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Winter Solstice Energies ~ 21 December 2020

The Winter Solstice this year is the most wonderful & connective we will experience in our lifetime. This is down to something called the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction. It’s a biggie in the astrological world, given it is exactly 0 degrees of Aquarius and sandwiched in between some of the most powerful celestial energies we’ve experienced in centuries.

These energies are that of huge, global transformation. The ending of several astrological cycles and the beginning of new ones. Hallelujah! These cycles, individually, have impacted & changed our World in various ways. The difference in 2020 is that many of these individual cycles are combining to impact us all at once. We will never return to ‘normal’ as we knew it, nor should we.

If we look back at the World before Covid, nearly every system is corrupt or failing. So very few people on the planet are consistently happy and healthy. Our air, soil, water, food, seas ~ all toxic. Millions dying or being torn apart by war, famine, natural disasters, physical disease or mental health issues to name, but a few. Technology being used to harm or control instead of supporting humanity in more beneficial ways. The polarity of dark & light is necessary in the World, but the extremes humanity has reached under the governance of the last 200 years is now coming to an end.

There is only forwards, we cannot go backwards in our evolution. Individually, collectively and globally, the time for transformation & transmutation is here. IMHO, it’s a case of embrace it or get dragged along by it. Either way, we’ll end up at the same destination our Soul committed to reach on choosing to incarnate at this time 😉 Something to be mindful of when we feel others are making the wrong choices. When that happens, which it will when it involves people we love very much, bring your focus back to you and only you. That is where your power lies, leading by example, doing what feels right for you and honouring the choice of other Souls.

On 21st December 2020, there will be a global ceremony & meditation led from Uluru, Ayre’s Rock, in Australia. There are many global and group events happening on this day, but this is the one that jumped out for me.

I’ve always had a strong connection to indigenous, Aboriginal energy & the beautiful connection the Elders have with Mother Earth. The Aboriginal Elders held a global meditation on 12 January 2020 to open and connect us to the Divine Mother ‘Portal of Creation’ ~ a direct move, foretold in prophecies, to ensure humanity’s energetic connection to Source before the World was thrown into chaos. This was in conjunction with ceremonies carried out to support Mother Earth in cleansing & replenishing from the devastation of the raging Australian bushfires (how long ago does that seem now!).

So when I learned these same Elders would be holding another ceremony & global meditation on the Winter Solstice this year, it resonated strongly that these two events link together. At the beginning of the year, that first ceremony deeply connected humanity to Source, Mother Earth & Ourselves (many of our lessons this year have been all about that at their core). This next ceremony is about using that connection to raise our own vibrations and those of the entire planet ~ so we ride these new celestial energies into a new paradigm and World.

This WILL take time to manifest. It’s not going to happen with a flick of a switch, so don’t be disappointed if the World doesn’t change dramatically on the day. There will be rocky times to come before we clear through the debris and fully into the new energy. However, if enough people join in on this specific day, honouring the 1st Universal Law ~ that we are all One ~ it is my personal ‘knowing’ that we will collectively influence how our future World manifests. Many don’t realise the power on Earth is with the People and their connection to Source, not those who rule & govern them from a heartless place. It always has been.

The Elders will be holding a Life Transformational Ceremony at Uluru at 9:04pm on 21st Dec (other timings below). We are being called upon to assist in this ceremony by sitting in meditation. It is important to be facing towards Uluru (which is towards the South East from UK) and holding the intention of LOVE and COMPASSION for all beings. Hold the image of Uluru within your heart centre, feel the love and compassion and visualise the birth of a new dawn. People all over the World will be joining in with this meditation & energy throughout the day.

Although it would be interesting to see what you feel joining at the start of the meditation, be assured that this ceremony & the celestial energies will go on all day, so you can join any time from any time zone on the 21st and you’ll connect into the collective. Even if it’s only for a few minutes here or there throughout the day, taking the time to stop, focus, connect and send love will make a difference. The more who lend their energy, the more powerful our collective ability to raise the vibration becomes. If you’d like to read further, the following link is very 5D focused, but I fully resonate with the impact this year has had on the Schumann Resonance and the messages of the Elders. Please click Here.

The Exact Timings ~ 21st December 2020

The Solstice is Exact at:

2.01am PST

10.01am GMT

The Life Transformational Ceremony at Uluru begins:

3.34am PST

11.34am GMT

Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction is Exact at:

10.20am PST

18.30pm GMT

So it really doesn’t matter what time we join in on the day, as long as we do. Please share this information with as many people as you can. The more who know, the more energy we can raise. Am not asking for this blog to be shared to my personal ends. There is an event set up on Facebook if you’d like to find it and share that, or the link above contains everything someone needs to know. The importance is to share that this event is happening, even if you only know one person who’d be up for it!

Humanity is being shifted into a new energy. One that demands us that we take full responsibility for our own self and lives and to remain Sovereign or autonomous whilst doing so. To ensure we collaborate with or support others or our community, without losing that sense of responsibility or autonomy.

We have to learn how to stop giving our power away to authorities and governing entities, to partners, bosses or friends as it does not serve us. This has led to a lack of freedom that the coming new astrological cycles are designed to release us from! Each of us is being asked to stand beside one another for no one is above or below us on any level. It’s about each individual being respected and celebrated for their unique contribution to the whole, without being made to feel less or more than they actually are. When we understand the energy from this perspective, we can see why the shift into this new way of being might take a little time.

A good action step would be to set an alarm for the morning of the 21st with a reminder to be in your heart and to show compassion for yourself first and then to others throughout the day. Turn the TV off and stay off social media if you can ~ it’s only for one day! Be present and connect firstly to yourself & Source, then with loved ones, to nature or to the collective.

Gandhi famously said ‘Be the change you want to see in the World’. For this special Winter Solstice, I’d go one step deeper and say ‘Be’ = Embody AND Envisage the change you want to see in the World ~ then go forth and shine that fabulous energy everywhere you go!

With much love and tons of sparkly blessings

Krissy XXX

8 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Energies ~ 21 December 2020”

  1. Thankyou Kirsty, you’ve put it very well so that I can share it with friends who might be new to this concept. Very best wishes, Janet

  2. Lucinda Harman

    How do we join you for this Uluru solstice experience? Would love to be part of it.

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Lucinda, details are in the blog. Just turn towards Uluru at 11.34pm GMT and send all intentions to Mother Earth, the land, our ancestors, our present, our future etc. Dream big, pour healing, manifestation and high energies towards Uluru. I can feel the energies already! Exciting 🙂 xxx

  3. Well done!!
    Please everybody who reads this do “something” however small .. at whatever time .. it’s the INTENT that brings the magic!!! Let’s do it!!!

  4. I’ll be there in spirit. It’s amazing that I would stumble on to your
    site just as I was looking for information about Uluru & the Solstice.
    I had the same experience with Moldivite! I can’t get near it. We have a big crystal store
    down in Austin.
    Thanks for the info

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Got to love the synchronicity Kurt ~ Hope you had an amazing Solstice 🙂 Krissy

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