Blue Obsidian

Blue Obsidian

There has been a lot of controversy around Blue Obsidian, because the majority of it available in today’s market is man made in China. Anything man made does have an energy that is different to the natural stone – but it still has an energy. And it is still created from natural products….after all, glass is made of sand and sand is ground stone, which comes from the earth. Man made stones may have a different vibration, but that doesn’t make it them less useful. We’re drawn to what we’re drawn to – personally, it should always be about the vibration of a stone, not where it came from or how it was created. After all, how many of us have been drawn to pebbles or bits of glass from a beach that have been tossed around for years in the sea? I rest my case 😉

However…….despite a lot of Blue Obsidian being man made, there is natural Blue Obsidian available. Its simply rarer and more expensive. There have recently been finds in both Greece and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Although natural Blue Obsidian is more expensive than man made, it is still not that expensive. A small tumblestone sized piece should cost approx £6. Anything higher and you’re being ripped off – merchants know its rare, so they hike the price up, but its really not necessary.

blueobsidianchunks mined natural Blue Obsidian

In layman’s terms, Obsidian is a natural form of volcanic glass that is created when lava cools too quickly to form a crystal.  Obsidian has been used by indigenous cultures as far back as 700,000 BC! However, Obsidian was more valued and widely used during the Stone Age because it could be fractured to create arrowheads and sharp blades. Today, some surgeons prefer to use Obsidian scalpel blades as well crafted Obsidian blades have a cutting edge that is many times sharper than the best steel surgical scalpels.

Blue Obsidian in particular has a wonderful, dreamy, expansive energy. Its a great stone to work with if you’re beginning to explore your own spiritual ability, or are even developing a long-term gift. Blue Obsidian has a way of clearing the mind of mental clutter, slowing our thought processes down so we take one thing at a time and do it well (instead of 10 things at once and we’re all over the place!). It also aids communication, so we can clear our head, receive intuitive information and then clearly communicate. Blue Obsidian can be used in any spiritual pursuits such as tarot reading, scrying, astral travel, journeying etc. It is gentle and supportive rather than blasting us too fast or in a way we may feel we’re not in control.

On a physical level, Blue Obsidian works really well on the circulatory system, with our glands (particularly prostate) and with mental health conditions. It is a lovely, soothing, dreamy, gentle, but effective tool. Blue Obsidian can be held as a tumblestone, used in the shape of a palm or thumbstone, used as a wand in crystal healing work (particularly effective!) and I’ve seen some fantastic crystal skulls that clearly resonate with a lot of people.

There was an awful incident recently whereby someone who had purchased some Blue Obsidian from me decided to show it off in a rock hound/technical based crystal group on Facebook in the USA and said how lovely it’s energy was. This started an all out war with various technical people having all sorts to say about it being fake. On double checking my source I say this….the Blue Obsidian from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco is REAL ~ it is NOT man made and there is NOT a lot of it in the market (fake stuff floods the market). People in Morocco do not have the money to create a fake stone and if they did, it would be cheap and sold en masse! My supplier has no time or inclination to make a fake stone ~ the only profitable way of creating something fake is to then sell it in massive bulk amounts worldwide for large profit. There was ONE box of the Atlas Mountain Blue Obsidian ~ not exactly a profit maker 😉

The Moroccan Blue Obsidian has been tested and reads as ‘volcanic glass’. We are currently waiting for pictures of the mineral being mined. I have also seen some beautiful, 100% real Blue and Green Obsidian from Peru & Brazil – this has been extensively tested as the price is double that of the Moroccan ~ probably because the guys in Peru/Brazil have been dealing with crystal buyers for year’s now, whereas Morocco is still a third world country that is fairly new to the crystal market.

A rock hound or technical person may be passionate, but they don’t know it all and the majority of them don’t travel the world crawling through mud and mines in many different countries & climates to gain experiential experience. Many of them have great local experience and have learned a lot from school, books and other rock hounds over the years, so I have massive amounts of respect for them. That does not  give them the right to abuse and diss other people in public forums however. If anyone has an issue with the Atlas Mountain Blue Obsidian, please contact me directly rather than being rude to people whom are simply my customers! Thank you 🙂

Please Click Here to see what Blue Obsidian is in Stock 🙂  I always try to keep a few natural pieces online as its so hard to find!


  1. Jennifer says

    I stumbled across a collection of beautiful stones that I believe could include a blue obsidian piece. I would love to share a picture. I have taken to local collectors, I was told it was natural blue obsidian by a couple collectors, I man said it was Slag, a by product from the copper mine, then offered me 150.00 us dollars for it! I did not sell. I love this stone to much. I found several medium to large size crystal’s, a jasper piece the size of my palm, black obsidian also the size of my palm, and the blue obsidian. They were all found in my garden. I have been tiling this area for 3 years and last spring started to find piece by piece. It has been suggested I stumbled upon someone’s alter. After a little talking to the long timers in my neighborhood I found out the occupants in the 1970-80’s were rock hounds. Anyhow unable to post picture here now.

