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Tiffany Stone ~ Transformation of Heart & Soul

Tiffany Stone is a rare and unusual form of Fluorite. It is found in Spor Mountain Utah, USA and to date, this is still the only known source worldwide.

Tiffany Stone is a unique combination of Fluorite, Opal, Bertrandite, Dolomite, Calcite, Chalcedony, Quartz and other rare Earth Elements, such as Beryllium. Huge amounts of Tiffany Stone are crushed up in so the Beryllium can be extracted. Tiffany stone is often called Bertrandite or Opalised Fluorite, but the trade name, Tiffany Stone, is better suited due to the blend of minerals within it. This blend can be in different measurements and contain all of the above mentioned minerals or only a few.

This unique combination creates an absolutely wonderful mineral blend with energy that seeps deep into our system, connecting us to our higher selves and grounding us in whatever way we need at the time ~ this happens slowly. It is a subtle energy that builds over time. Some people feel it ignite the chakra system immediately, for others the energy sort’ve sneaks up on us. Tiffany Stone is one to work with consistently over a period of time to gain the best results, which is great as this mineral is also very comforting.

What is really interesting about Tiffany Stone is that it’s energy feels different and has a different affect on our system depending on whether we are working with the raw or polished mineral.

The polished mineral resonates more with those who are more comfortable in their masculine energy. Particularly those of us who like to feel in control. This does not mean that it is better for men as masculine and feminine energy are not the same as we define gender. If you’d like to read more about the difference between the two energies, please Click Here.

Tiffany Stone attempts to raise or lower any discordant energy in our system so that we form a balanced, healthy blend of being able to stand strong in both our masculine and feminine energies simultaneously.

Many women stand more in their masculine energy of action, strength, control, practicality and rational thought rather than the feminine energy of compassion, intuition, creativity and gentleness. I am more in my masculine energy in my day to day life for example, but step fully into feminine energy when I work in intuitively. I have not yet mastered how to stand strong in both of those energies yet (ongoing work in progress) ~ I flip from one to the other, but that isn’t balance. My masculine energy is weak in my working life and the feminine is weak in my relationships. I find it easier to give than receive and it’s my lower chakras that hold the most issues.

If you feel that you are more comfortable in your masculine energy on a day to day basis, then you’re likely to resonate more with the polished form of Tiffany Stone. It clears the lower chakras and ignites the upper ones, so we can connect to our Higher Selves via our heart and higher chakras. It will soothe, boost and support us emotionally, easing anger, fear, expectation, aggression and the drive to motivate or control. It connects us to and draws in that beautiful, loving, intuitive, feminine energy that we’re missing, bringing us back into balance. This clearing effect helps us to connect to the higher chakras of intuition and universal connection.

If you prefer receiving and are mainly in your feminine energy from day to day, if you feel shy or find it difficult to speak up, then the rough form of Tiffany Stone may resonate better. It eases up any external energy filtering in from the outside world and comforts us. It seems to provide strength and gentle encouragement, which is why I like it so much. If we struggle with dominant, controlling, masculine energy, then we need gentle ways of connecting to that energy inside ourselves and to learn how to motivate ourselves from within. The rough form of Tiffany Stone seems to provide us with courage. I’ve actually found myself reaching for the rough on one day and polished the next and if I tune in, can see how these different energies compliment where I am on any given day.

It’s extremely unusual that two different forms of the same mineral have such different effects on our energy system. After much investigation and deliberation with well experienced energy workers & crystal lovers worldwide, we’ve discovered that the rough form of Tiffany Stone has already had most of the Beryllium extracted, whereas the polished has not. This is the only difference between the two forms, although the blend of each piece can be so different, the frequency/vibration range of Tiffany Stone is quite vast.

All this being said, you will be drawn to the piece that will support you the most. Which one you’re drawn to may  also indicate what energy you need support with at that time. Do you need to become more assertive & motivated whilst still remaining grounded or do you need to get more in touch with your emotions so you can connect to your intuition? Do you need to be lifted up or grounded down? Tiffany Stone will morph and do both, it’s absolutely fascinating.

Tiffany Stone also works to connect our heart with our third eye/crown chakra. Firstly, it gets us in touch with our deepest emotions and slowly starts bringing those slowly to the surface to be examined and healed if at all possible. It may also bring up memories or issues relating to your childhood or past that need to be released as they are no longer serving you. The primary energy of this beautiful mineral is to clear whatever needs to be cleared so we can feel our emotions and connect to our intuition. It will bring up whatever needs to be cleared in order that our heart and spirit can work in harmony.

I really appreciate the wonderful & magical energy of Tiffany Stone as it works slowly, gently and consistently so we don’t feel overwhelm or that things are getting out of control. Control is a big issue for us all at the moment, so it’s important to notice when you are trying to control a situation or outcome and reach for Tiffany Stone to show you how to let go and release those expectations or attachments.

