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Stimulating Eclipse Energies ~ Why Do They Affect Me?

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Today I’d like to blog about Eclipse energy. For some, this energy is stimulating & transformational. For others, it simply makes them feel tired!

I‘m not here to knock anyone else who is blogging about the science of eclipses, when they’re happening or what crystals to use with those energies. However, my resounding question is always WHY?  Why is so much fuss made of Eclipse energy? Why should I use a certain crystal during these energies? What will it do for me? 

Eclipses are TRANSFORMATIONAL ~ its as simple as that. They happen for a reason. Do you ever think ‘been there, done that before?’ ~ well, thats because we get several chances with eclipse energy each year. Depending on where the eclipse occurs in our own personal astrology charts could mean that we’re being brought back to the same issue from a different angle to make sure we’ve learned what needs to be learned before moving on.

We always get the chance to reflect on our choices in life. Take that time, really look at what has been changed and how its working for you. If you think an issue has been dealt with, but it keeps popping up again, try this little exercise. Find a quiet space, sit down and think about the issue. Can you feel anything in your body at all? Does it make your mind race, does it stimulate any of the emotions that it used to? Do you feel it in your heart, your head, your stomach? Only when you can say ‘I feel nothing anywhere in my body and truly only want to send love to that issue for the lessons I’ve learned and move on’ can you actually say ‘been there, done that, moved on’.

Eclipse energy can be very stimulating, so if you’re struggling with the energies on a mental level and can’t seem to process everything you’re thinking ~ I recommend Lapis Lazuli or Blue Obsidian. Lapis is strong, masculine and can really clear the head and ease insomnia from an over active mind. Many clients have said they are currently experiencing insomnia. Blue Obsidian is more gentle, feminine and softer to work with, but keeps us open to our inner voice and protected at the same time.

If your emotions are over flowing or out of control, there are so many crystals you can use. Rose Quartz is a well known, effective crystal to calm the emotions & is resonating really well at the moment. Its not one I tend to reach for as am so used to it being around. Lately however, pieces have been zinging and pinging, so don’t disregard it because its so readily available and known. I tend to reach for Scolecite as I like the ‘comfort’ feeling it gives me, whilst soothing, yet keeping me open and receptive. If you’re finding negative emotions & anger need to be released, then reach for Howlite. This crystal has the added benefit of calming and easing insomnia alongside soothing tempers! Great to use during eclipse energy if anything negative pops us.

Use crystals to soothe and cope, not to suppress or smother! If you need to cry, let it out, have a good bawl. If you’re angry, go ahead and shout, punch a pillow, do something to RELEASE that emotion and then move on.

I’d also recommend Labradorite. It is a stone of spiritual development, connected to the Arch Angel Metatron, who to me, is the Angel of Transformation. It keeps things light, keeps us smiling and having fun whilst often dealing with some fairly deep spiritual revelations. It is also said to lower blood pressure and ease stress, so is the perfect crystal to use during times of change, without suppressing anything or sending us too giddy. Labradorite supports our spiritual growth and the practical, human, physical elements of change.

Any of the above crystals can be used in combination. People often ask if one crystal can be used with another ~ I always say ‘try it’ ~ you’ll immediately feel whether a combination works for you or not. If you don’t feel anything uncomfortable from mixing the crystals together, then they’re fine.

The energy of eclipse challenges us ~ it asks us ‘Are you ready… you really want what you’ve been asking for?’ ~ it calls our bluff. So do be careful what you wish for and the thoughts you send out into the Universe, because the Universe responds by giving us a regular event during which an influx of energy occurs that we can use to help get us where we need to go.  These events are called Eclipses ~ and I LOVE EM 😉

Much love, Krissy xxxx

2 thoughts on “Stimulating Eclipse Energies ~ Why Do They Affect Me?”

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  2. Cherry Blackmore

    I remember the 1999 Total Eclipse. I lived right under the track of totality.

    Unfortunately the weather that day was overcast, with a double layer of Cumulus clouds. Eclipses can punch through one cloud layer, but not two. But still, the energy was incredibly powerful, and I couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks! Despite the cloud cover, I still got to see the sky at the horizon change through the full spectrum both approaching and after totality, and it felt to me like the air before and after a big thunderstorm, which I absolutely adore! It was an exceptional and very positive experience; just for a few minutes, the essential energies of the Universe merged together and came into balance, and the results had to be felt to be believed. It rained heavily at totality (naturally), but the rain felt so cleansing, I just stood there and got soaked in it, which isn’t what I normally do at all. It also felt like the rain was carrying the Eclipse energies down to me and letting them soak into my very skin, in much the same way as thunderstorm rain carries nitrates down to the soil after a lightning discharge. WOW.

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