Tiring Eclipse Energies – Why Do They Affect Me?

Tiring Eclipse Energies – Why Do They Affect Me?

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In my recent blog ‘stimulating eclipse energy’, I explained why & how the energy of an Eclipse can stimulate us and suggested some easily obtainable crystals to use!

However, we’re not all stimulated by this energy. In fact, eclipse energy can really wipe some of us out ~ we’ll feel heavy, lethargic or tired. Those who feel tired are usually being introduced to a particular issue via eclipse energy. That sounds a bit strange I know, but hear me out………

The easiest way I can explain it is this……….. Sometimes we become aware from the inside that an issue needs to be addressed. This could be through memories, emotions or behavioural & thought patterns we aren’t happy with. Information could come to us from listening to our inner voice or through meditation. Somehow, the sign or realisation that something isn’t right comes from inside ourselves.

At other times, our energy system will be triggered or stimulated by something external to us, such as an eclipse, a crystal, a chance meeting with a stranger or conversation with a family member. We won’t be aware of this issue or situation, certainly not on a conscious level. After this external trigger however, we’ll start to think about it.

When we’re externally triggered by an eclipse, it is in the form of an energy that slowly moves through our external energy fields and sinks into our body. At this point, we become aware that we have an issue and it then follows the internal process above. We’ll start to explore the issue emotionally and wrap our minds around it. Only when we have full understanding, are we ready to shift and transform that issue. This is how a lot of us become aware of family patterns & things that have been passed down to us from our ancestors…..or from past lives.

However, when that trigger is first set off in our external energy system, it can absolutely wipe us out. Its a lot of energy for our system to process without any conscious awareness and can be extremely tiring. We may simply want the comfort of a blanket, the sofa, duvet, warmth, cuddles, indulgent foods ~ whatever makes us feel comforted, safe and restful. 

Nice crystals to use during a tiring eclipse are Garnet or Citrine. Both provide energy and stimulus, but they won’t send the head or third eye/crown chakras crazy. I’d avoid using Moldavite, Azezthulite or any of the ‘woo woo’ crystals with high frequencies unless you feel extremely drawn to do so. The body will feel tired because its already processing a lot of energy out in the auric field. When we’re tired, we tend to reach for sugar or caffeine on a physical level. When we feel energetically tired, we’ll reach for a  high frequency energy fix that does the same thing as sugar or caffeine. We’ll get a temporary energy lift, then probably feel even more tired a short time later. As with all things however, go with your own gut, it will always see you right.

Thats why I say energy affects us all in different ways. We are all on our own individual path at any given time. Some of us buzz from Eclipses, some want to sleep ~ one year we might do one thing and the next, another. For some, who aren’t on an aware spiritual path at all in this lifetime, they would read this website and think I’m absolutely bonkers ~ and thats OK too ~ they might even be right….lol ;-)

Whatever way an Eclipse affects us, change and transformation can leave us feeling vulnerable, it challenges our mental thought processes as so many of us need to change the way we think of a situation, ourselves, or others. Change brings up emotions as we work our way out of old patterns and situations that no longer serve. Change can often effect those we live with or care about, so there is the added pressure of following our own Spirit, whilst trying to juggle the responsibility of & consideration of others.

Always go with the flow of whatever you feel at the time, especially during an Eclipse. One way or another, that Eclipse will be working on you ~ to fight against the energy, to try to ground it, to smother or suppress it will only cause problems. If you’re feeling the energy of the eclipse at all, you’ll know. Your mind could be muddled, your thoughts jumbled, you could feel incredibly tired, your emotions could be haywire, you may want to eat comfort foods. So try to be open and above all, honour your system and provide it with whatever it needs. Eclipse energy starts to build three days beforehand, but dissipates pretty quickly afterwards.

Love and Cosmic Cuddles, Krissy XXX


  1. Anonymous says

    yes, left feeling tired and very emotional.

  2. lizzie says

    Thank you for your posts.
    I must say I have not managed to ride this month very well.
    A complete stop in energy and found myself completely depleted in all aspects.
    I was trying hard to find answers and all emotions accumulated this week falling into negative and pseudo control behaviours.
    I understand your whole blog and I am praying for that change and necessary honouring of our bodies. Hoping that revisiting old behaviours and patterns and a total emotional month will help to shift, release them, and be able to move on.
    Maybe one day with grace and flow!

  3. nicholas robbins says

    Ive only been to work a few days since the eclipse. I find it hard to go to sleep at night and then I don’t want to work. I only want knowledge

    • Hi Nicholas

      Yes, the energy can affect some of us that way.
      Knowledge is excellent, but it’s putting it into practice that makes the difference in our lives 😉
      Hope you get some good sleep soon, bright blessings, Krissy


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