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Soul Catalysts ~ Neither a Soulmate nor Twin Flame

Over the years, I’ve been blessed enough to come into contact with members of my Soul Group, Soul Family, Soul Catalysts, Soulmates and Twin Flame. Think my Soul saved them all up to have one heck of a ride this time round 😉 I firmly believe that we are human beings living out a Soul experience and that we reincarnate as a Soul, time and again.

My Soul has chosen a spiritual purpose & career in this lifetime, so it makes sense I would come into contact with lots of Soul members that can support that purpose and growth.

I’ve also asked a lot of people a lot of questions around the soul based connections they have experienced over time ~ and felt bringing all of that information together in one blog might be helpful.

The energy of a Soul connection can send us into overdrive, over excitement, confusion or even overwhelm. It’s a potent, almost chemical reaction of energy and the mere human side of ourselves can struggle when we come into contact with someone our Soul recognises. Life suddenly feels alive again!

As soon as we connect with someone on a Soul level, we know. For some, they’ll feel a powerful energy on a physical level. They may get goosebumps, the heart speeds up, everything goes a little bit haywire. Our emotions are heightened, spiritual connection and communication seems to flow and immediately, we think ‘Ooooo, WHO is THAT????’. The following is my own experience and perspective, so it’s OK if yours is a little different 🙂 Not all Soul Connections will fit into the below labels either as there are always exceptions to the rule and we are all so uniquely different.

Our Soul Group is the group of Souls we are connected to through Source. This is everyone our Soul ever truly connects to or exchanges energy with. This group is vast and when we return to Source, we return to this Soul Group energy. It is the holding space for our Soul if you like, before it chooses what it wants to experience when it next incarnates. It is here that our Soul forms Contracts with other Souls to help, catalyse, support or challenge us in a lifetime.

Our Soul Family is the group of Souls who are our ‘tribe’ in this lifetime. We connect to our Soul Family through our mental, emotional and spiritual energy. This could be our actual, blood related family, or anyone who becomes like family to us over the years. These relationships are platonic and can be from birth. On the flip side, we often may not meet many of our Soul Family until middle age. They are the Souls that both challenge and support us in life just by being who they are.

A Soulmate is someone who is part of our Soul Group, but may not be part of our Soul Family. It really depends on what role they serve in our lives and whether they remain in it. We have a Soul Contract with them to learn some of our deepest lessons. This can be romantic, but more often isn’t. A Soulmate is someone who is in our lives for a considerable period of time. It could be someone we met in our younger years who appears again later in life, or someone we share our life with for many years.  We learn our lessons with a Soulmate over time. There is a lot of romantic illusion around Soulmates, intimating that they are the love of our life, ‘the one’ etc. and that everything in life and our relationship will be wonderful. However, for anyone whom has married more than once, you will quickly find that we can meet several Soulmates in a lifetime and the key energy is ‘they are instrumental in teaching us our biggest lessons’. Maybe one or two Soulmate connections will live out that romantic ideal, but in reality, 100,000s of them do not as our biggest lessons aren’t learned when life is peachy. A Soulmate doesn’t necessarily floor us with the energy connection either. There is a strong connection, but it doesn’t necessarily send us haywire. Because many are expecting the big bang and romance, they overlook that a Soulmate may come into our lives to cause chaos or could be the faithful partner whom has been by our side for decades. If you’re feeling a huge energy connection off the bat, that person is more likely a Soul Catalyst.

A Twin Flame is our male or female counterpart ~ we literally stand before a mirror of ourselves on so many levels, it’s uncanny. Twin Flames are part of our Soul Family. Even over distance, the connection remains once it’s acknowledged. There is a deep connection and energy between the two people and this can often be misconstrued as ‘relationship’ energy. However, I’ve found over time that Twin Flames are different. We draw our mirror counterpart to us in order to do some form of work together. That may be spiritual, humanitarian or business on some level, but Twin Flames are drawn together with a common goal that serves others more than it does themselves ~ the connection serves a higher purpose.




