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Skutterudite ~ The Stone of Inner Harmony & Transformation

Skutterudite is a little known mineral that was first discovered in Skuterudåsen in Norway in 1845. It grows in the hydro thermal tunnels that are created by volcanic activity. To date, this mineral has only been found in small deposits in Norway, Canada & New Jersey, USA, so it is rare, but thankfully, at an affordable price. This mineral contains nickel, so if you have an allergy to nickel, please wear thin gloves to protect your skin. It doesn’t affect the energy of the crystal or your ability to feel it as I use them all the time when working with Sulfurous or heavy lead bearing minerals such as Sulphur itself, Wulfenite or Mohawkite.

Skutterudite is a stone of grounding, inner transformation and ultimately, harmony. You must be grounded to work with the energy of this unusual mineral as it can really open up and expand our auric field, our 3rd eye and Crown. It is an excellent mineral to use when working with clearing & balancing chakras and it works fast!

If you work with people lying down, place a large, grounding mineral at their feet first and anchor their energy solidly into Mother Earth. Check in with them to make sure they feel that grounding too. Do not use any other crystals except the one, grounding stone.

Work from the feet upwards, holding the Skutterudite over the body and sweeping it upwards in circular motions towards the Root Chakra at the base of the spine. Do this slowly and methodically, visualising any negative energy being caught in the cleansing vortex you are creating and releasing up into the chakra system. It will naturally move to the chakra it can release from the easiest.

Then hold the Skutterudite over the base chakra and instruct it to cleanse, clear and rebalance that chakra for the highest good of the person. Move it in small, circular motions if it feels right to do so, as long as you stay right over the centre of the chakra point. Always ask for ‘the highest good’ as it gets our own Ego out of the way and ensures nothing goes awry. The health & safety of the person having the treatment is always paramount when working with any form of energy.

You may feel heat, cold, a bubbling or electric sensation or mild vibrations. Once you can feel in whatever way works for you, hold the Skutterudite in place until that energy dies down, then sweep upwards in a circular motion towards the Sacral Chakra. Do this for all of the chakra centres up to the throat.

I would then check in with the person again to see how they are feeling within themselves. If they still feel grounded, solid and comfortable, move up to the complete the Chakra cleansing of the Third Eye and Crown. If they are feeling ungrounded, spacey, wobbly or a bit shaken, leave the upper two chakras. The physical body will need time to rebalance itself and integrate the lower chakra energies before working on the higher two.

Skutterudite doesn’t seem to work much with the etheric chakras, which tells me this mineral is very much about sorting out our 3D physical energy and body so we can bring in and hold more light, guidance & intuitive insights from the higher dimensions. It’s main aim feels like it wants to cleanse, clear, anchor and then expand and it will support us wherever we are in that progression.

I feel this mineral mostly in my gut and solar plexus, as it works with us to show us just how much power there is in every person’s intuitive & spiritual gifts. However, it seems to work on different chakra centres with different people, so I trust that Skutterudite knows exactly where it’s energy is needed the most. It can & will release energetic blocks, so be prepared for emotional energy to come up and out of your system. This means you may feel older emotions, which may be a little uncomfortable, but it’s necessary for us to release stagnant emotion before it moves towards manifesting as physical illness. Simply feel whatever is coming up, journal or use a notebook if it helps, don’t get stuck in that emotion, just allow it to move through you, acknowledge it, release it and know that you will feel cleaner, clearer & brighter afterwards. Even more importantly, your vibration will rise/expand.

If you’ve only just discovered your spiritual gifts or would like to develop them further, Skutterudite is the mineral to work with. It has been used for journeying & shamanic work, astral travel, psychic development, dream work and spiritual modalities/practices and is an excellent meditation tool when working with visualisation or following guided meditations. I wouldn’t recommend having this mineral in your bedroom as it’s quite strong, so could easily disrupt your sleep. If you feel to take it into the bedroom, it is asking for you to work with it consciously in the dreamtime. Trust this feeling as you may not get a lot of restful sleep, but you will likely gain much needed awareness or information, so it’s helpful to have a journal or notebook nearby when you wake up. Jot down anything you can remember as it will no doubt serve you in future.

Skutterudite is also excellent to use in crystal healing grids that involve sending energy over distance as it’s ability to expand energy is quite remarkable. This is why we use no other crystals except grounding stones when working with Skutterudite. It takes what can sometimes be just a ‘little’ experience and turns it into a far deeper, more expansive journey. It is excellent for bringing the body back into balance energetically, so that our external world matches our internal world perfectly. Anything that isn’t matching up is what we need to look to change either within ourselves or in our external world.

Please feel free to drop me a line or comment below with any questions or to share your experiences of Skutterudite.

With love

Krissy xxx




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