    • Phyllis says

      Hello, I would really like to purchase a plan size stone from you. A good friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer. Please contact me ASAP. Thank you

      • Hi Phyllis

        Am not sure what a plan size stone is? Please could you clarify? Pink Petalite is my go to stone for cancer and I’ve got a lot of it in stock from small pieces that can slip inside a bra to larger stones that can be held.

        Many thanks and healing energy to your friend. Krissy

  2. Anonymous says

    I would love to purchase a medium size or any size piece of your blue obsidian if you feel that you can let one go. I’ve had some personal devastation this year and I think it would be very calming. Thank you , Mary

  3. SEGAnimalArcher says

    I don’t really believe in this spiritual stone energy stuff, but I love knapping exotic natural materials into blades and such. I would love to find a large piece of blue or green obsidian to make into stuff. How much is a large raw piece?

    • Hi 🙂 Unfortunately, my supply of natural Blue Obsidian has run out now so only the man made Blue Obsidian from China (which is the majority on the market) is now available. Sorry I couldn’t help further as the idea sounds amazing 🙂

  4. čačo says

    stupidity, there is no transparent obsidian . its glass

    • Hi ~ firstly, there really is no need to be rude. If you can’t say something nice, why say anything at all? Secondly, there has just been a new discovery in Tanzania and we are waiting on that to be certified as Obsidian. It is very transparent and in colour ranges of blue, green and brown. I’ve seen this being dug out of the mine in a video so it is most definitely NOT glass!! The majority of coloured Obsidian is, as you say, man made. However, there have been small deposits found in Morocco, Russia and South America over the last decade so please, do your research in reality and not just on the internet. Thank you and have a lovely day 🙂

  5. Jeffrey Shapiro says

    Hi Kristy, I bought 5 pieces of blue obsidian from a Moroccan at the Tucson Gem show this year. Only a few of the Moroccans had it and some had never heard of it. I’m still kind of wondering if it’s natural or man made. Have you come across any more links or info about it that might show that there is natural blue obsidian coming out of Morocco? I gave a piece of it to a friend who works at the GIA in Carlsbad CA and she said she will have a look at it in the lab. Thanks

    • Jeffrey Shapiro says

      The pieces I have are very much like ‘Apache tears’ in size and form. The color is extremely light blue and definitely translucent.

      • H Jeffrey

        Thanks for your comment. I only know what is in the blog unfortunately and as far as I am aware, there isn’t any more natural Blue Obsidian other than the odd vendor who has some at shows as it was a small find. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful than that.

        They are currently testing a tranche of material located in South Africa, which may be blue/green and brown Obsidian, but I have refused to purchase any until the minerology department confirm it as such and it is sanctioned by the government.

        Thanks and have a great day, Krissy

  6. Hi Kristy,

    Actually obsidians form when an *acid* lava cools very slowly. Fast cooling lavae won’t be glassy for more than a few millimeters thick (and I mean very few millimeters!). It’s the acidity in lava that makes it polymerize while hot, turning it very thick, hence preventing crystallization. Alkaline lavae on the other hand are super runny and will crystallize like crazy.
    My two cents worth 🙂

    • That’s awesome information, thanks so much for leaving a comment. Really appreciate it and will leave it up for others to learn. Have a great day 🙂

  7. Hillary says

    Hello I’m from CANADA ~Georgian Bay (area)
    We have a beach full of Obsidian witch we call Indian stone I have quite a bit but I want to know more about! We have No volcanoes around Us … the whole beach is covered in it and black stone-glass as well:-) I hope to learn more about it! I will be selling some this weekend at a Pow Wow !☺

  8. i wish to purchase an electric blue sheen obsidian crystal. can you help me?

  9. Kelly Bartlett says

    I live in the East Kootenay Rocky Mountain Trench of British Columbia Canada. A few years ago while my son was working with a local logging company and they were building one of their sites on the forest they dug up a large amount of what looked like blue glass. He brought me home a substantial sized piece of it. Some of the pieces were much larger that what he brought home. I had forgotten about it until last night when I found it where one of my flower gardens had overtaken some of my rock collection. I can share a photo of it with you but I would to know where I can get it tested please.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Kelly

      That sounds really interesting. Your best bet is to contact someone from your local geological or mineralogical societies. They would know the best methods of testing and quite often do so at a low cost if they’re able. Proper laboratory tests are insanely expensive and I wouldn’t know where to recommend in Canada as am based in UK. Many thanks and have a great day 🙂

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