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Amegreen ~ Raising our Vibrations

Amegreen in it’s natural form is a beautiful blend of purple Amethyst and Green Amethyst, occasionally with a little bit of Quartz. If there are white lines on the piece, it’s most likely Chevron Amethyst with a blend of Prasiolite. Other pieces have little to no white lines or Quartz in them at all. Amegreen isn’t often found in nature as there are has to be specific chemicals present alongside particular heating and cooling periods within volcanic activity to create it over time, hence why there is often thin, white lines of Quartz laid down between the purple and green Amethyst.

Amegreen is an unusual energy. There are many crystals in the Mineral Kingdom that raise our vibrations, but not in the gentle, persistent way that Amegreen does. This unusual mineral works on raising our spiritual awareness, whilst simultaneously encouraging us to release negative emotions such as grief, fear, worry, stress, blame, judgement and shame.

Amegreen brings our heart & intuition together in way that is quite light and magical. It’s not a mineral I feel much from on a physical level, but if I close my eyes and focus on the crystal in my hand and imagine my auric field expanding, it does so at quite a rapid pace, uplifting my emotions at the same time.

This is an excellent mineral to work with when we are trying to release ourselves from past emotional wounding, trauma or pain and to gain a form of awareness that brings us back into our own integrity and power. Amegreen will not do the work for you, but if you’re truly determined to transform yourself into a different person than you are now, it can support that in quite a magical, fun way.

Releasing painful emotions is never going to be a bundle of laughs. However, we can easily feel, acknowledge and release our emotions using Amegreen, without having to go too deeply into the past and dig around that which caused us such pain in the first place. If there is a possibility of us not having to mire ourselves in what we’ve already been through, then Amegreen will show us the way.

At other times, we do have to do some deeper work so may need to work with Amegreen for a few days or weeks first. Then try adding in another crystal to bring the understanding & acceptance required to fully release all of those old energies. I recommend Nuumite or Ancestralite if working on generational or ancestral situations. Lepidolite & Pink Tourmaline as a blend are fantastic if our past pain involves betrayal, lack of love/nurturing or emotional/mental abuse. Thulite is excellent if dealing with past physical or sexual abuse and Chrysocolla if needing to release grief or find forgiveness, both for ourselves & others. Using Amegreen as a base energy ensures we’re fully connected to our heart and intuition whilst doing the work.

Amegreen also stimulates all of our chakras when directed to do so. If you feel one of your chakras or parts of your body is out of alignment, lay the Amegreen directly on that point. Relax, ground yourself, make sure you’re strongly connected to Mother Earth and then visualise White Light or pure energy pouring in from the Universe/God, down through your Crown Chakra and through the body until it connects with the Amegreen. Ask to be shown what you most need to know about that area of life or to bring up the ‘core issue’ and then have a notebook handy to write down whatever comes up once you’ve finished. As a practitioner, I’d advise working with Amegreen on a personal level first, so you can ascertain it’s energies and benefits before using it on others.

Amegreen is also a great mineral for healing practitioners regardless of the healing modality they’re using, whether conventional or holistic. Pop a piece in a bra or pocket and take some deep breaths, connecting to the energies of the Amegreen and visualising them flooding your entire body & energy system. Program (which you can do by holding the crystal in your hand or just asking in your mind) the Amegreen to bring you the highest information that could serve the client/patient. This will connect you to your intuitive sense primarily, so you will feel at a gut level what the situation or person needs and what is required to best help them heal to themselves. The practicalities of what action to take will then flow naturally from that place of intuitive knowing.

Many people approach healing from the mind, particularly in conventional therapies. However, Amegreen ensures we do so from our Spirit – which actually serves someone on a much deeper level and is more likely to reveal the core issue causing the physical, mental or emotional issues they or we are struggling with. For those who are used to doing regular self healing, we often tend to work through things in layers, coming back around again at a later date to heal the next layer. For me personally, Amegreen removes the need to work in layers IF going straight to the root cause is more beneficial to our system.

Amegreen also turns our focus to the positive, which is a huge help given the current state of the World. So if you find yourself falling into negative thinking or getting sucked into debates on the global state of things, reach for Amegreen and ask it to focus on the positive. Once you’re in a more positive state of mind, Amegreen will then guide you towards taking right action for yourself.

With love and bright blessings

Krissy xxx


Please note only two pieces per customer to remain fair to all.

Please contact me if you’d like to purchase more than that as I’m happy to give discounts or select pieces for a crystal gridding set etc.


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