Tiffany Stone is a fantastic meditation tool ~ it is comforting and imbues our energy system with a feeling of safety and support. I find it quite dreamy and heart opening, but again, in a way that feels natural and gentle rather than forced. If you want a huge jolt/shift, use Moldavite. If you want to work gently through times of transformation whilst soothing the energy of fear so you can come from a calm state of being rather than one of chaos, reach for Tiffany Stone. It will connect you to the highest energies and slowly raise you up or calm you down, whatever is needed at the time. It is also excellent at enhancing our intuitive skills or gifts and showing us clearly what thought patterns or emotions are blocking us and getting in the way of our own spiritual development. This is a personal stone that is all about you rather than others.

If you’d like to work with Tiffany Stone, you can connect to it by sitting quietly with it as you would if you were going to meditate. Breath two quick, but deep breaths into your stomach through the nose and exhale one breath out, quickly and noisily. Do this several times, deep into your belly and out noisily through the mouth. Then set your intention to connect to your crystal. Relax into regular, deep breathing and set a comfortable rhythm with your breath.

If you’re lying down, place your crystal on one of the lower chakras, whichever one you have the most issues with. If sitting, hold it loosely in your hands in your lap in the centre of your palms. You may feel a tingle or warmth or nothing at all. Next, connect to Universal energy. Imagine a beam of purple, sparkling, silvery light coming down from the sky above. Draw that energy in and down through your entire system, through every limb and fibre of your being, right to the tips of your fingers and toes before grounding yourself deep, deep down into Mother Earth.

Once you feel firmly grounded, draw that energy back upwards again, connect to your crystal and spend several moments breathing deeply and feeling it’s energy. Visualise energy starting to spin around the crystal, soaking up it’s power and then spinning that beautiful, crystalline energy around that chakra point in whatever way works for you. As it spins faster and brighter, see it clearing out any old energetic gunge or gunk that no longer serves you. Once that chakra points feels clear or energised, imagine pulling that energy upwards within you and let it rest for a few deep breaths in your heart chakra.

Feel that energy expand and clear your heart and connect it to the emotion of Love. Feel that love flood into your heart chakra. Make sure you connect fully to the emotion and how it actually feels in your body rather than just imagining ‘love’ in your head ~ we need to FEEL it. If I get stuck at this point, I simply think of my son and my heart floods instantly with unconditional love. We all have something that makes us feel love in our hearts, it doesn’t matter how you get that feeling of love to fill your heart, it’s only important that it does.

Because you are clearing old energies at the same time, feel into any emotions that may come up as deeply as you can, but don’t attach to them or get lost in memories ~ stay focused on your deep, slow, rhythmic breathing staying connected to your body and emotions. This exercise is about the emotional energy (heart) and how it feels to you now, not what caused it (head). In simplistic terms, when we are in our feminine energy, we feel. When we are in our masculine, we think.

Tiffany Stone wants our heart and mind working together, in balance, so we may fulfil our spiritual potential. 

There are no time limits to this exercise, relax, take your time, work in rhythm with your breathing and if you find yourself going too much into your head, simply return your consciousness to your breath and continue for as long as it feels comfortable/beneficial before moving on to the next step. When your heart chakra feels clearer and full of love, direct that energy upwards through each chakra until it streams out of the top of your head and up into the Universe, igniting your upper chakra system with love. Spend however long you like drawing that energy up from the ground and out through your head into the Universe, then back down again ~ I almost imagine this as an inner, energetic, scrubbing brush 😉 Once you’ve finished working with the energy, ensure you take it back down, deep down into Mother Earth. Know that you are clear, imbued with love, grounded, held and safe. 

If you have worked with this beautiful stone or have any feedback on working with the rough or polished form, please do drop me a line via the Contact Form with your experience or comment below as I’d love to know how other people have experienced it. Thank you 🙂

Thank you for stopping by to read this blog and have a wonderful day.

With brightest of blessings

Krissy xxx


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4 thoughts on “Tiffany Stone ~ Transformation of Heart & Soul”

  1. Hi Kristy, I really love reading your articles! You provide such clear, practical, heartfelt information. Well-balanced; spiritual and scientific. With deep gratitude, Kathy S.

  2. Julia Lodder

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful piece of writing which was obviously straight from the heart and so helpful!
    I have just bought a bracelet made up of Tiffany stone and Charoite as I felt so drawn to it. Having read your wonderful information i know it’s going to be the perfect stone to wear often if not all the time!
    It was very interesting what you said about the polished stone and the rougher stone and I chose the polished one (before I read your article) which is exactly what I need now that I have read what you say about the masculine and feminine energy. My dominant energy is definitely masculine and i am working on being less outspoken and assertive in my manner. I don’t think I am aggressive, however sometimes i need to say things a bit more softly I think and hopefully working with this stone will help.
    Thank you again for taking the time to write such an informative article.
    Julia Lodder

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Julie, what a lovely comment to read, thanks so much for sharing! Love how we are drawn to exactly what we need ~ that bracelet combination sounds amazing! With bright blessings, Krissy

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