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Crystals ~ The Moon & The Planets

People have often asked me why they are drawn to certain crystals at one time and not another.

There are several factors to consider. Firstly, we are always drawn to what we need at the time. Whether that is because we have an energetic imbalance in our mind or body somewhere and the crystal vibrates at a frequency that can balance that out and bring us back to health ~ or sometimes we are drawn to them to use as tools in the future.

I’ve often been drawn to a crystal, had no idea why as nothing in the books or my intuition really clued me in at the time. I’ve just known I HAD to have that particular piece. Then months or sometimes even years down the line, have reached for it for healing or spiritual work and it has become part of my crystal tool kit.

However, we are also drawn to crystals when planetary movements occur in our Solar System. The Earth is caught in the Sun’s magnetic field, rotating us around the Sun ~ as are all the planets in our solar system. Each planet also pulls on the others, so when one of the big planets moves, changes direction or affects the magnetic field of the earth, it also affects the magnetic field of human beings.

Astrologers have been studying the effects of the planets for 1000s of years. For example, we know the planet Mercury tends to be responsible for communication and travel, so when it has its bi-annual ‘retrograde’ phase, where it is said to be moving backwards (it isn’t, but this is the easiest way to describe it), if it is affecting our personal astrology chart, everything to do with communication, business contracts and travel can go a little haywire. Messages can get misinterpreted or lost, we may find it hard to think and communicate, or the reverse happens and we lose our ability to be diplomatic and blurt things out! Something may go wrong with the car, travel plans may not pan out as we hoped……the list is endless!

Venus is the planet associated with emotions, love and romance. When Venus starts to move around and speed forward or backward, again, if this is affecting our personal astrology chart, then we find our emotions are easily stimulated. We may find ourselves becoming more sensitive, passionate or tearful.

So at certain times of the year, depending on what is happening with the planets, we may find ourselves drawn to particular groups of crystals ~ if it is a group of similar colours, then not only may it relate to a particular chakra or issue within us, but it may be directly connected to a Planet. When Mercury is retrograde, we will reach for mainly ‘blue’ stones as these are related to the throat chakra and the mind. Lapis Lazuli, Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Blue Obsidian, Blue Lace Agate ~ all of these are good choices to enable us to think and communicate clearly.


It was noticing these trends at exhibitions that has led me on a life long path of studying astrology as a hobby. Certain crystals wouldn’t sell for months, then they would all sell out in one weekend…..I knew there had to be something bigger at work and upon investigation, discovered that what was happening in the sky above us has a direct effect on both human beings and the crystals we are drawn to.

Crystals are amazing tools, but they are ENERGY tools and are therefore effected by many different energies. This can be the planets moving around in our Solar System. It can also be solar flares on the sun, which set off Coronal Mass Ejections that bathe our Earth in waves of geomagnetic energy and stimulate everything ~ the Northern Lights are clear evidence of this energy. Even earthquakes and dramatic weather phenomenon can effect the energy of crystals, as can the cycles of the Moon.

The Moon has a role in how we are affected as human beings.  The Moon’s power is over water alone, hence it controls the movement of the Earth’s seas and tides. However, human beings are 70% water, so when the moon is at its fullest, it can collectively heighten the emotional state of mankind and therefore, crystals will respond to that. Every month, the moon is full in a different Zodiac sign ~ which sign depends on how the moon will affect us each month. Some full moons are fabulous, others bring up the deeper, darker, shadow side of ourselves and emotions.

For those who like to moon bathe their crystals, I’d consider carefully what each moon means and decide whether it is the right one for your crystals. A good way to tell is in the few days leading up to the full moon, tune in to yourself. How are you feeling emotionally? Are you feeling sensitive and tearful? Hyperactive and a bit scatty? Deeply reflective and withdrawn? Positive and energetic? Our crystals are an extension of our own personal energy system, so if we’re feeling anything other than positive and vibrant, I’d hold off on moon bathing for that month ~ our crystals don’t need to be programmed to absorb the collective emotional energy of mankind if the emotions being released that month are negative, such as fear or guilt. Keep an eye on my blogs this month as I’ll be issuing a list of what each full moon means and what are the good ones for moon bathing crystals. 

One thing I must categorically state is that the Moon does not charge crystals. It may change their energy for a time as they absorb the collective changes in emotional energy on the planet, but that is not the same as charging them up.

To cleanse & charge a crystal, wash it in water if you feel you want to, smudge it if you like and then pop it in sunlight for a short period of time. Crystals are a learning curve for all of us, some can’t be left in sunlight for very long or they will fade or crack, but most of them are fine. Please ask me if you’re not sure.

It is heat and light that causes the atoms in a crystal to agitate, so they rub together, causing friction, which creates a vibration. Moonlight is not able to do this. So by all means bathe your crystals under the Moon, it is both symbolic and they absorb emotional energy ~ this is not the same as charging them however. If we cleanse and charge a crystal, it is clear to be programmed. If we Moon bathe, our crystal may have absorbed some emotional energy~ so it will feel different, but that is not the same as being cleansed & charged. Sound is also a vibration so is excellent for clearing a crystal of negative energy (singing bowls, gongs, chimes etc), but again, sound will affect the energy of a crystal, but doesn’t charge it up in the traditional sense. Think of a crystal as a battery ~ it will run out of energy eventually and the only thing that will charge it up to full power again is heat & light.

So there is a lot more to being drawn to a crystal than many people think and there can be many reasons for being drawn to a crystal. If you find yourself HAVING to have a certain piece of something, but what is listed in the books doesn’t quite resonate…… take a look at what is happening in the sky, because more often than not, it is what is happening on a global scale throughout the Solar System that is impacting us as human beings.

There is a lot more to being an energy worker than crystals alone. Crystals are an amazing tool, but to work with energy in the true, holistic sense, we must look at ALL forms of energy and everything that has an impact on our energy system ~ from the close detail of what is going on in our inner world, to what is occurring within our home and lives of those close to us, to the grand scale of what is happening in the entire solar system.

Food for thought? 😉

Much love, Krissy XXX

                                  “We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically ~  Neil deGrasse Tyson

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2 thoughts on “Crystals ~ The Moon & The Planets”

  1. annmarie webster

    The first time I made a connection with crystals and the moon, was a rainbow moonstone pendant and ring I had. They both changed colour around the full moon. They became more iridescent and the rainbows were more vibrant at the full moon, but at first I just thought it was me! That led me to look at my other crystals too & they also changed in one way or another, if not in colour, it would be a different feeling or energy emanating from the crystal.
    Once again Krissy, another one of your blogs that resonates with me xx

    1. Fabulous hunny, thank you for sharing. Moonstone is THE crystal for working with lunar energy so am not surprised it jazzed itself up for the occasion 😉 I posted this blog today as lots of people mistakenly think the moon charges their crystals ~ it doesn’t, it simply changes the energy of them for awhile 🙂 xxx

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