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Purple Sagenite ~ Spiritual Self Discovery & Growth

Sagenite is a rare and beautiful holistic tool, more commonly known as Rutilated Quartz or Rutilated Agate.

The particular Sagenite I’d like to blog about today is Agate based, with beautiful purple rutiles of Lithium in it. It is so solid in colouring, seeing any rutile strands is difficult indeed. Most Sagenite is found in Brazil, but this incredibly rare purple variety comes from Madagascar. There is something so pure and beautiful about the energies of Madagascan stones….maybe as it is such an unpopulated, un-commercialised country.

Typically, Sagenite contains needle like crystals of tourmaline, stibnite, goethite, gold, silver, asbestos, hornblende, actinolite or epidot. To find some full of Lithium is extremely unusual and magical 🙂  Sagenite has been called various different names over the years: Angelic hair, Cupid’s arrows, arrows of love, etc.

Sagenite is a stone traditionally used by wise-women or shamans. It is said to enable safe passage into other worlds (known as journeying) and provides strong protection whilst doing so, particularly during Soul Retrieval.  Sagenite is said to be a crystal of truth, helping us to realise things about ourselves that need to change in order that we follow the right path.

Purple Sagenite is not a wishy washy tool to work with on any level….whilst the energy is very gentle, it also goes extremely deep, bringing a better understanding of ourselves, our motivations, our behavioural patterns and those of others. Definitely a stone of spiritual self discovery and growth.


Because this particular Sagenite is full of Lithium, it aids us in gaining a better understanding during difficult situations so we can take appropriate action. Lithium is proven to relieve feelings of depression and loneliness and Purple Sagenite brings more balance and stability to our emotions, lessening mood swings. Purple Sagenite can provide direction and creativity and is extremely useful when cleansing auras or sacred spaces since it absorbs negative energy. It is a stone that must be cleansed on a regular basis ~ warm soapy water is fine, then leave it to dry in the sun for a little while.

Physically, Sagenite is thought to slow the aging process and help strengthen the immune system. It is a strong healing stone that is said to be able to regenerate tissues on cellular level.

If you are surrounded by dark feelings and bad moods, this would be an excellent stone to work with. Purple Sagenite can emphasize the energy of other crystals, so we can use it very effectively in combination with other stones in crystal grids. Purple Sagenite particularly likes working with Clear Quartz, Lepidolite, Moldavite, Citrine, Sugilite and Black Tourmaline.

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Have a fantastic day, much love

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