A Soul Catalyst is a completely different kettle of fish. They are part of our Soul Group, but not our Soul Family. The easiest way to identify a Soul Catalyst connection is that it hits hard and fast, but rarely lasts more than six months. It can occasionally, but that is usually because one of the parties doesn’t want to let go.

When we come into contact with a Soul Catalyst, the energy is off the charts. It has to be in order to shift us out of whatever negative space we are in. The two people literally catalyse each other into some form of action that shifts the status quo. The energy has to be strong in order for that to impact both people equally and get them to take action.

Very quickly, our human self will convert that energy through our chakra system and the primary chakras that are stimulated first are the lower ones. So the energy can stimulate us on a sexual level and we immediately start thinking of this person in relationship terms. The key to getting the best out of a catalytic connection is to step out of the ‘relationship’ aspect of it. We can do this very quickly by imagining how things would work in 3D reality. Nine times out of ten, there are issues with us being with that person in reality. Family, responsibilities, existing partner, distance, work ~ there is usually something that indicates difficulty in cold, hard, everyday life and reality, which is a big clue!

A classic example is a wife who is stuck in a very unhappy marriage, but would never think of having an affair. Suddenly, she meets a Soul Catalyst who has agreed to turn up in her life at the right time to remind her of what she’s missing. The key word here is ‘remind’ ~ they are not there to have a relationship with us. They are there to remind us who we truly are and to catalyse us into taking action to realign us with our authenticity and truth. This works both ways. 

However, that potent energy often leads people down a path of trouble. The wife can’t resist the powerful energy and so embarks on an affair, which turns her marriage and life upside down. Six months down the line, I can guarantee that person will move on, as they are supposed to once the catalytic shift has happened ~ the Soul Contract is complete.

Our Soul doesn’t care what we’re doing in our human life. It has it’s plan and agreed Soul Contracts and will fulfil them come what may. Our poor human self has to work hard on becoming more aware so it can get on board and enjoy the journey!

So, the wife is catalysed out of her marriage with drama, chaos and a lot of hurt feelings when the more empowering route would have been to acknowledge she is worth more or wants more, to speak her truth and end the marriage with integrity. If we can experience a Soul Catalyst with awareness, we can acknowledge what they are truly providing us with, without it causing drama and pain. We can step out of the energy, acknowledge what it means from a higher perspective and take action on it.

When we meet a Soul Catalyst, the question shouldn’t be ‘Oh, is this the one? This energy is incredible, I want to feel like this forever’ ~ the question should be ‘How are they going to shift my life? What does this person bring that is going to make me wake up to who I truly am and how can I do the same in return?’. If we can work with the energy and raise it up, through our system, igniting all of our chakras instead of allowing it to pool in the lower ones, we can embrace the Soul experience (rather than get embroiled in human drama) and both parties get the absolute best out of their Soul Contract.


I am a huge romantic and love the idea of a Soulmate with all the romantic hype, but having experienced two Soulmates and three Soul Catalysts in my life so far, I eventually learned. Two of the catalysts were men ~ yes, I fell for the relationship energy as I was single at the time, but it didn’t turn out wonderfully. The third was a woman, which is when I really came to understand I’d misinterpreted that catalytic energy. As a heterosexual, her being female forced me to step outside of that lower chakra energy. It was then that everything became so much clearer and working with the energy became a joy and so much easier! So my advice if you’re bowled over by someone’s energy is to take a step back. Yes it’s exciting, yes it’s impossible not to think about them the majority of the time, but our human desires and energies get in the way of the true gift & purpose of the connection.

OR go for it anyway, heck, we only live once ~ but do it with awareness. Live in the moment, enjoy it whilst it lasts, learn the lesson, grow in amazing ways and move on.

