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Golden Fishtail Selenite ~ Manifestation, Creativity, Light

Selenite is an extremely common crystal that can be used for cleansing and clearing auras or spaces within buildings. It has such a high vibration, it can pull Angelic or Spirit energies into a group/circle/building and is excellent for directing very cleansing, gentle energies.

Selenite can also cleanse and charge other crystals. Keep a rod or piece of Selenite cleansed, charged and at the ready. Selenite can easily be left on the windowsill in direct sunlight, it will never break down or fade (ensure it is away from any damp). This ensures it is always charged and ready to use.

On the days when there is no full moon or sunlight and we have a small crystal that needs to be cleansed and charged, pop it on top of the Selenite. The small crystal will discharge any negativity into the Selenite and then draw energy from it. Selenite absorbs and disperses energy quickly however, so the Selenite itself needs to be cleansed and charged after every use.

Selenite facilitates growth, expansion and openness. It is sometimes called Halo Rock and is known for its gentle, serene connection to both Angelics and the Spirit Realms. Selenite has also been used to accesses ancient records and is an excellent tool for healing practitioners and to use during meditation. It can also help us sleep better, although that depends on our level of sensitivity. Given this crystal is a beacon to the Spirit World, sleeping with it can often cause vivid dreams, restlessness and unusual experiences. For others, they will sleep like a baby under the soothing energies of Selenite.

On a physical level, Selenite is good for bones, teeth, muscles and physical flexibility. It was named after the moon by the Greeks. Although there are no discernible amounts of Selenium within Selenite, Selenite vibrates at the frequency of Selenium, so its good to have several pieces scattered around the home. It will cleanse the air particles and support our physical system.

Selenium is a chemical element that is worryingly missing in 1 out of 3 people’s diets. Although toxic in large doses, Selenium is an essential micro-nutrient for animals. Selenium is hugely important in our diets as it is a natural anti-oxidant and also plays a big role in cellular healing and healthy reproduction of cells. It is an essential part of our body’s defence & healing mechanism. Our earth has been so over farmed, there is very little Selenium left in the soil, so our food no longer contains the amount we need. I would recommend taking a Selenium supplement from an early age (Solgar make extremely good vitamins for both children & adults).


It is sometimes difficult to identify Selenite as this crystal grows in rods (shown above). If a rod is cut and polished downward along its natural lines, it creates a beautiful, shimmery, lined piece of Selenite. If, however, it is cut across the grain, then it shatters and can look more like Clear Quartz. Selenite is a very light mineral and quite soft, so can be easily scratched whereas quartz cannot. Selenite can be washed under running water, but must be dried off quickly afterward. Never leave Selenite in or near a water source as it is likely to disintegrate or ‘melt’.


Golden Selenite is a much stronger form of Selenite and is said to aid entire body healing. Golden Selenite can take us to different dimensions, allowing us to view situations as a witness without emotional involvement or turmoil. It is an excellent manifestation and creative tool, so would be a powerful centre piece for a grid. Golden Selenite draws in light, joy and bountiful energies, which eases symptoms of lethargy, depression or SAD.


Fishtail Selenite in particular is said to deeply heal the nervous system. It stabilises emotions, bringing in calm and defusing tension. It is an excellent tool to use when experiencing or trying to recover from trauma, whether that be something we’ve experienced in the past and are only working through or healing now, or something in the present.

To find Golden Fishtail Selenite, which holds all the properties of usually, three different kinds of Selenite, is a huge blessing! The energy is really positive to work with. I can feel it in all of the chakras, particularly the solar plexus and crown.

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Have a fab day, with lots of love

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2 thoughts on “Golden Fishtail Selenite ~ Manifestation, Creativity, Light”

  1. Usually love reading your take on crystals, but I just have to point out that selenite contains very little selenium. It was named after the Greek goddess of the moon; Seléné and has nothing to do with the element. Sorry ☹️

    1. Kristy Hodges

      Thank you so much. You are absolutely correct and don’t know how I missed that. Have amended the blog to read how I thought I’d written it ~ on energetic terms rather than scientific! Really appreciate you taking the time to point that mistake out and wished you’d left your name! Have a lovely day 🙂

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