Meditating and Crystals

Meditating and Crystals

A lot of people have asked me recently how to meditate with a crystal ~ or indeed how to meditate at all!

I am finding the question being raised even more by our younger generation. They seem to have such busy heads, with all the gadgets, TVs, Ipads, Laptops, XBoxs, computers, PS4, 5, 6, 7, 100000 as well as the huge amount of pressure placed on them to pass exams (much more than we ever had as kids)…….. we seem to be raising generations of children that truly struggle to hold their concentration for long periods of time unless there is something visually stimulating them.

I too have always struggled with traditional meditation. Sitting peacefully and letting the mind go quiet in order to listen has never worked for me…..simply because my intuition is LOUD and pushy and doesn’t care whether I’m trying to walk, talk, listen, sleep, focus or anything else. It simply chimes in with information as and when it does. Is there even a crystal for that?? A crystal for ‘not being able to meditate in the traditional way’. 😉


Let me first say that meditation means ‘to focus’, so although quietening the mind so we can hear our inner voice is practiced by many, it is not the only form of meditation and for many of us, not even the best form.

The way I see meditation is this: to focus the mind so completely on something, that it leaves space for very little else. It is in these moments of absolute concentration or focus that our inner voice can and does speak. Even if our mind is not completely silent, the voice will speak as our brain activity has calmed down enough for the energy, images or thoughts to get through.

I also see meditation as a disciplined practice. It takes time to learn how to meditate in whatever way works best for us (we are all so uniquely different). Making a few attempts and then saying ‘its not for me’ isn’t really doing the practice justice. I’d recommend picking a form of meditation that you feel may work for you and putting aside 5 minutes a day for 30 days and see how you go. Its like working out at the gym….. we don’t see much by way of results after the first week, although we start to feel better in our body for it. After a month however, results are visible both inside and out.

There are so many different forms of meditation. I’ve tried a LOT, such as:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Repeating Sounds or Mantras
  • Focusing on a visual object, such as a flame
  • Body Scanning
  • Visualisation
  • Walking Meditation
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Guided Meditation

Click Here for an easy guide on how to meditate and also how to use any of the above different methods.

The other website I would highly recommend is Brain Sync. They have created methods that induce the theta brain wave state, which is the optimum place to be when we want to experience truly deep meditation. I have had some of the best meditation experiences ever when using this technique and highly recommend their meditation CDs.


Once you have found a form of meditation that works for you, its then possible to introduce crystals. I’d get used to meditating first so you know how your body, head and spirit feel in that state. This provides a baseline reading, so when a crystal is introduced,we are far more aware of the effect it is having.

I’ll blog further on meditating with crystals next week as there are some pretty amazing experiences we can have with them & I’ll share some of my personal ones with you.

When a crystal is charged up and programmed with a deeply felt intention, it is a powerful tool indeed!

Have a great week, much love

Krissy XXX


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