom he passed on of his many years of working with Spirit and how intuition and energy works with children.


Children will be extremely perceptive, intuitive, sensitive and beautifully curious about all things spiritual and esoteric from a young age. Their senses are incredibly open and they absorb information like little sponges. This carries on for most of us until we’re about 8-9 years old. At that point, those that support us in Spirit back away in honour of our personal human evolution. We need time to grow and allow hormones into our system, to learn how to process them, to manage interacting with other people on an emotional spectrum and to get our foundation energy systems set up without interference from any outside sources.

This does not mean that energy doesn’t flow or children don’t remain intuitive, aware or spiritual ~ it simply means we are given an energetic breather in which to establish ourselves in this human world. Some kids will stay completely open and switched on, but the majority of them enter main stream education and, quite rightly, start learning about the myriad of other things they’ll need to know in order to navigate this human world…so their focus drifts elsewhere. There is also peer pressure ~ spiritually aware people only make up approximately 10% of the population, so many kids enter high school and don’t want to stand out as the ‘weird one’ by talking about Spirit, crystals and spiritual matters ~ most of them just want to fit in with the majority.

After puberty, Spirit & Guides step back into our energy system to offer support. How we accept and work with this is completely individual. Some of us have become so involved in our human life and turned away from or forgotten the spiritual side of life, that it takes many years to reconnect ~ some of us are meant to reconnect on a concious level, some of us aren’t, but the support is always there.

I firmly believe that introducing crystals to children at a young age, letting them play with them and be around tools that vibrate, whether its music, sound, crystals, elixirs, sprays etc……to allow them to play and accept those tools into their consciousness is very important ~ because it will provide open mindedness, memory and familiarity. Then, as adults, if our children want some support in their life, they are open to holistic therapies and alternative forms of support.

There are also the basic things about crystals that children find fascinating, such as where they come from, how they are made and how they are used in modern society. For example, a little piece of information they love about Celestite is that it turns a bright sparkly red when its ground up into powder and set on fire… thats how we get red fireworks. Kids will soak up information like that allllllll day 🙂 Crystals also feel great to hold and touch, some are prickly and textured, others are smooth. Some crystals are sparkly and they are often brightly coloured so kids are naturally drawn to them as their world is very much about colour, texture and exploration (as long as they’re old enough to not put them in their mouth, of course…..crystals should NOT be about taste or ingestion) 😉

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Crystals are also VERY empowering for children. If, for example, a child is having bad dreams…..if they are allowed to choose a ‘magic’ crystal to help the bad dreams stop, then it empowers them. They feel in control, more confident and more able to deal with life. The same could be said if they have to do something they’re scared of, like go on a school trip without their parents. If they’re being bullied at school or are feeling a bit upset about something. Teaching them there are these gorgeous, sparkly, little crystals that can help, that are created by our magical planet….. what a wonderful thing to teach kids! And theres nothing to fear in allowing children to play with crystals…..they’re just like adults….if they don’t like the feel of something, they’ll put it down. I often get asked about what is ‘safe’ and simply reply ‘trust your child, they’ll know’. Obviously, there are some crystals that are poisonous when handled improperly, but its very doubtful a child will come into contact with anything like that as they are rarely sold on the high street and, if they are, its with very clear warning.

When my son was little, he always reached for a crystal if he hurt himself. I remember him cutting his knee quite deeply one day….he cried and it was obviously very sore. After I cleaned the cut up, he hobbled over to the fireplace and picked up a piece of Malachite (which he knew was for pain) and then set down and gently rubbed the crystal over the cut. He looked up at me and said ‘the crystal is making it all better mummy’ and I could see his face and body go from being taut with pain and anxiety to being completely relaxed. The crystal ended up on the floor 10 minutes later, but the knee and pain weren’t thought of again.

Its nice for our children to come to us when they need help and as a mummy, I just want to wrap mine up in cotton wool and kiss everything better….but thats what serves me as a parent. What serves my child is being given the comfort, love and support he needs alongside being taught how to deal with life himself, how to manage pain and upset and reach for natural remedies before seeking external support. I believe that empowerment and an open mind are some of the most amazing gifts we can give our children ~ and crystals are an easy, affordable, fun, natural and beautiful way of enabling that.

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2 thoughts on “Children & Crystals”

  1. colette cunningham

    Two of my grandchildren are having a problem staying in theri bodies, staying grounded. What stone would you recommend, please. Jake is 10 and Freya is 9. Thank you. Colette

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Colette, I’d recommend Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper or Tiger’s Eye for children. Hematite is the typical grounding stone, but is often too strong for kids. It might be worth letting them look at those 4 options and see which they feel drawn to the most? Many thanks and bright blessings, Krissy.

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