Lapis Lace Onyx/Scheelite ~ A Stone of Connection

Lapis Lace Onyx/Scheelite ~ A Stone of Connection

This fascinating mineral blend of ‘Scheelite‘ or ‘Lapis Lace Onyx‘ as it is being sold on the market is very interesting indeed. I’ve had some beautiful pieces put aside for months as we’ve been waiting for test results to confirm exactly what it is.

Interestingly, this gorgeous mineral doesn’t contain any Lapis Lazuli, nor is it a form of Onyx. Oops!

The mine was so desperate to get it out there and start making a profit…….. they didn’t stop to test what the mineral is actually made of. They knew it contained Scheelite and so tried to sell it as Scheelite. However, that caused an uproar in the mineral community as it is not right to sell a mineral as being purely that mineral when it is clearly a blend! Scheelite is quite rare & fairly pricy, so it’s obvious the mine was trying to make a quick financial gain. This really isn’t helpful to collectors nor those who use minerals metaphysically/energetically!

So they then changed the name to Lapis Lace Onyx. Again, for no reason other than some Onyx had been found in nearby mines and the colour blue was similar to that of Lapis Lazuli *facepalm*.

As it happens, this gorgeous, stripy, supportive mineral is a blend of Scheelite, Dolomite and Calcite. The pale mineral is the base rock blend which consists mainly of Calcite and is very soothing with an Alkaline base energy. The darker areas of cream, gold or yellow are Scheelite and the strips of blue are Blue Dolomite. It’s a clever blend that balances masculine and feminine energy perfectly! For any science buffs out there, Dolomite and Calcite are quite similar in composition, but respond differently in an acid test. This mineral tested positive for both.

Scheelite and Dolomite are two very interesting crystals individually! Given how rare pure Scheelite is, I’d rather be able to work with it as a blended mineral than not at all. It’s energy is really fascinating and the only pieces that seem to come to market are from China. Am very wary of purchasing stones from Asia these days as they are rapidly producing fake minerals that are hard to tell from the real thing ~ until they arrive ~ and we feel them. I have no problem with man made or laboratory grown stones that are individual in their own right ~ such as Siberian Quartz or Opalite, but the energy of a copied mineral grown in a laboratory is never the same as the natural stone grown by Mother Earth. Only buy pure Scheelite from trusted sellers.

Not only is Scheelite rare, but most people have never heard of it ~ which means it’s only now ready to come to the fore and work with us. Scheelite is an ore of Tungsten, which is a rare Earth Metal. It was discovered in Sweden in the 1700s and is used in a huge range of different industries today. Scheelite is usually found blended with other elements, metals and earth so, natural, fully formed crystals are incredibly rare and prized by collectors Worldwide.

On an energetic level, it’s a strange one as it’s so heavy, one can’t help but feeling a grounding element from this crystal. However, once our energy system and all our cells are imbued with the energy of Scheelite, it is said to repel bacteria, toxins and harmful microbes, so our body doesn’t absorb them, but eliminates them instead. So there is both an energetic and physical detox energy to this mineral. It is also stabilising, supportive with a bit of oomph ( ie. it’s not fluffy & nags you to take action) and protective ~ grounding and supporting in a way that encourages us to open up, to truly connect and to feel safe in doing so.

It also aids us in speaking our truth from a place of vulnerability, our Soul or our Heart ~ rather than from our Head/Ego. It provides a strength and determination in the Solar Plexus and Tantien chakras ~ where our source of power lives energetically in our body. If you struggle with processing things on a mental level, with honest, healthy, open communication or to assert yourself and share your feelings, this oddly named Lapis Lace Onyx blend will work beautifully for you!

Dolomite is also really cool to work with.  Interestingly, on an physical level, it is said to help with the absorption of minerals, so combined with Scheelite, it carries the energy of cleansing, protection and rejuvenation. It is also said to aid us in the healing of bones, teeth and anything related to calcium within our body. The colour blue brings this energy to our throat chakra and mind, cleansing our thoughts, bringing clarity and the ability to speak our truth. It is highly unusual for Dolomite to be blue as it’s mostly cream/grey or occasionally, a pinkish colour. There is probably some form of trace chemical present that’s altered the colour, but it has clearly tested as Dolomite. Our planet has created some amazing mineral blends that have come to the fore recently. Divine timing in my book!

Dolomite is a stabilising, balancing mineral that works hard to support us when we need to communicate our feelings to others. Particularly around the more difficult emotions such as grief, sadness, loneliness, anxiety or fear. This ability to talk about ourselves and our feelings on a deeper level, releases a lot of suppressed or stored up emotional baggage/energy from our system. This results in us feeling lighter, happier, less stressed and more supported in life.

Together in combination, given the ‘release’ or ‘clearing’ aspects the energy of these two crystals create, it is easy to see how these minerals have formed a magical bond that supports us with connection in all aspects.

Connecting to ourselves, our spiritual support such as angels, dragons, spirit guides, elements or whatever energy you work with and to other people ~ on a much deeper level. From a place of clarity, calm, confidence and truth. Interestingly, if we struggle with Solar Plexus Chakra issues, we nearly always have Throat Chakra issues too. This fabulous blend carries the energy to work on both simultaneously. 

Lapis Lace Onyx is a mineral to work with consistently over a few weeks or more, in order to benefit fully from the detox and stabilising effects. For those who are lunar inclined, using it from the release of the Full Moon for an entire lunar cycle feels very beneficial. It can be carried on your person, worn as jewellery, used in meditation or slipped under a mattress or pillow to work on you whilst you sleep. As long as it’s a daily connection for a consistent amount of time, you will gain the most from this lovely new mineral.

Much love and brightest of blessings

Krissy 🙂

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