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Kyanite ~ Master Bridge Crystal

Kyanite is one of my personal favourites. Although Kyanite takes its name from the Greek word kyanos, meaning deep blue, there have since been discoveries of many other colours ~ black, orange, green and pink. ALL of them are amazing to work with! It is a dual strength crystal and I can feel this energetically when working with it ~ it works on our energy system in an ‘up and down’ manner through the chakras, but it also expands our energy field outward as a whole. Photo Credit Above: Artsings1946

Kyanite has been used heavily in industry for 1000s of years, particularly in the building, road, railroad and electronic sectors. Kyanite is one of the main constituents of high quality porcelain and also conducts and converts energy (electricity) very well. Professor Iain Stewart, a geologist at Plymouth University, investigated the geology of Manhattan, New York and was looking for something called Manhattan Schist. To quote Professor Stewart:

‘I was keeping an eye out for a mineral known as Kyanite, a beautiful blue specimen commonly seen in the Manhattan schist. “Kyanite is a key mineral to identify, we know it only forms at very deep depths and under extensive pressure,” he said. “It’s like a fingerprint, revealing a wealth of information.” The presence of this mineral reveals that the Manhattan schist was compressed under incredibly high pressure over 300 million years ago. The schist formed as a result of two enormous landmasses coming together to form a supercontinent, known as Pangaea. This giant continent was made up of all the land on Earth, and at this time present day New York would have been very close to its centre.’

Kyanite, therefore, was one of the first minerals to be formed deep within our Planet!

Although many books state that Kyanite does not need to be cleansed or charged, I have found this to be a misnomer. I can understand scientifically why this has been stated, but in reality, some forms of Kyanite can retain negative ions and all forms of Kyanite will run out of charge eventually. No crystal is self energising or the energy giants would be digging it out of the ground by the bucket load. Always cleanse and charge every crystal, its better to be safe than sorry. If you’d like to read more about Cleansing & Charging crystals, along with information that dispels the myths, then please Click Here.



  • Blue is best used for connection, clarity of mind, honesty, speaking our truth, connection to higher self and intuitive or psychic work of any kind
  • Black is best used for energy work, grounding, expanding and connecting
  • Green is best used for connection to Mother Earth, nature elementals, magic and earth based energy
  • Orange is best used for trust issues, confidence, self esteem, creativity, manifestation and connection to the Higher Self
  • Pink is rarely found and is primarily used to connect us to the Divine Love in the Universe

There are many ways to use Kyanite. It is one of those crystals that is best used over a period of time, so I tend to wear mine as jewellery and find my intuition works so much better when I’ve got a piece of Blue Kyanite on me somewhere! The other colours are rarely found in jewellery, so I find smaller, solid, thick pieces and carry them in my pocket.

Its also very interesting to work with all the colours in a crystal healing layout. Black at the feet or base of Spine, Orange at the solar plexus, green on the heart and blue on the crown. Lay back on a bed and lie the pieces vertically up and down the body at the correct chakra point. When the four colours are then activated and connected to work together, WOW ~ the energy system expands outward in all directions and it feels like a sonic BOOM! I wouldn’t recommend trying this if you aren’t used to working with energy or crystals. Or you could ask an experienced practitioner to do this crystal layout for you. Talk about clearing old energy blocks and cobwebs away. A complete, full energetic body spring clean!

Kyanite is special to me as it is one of the first ‘unusual’ crystals I was drawn to that kick started by connection to the Angelic Realms. I’d had a gorgeous, thick blade of Blue Kyanite for some time and carried it everywhere. By chance, I met a wonderful lady who created silverwire jewellery. She needed work and I wanted silver jewellery to sell that was unusual. So I gave her the Kyanite blade and waited for her to create something. Her work was usually in spirals and very earthy.

So I was very surprised when she turned up with a pendant that looked like a sword! And she was GUSHING with energy, excitement and enthusiasm. She would sit in a meditative space when creating pieces. As she picked up the Blue Kyanite blade, a massive, gorgeous man appeared in her living room draped in a cloak and carrying a huge sword. He looked at her, smiled, then reached down and simply tapped the scabbard of his sword. What was created is below, the exact pattern in which the sword was held. Simple and powerful! 

I had to laugh as the other name for Blue Kyanite is Saint Micheal’s Sword and the man I believe was in the living room was indeed Arch Angel Micheal. This, of course, freaked the lady out completely and she babbled for quite some time, which was a joy to share 🙂 To this day, I still wear this pendant on a regular basis. It connects me to all that is ~ I intuit better, think better, hear better and communicate better. I can feel the strength, power and support of the angels when I wear it and it certainly keeps me straight, honest and compassionate. I wouldn’t be without this amazing piece.


So if you haven’t got a piece of Kyanite ~ what are you waiting for? Blue Kyanite is readily available and inexpensive. The Green, Black, Orange, Ocean (Teal) and Pink are much harder to source and the price goes up in that order. In fact, Pink Kyanite has only ever been identified once and this piece is housed in a museum in Bristol. However, it is an amazing crystal to work with. I believe it opens doors and builds bridges ~ whether that be to the stars, angelic realms, Spirit, our higher self, our shadow self, mother earth or the Universe.

With much love and sparkly cuddles

Krissy XXX

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