I hope you’ve found this blog helpful and would love to know of any of your own Soul Connection experiences in the comments below 🙂

Have a wonderful day and thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Bright blessings

Krissy xxx


17 thoughts on “Soul Catalysts ~ Neither a Soulmate nor Twin Flame”

  1. Wonderful explanation of these special people who pass through our lives, their role in our journey, and our appropriate response to them. This is the most honest and realistic description I have read. Inspired! Thank you Krissy!

  2. Very interesting and enlightening 🙏🏻💗 Thahk you, Krissy, for caring and sharing xxx

  3. Wow! I have never read about so many different soul connections. This is powerful and I’m receiving it at the right time for me. Wow! I’m so grateful. Thank you Krissy! ❣️🙏

  4. Wow, that was so interesting and amazing how many different soul connections there are. My husband told me after we were married that he ‘knew’ he would marry me, it was a ‘red flag’ moment during the inbetween lives that came to the surface when we first met. He did change my life and gave me a happy one. Thank you for an interesting article and the time you took to do it.

  5. Thank you. I’ve recently had a solid catalyst relationship and was struggling to to figure out where it fitted. And this is perfect! I knew but didn’t let want to let go so hopefully this will help. Still very blessed to have had the experience.

  6. Five months ago I met a man and instantly felt a very strong energetic connection unlike anything I have ever experienced – and it was clearly mutual. I was taken aback since this man is 28 years my senior, married, has grown up children my age and came from another country and culture. I felt very happy and unhappy at the same time, since the attraction and the experience of being in love was so strong, but I knew that it could probably never aspire to a relationship. We’ve only ever met four times over the course of four months, and we never expressed our feelings – the mutual attraction was evident, but we kept the contact neutral, friendly and respectful. It is a good thing that neither of us acted upon our feelings. He went back to his own country a few days ago, I may never see him again and it breaks my heart. At the same time I know that it was supposed to be this way. Meeting this man has truly transformed my life; just by being in contact with this energy transformed me – and he probably doesn’t even know. And maybe it goes both ways; maybe his life was also transformed through meeting me and I will never know. There’s so much beauty in that. And even though my heart is breaking, and I am so full of hurt and sadness right now, there is a strange sweetness to it. Knowing that this catalyst has probably cleared the way for something even more wonderful to come into my life soothes the pain <3 Thank you for this article, it really helps me.

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Thank you for sharing your experience Emilie ~ really appreciate it. May your heart heal soon so the new can enter your life in the most beautiful way. Bright blessings, Krissy

  7. Wow. This is exactly what I needed to understand. Took 8 months but realistically it was about 6 months and bang, I realised that I was holding onto the energy rush like adrenaline. It hurt, my heart was broken and today I’m finding out giving it a definition of a Catalytic Soul has settled me right down. My soul group I felt had chucked me out but it was a different soul connection I see that now. My lesson isn’t so clear but at least now I know what I should focus on. Not the loss of a ‘friend’ but the gain of an explanation. Thank you.

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Am so glad/humbled that my blog has helped. We have to gain the awareness/understanding in order to be able to move forwards. Wishing you much love and magic on your journey x

    2. Could I ask what ended up happening in the past few years with your situation? I’m wondering because it sounds very similar to mine.

  8. very positive and forgiving way for our catalyst who are underrated. I met two big ones. The first is married but we are real good friends I feel he is now a high soul family. The second was the hardest so far as what started off as fling 7nmonths ago became an intense connections but we chatted so much and I dont want to think he used me just like that. I always had a feeling he was put on my path to teach me big lessons in my ascension. I admit I became obsessed at the thought of losing him I didnt understand what was happening until I read about the catalysts. Just like that after 7 months and building trust he has back off into separation, Im sure he has moved on to other connections. Deeply heart breaking – He will respond to me but I can feel he wants it to end so I decided to go no contact. I havent removed him from contacts because Im just hoping we can have a proper closure and Id like to thank him for pushing me forward on my journey. Love them all. ;)))

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Hi Cherry, on that I’d have to agree to disagree as that isn’t possible based on my understanding 🙂 Much love, Krissy

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