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Relationships ~ The Current Energies

Relationships…..ahhh….the bain and blessing of  life. Whether they be family, education, work, friend or intimacy based relationships…there is no choice, we all have to take part in them.

I think the Universe has a funny sense of humour…..we’re born with a need for something that will probably bring us our biggest pleasure….and pain in life!  And we’re slowly lured into it too. As a baby its our relationship with our parents and then immediate family that shows us how to survive in the world. Thats OK. Survival is good. Puberty then introduces friends and intimate relationships and the dimension of emotional and physical commitment explodes and deepens. Friends and partners come and go as we storm into and swan out of those teenage years. As we get older still, there are our relationships with teachers, mentors and bosses. Suddenly this interactive malarky morphs into something other than emotional or physical desire and begins to branch off into areas of responsibility and accountability!  Then theres marriage….in-laws……old friends, new friends, the world at large and having children of our own!  Our ability to navigate something that seemed so simple suddenly becomes a lot more complicated.

Human beings are born to have and learn through relationships and that is a Universal Law!  Relationships bring us such joy, support, love, laughter and playfulness……….yet when we’re in any form of relationship for the long haul, they often they become challenging, frustrating and maddening…. *sigh*

Being a Libran, we are the sign of relationships and the mediators and peace makers of the zodiac. Having four planets in my seventh house (yep…you guessed it….the House of Relationships) ~ I’ve been hammered hard in this lifetime, from every conceivable angle, through highs and lows and its still ongoing (Lord grant me the serenity….) 😉


The energy of January is very much about relationships due to the dancing of planets back & forth in the heavens. Because Venus is retrograde (moving backward) until the end of the month, January is the time to review our relationships. Ask yourself:

  • What is working?
  • What isn’t working?
  • Am I giving up my power and, if so, how? What are the results of doing so?
  • Am I facilitating someone else’s negative state of being? If so how am I doing that and what effect does it have on the relationship?
  • When looking at recent situations, what could I have done differently? Is there any pattern that repeats itself from any past relationships? If so, what?

We may look back over past relationships and compare then to now. There will certainly be a lot of opportunity for ‘ah ha’ moments throughout January, particularly mid month. We’ll be able to see where things are going right….or wrong and what our part in those situations is. Many of us will be challenged on how we are giving up our power, even if its in the nicest of ways. 2014 is a time of transformation on both obvious and deeply subtle levels….so the better we know ourselves and are stable in our own power and knowledge, the better we’ll fare. We may feel torn between obligation and rebellion or co-operation over confrontation. Listen to your heart and go with what feels right in any moment……because in the next moment you may feel totally different. Its one of those months I’m afraid…..a bit up and down and probably quite emotional. There will be days that flow and those that really don’t!  If we’re wise and aware, if we look at ourselves and others from a mature, calm point of view ~ we’ll be able to see the wood for the trees 😉

There are various crystals I would recommend in relationships for very different reasons and they aren’t necessarily run of the mill….but I’ve worked with them personally and with clients over the years, so rather than a fluffy ‘Rose Quartz is good for love’…..I’d like to get a bit more nitty gritty and hope the below table helps:

Crystals for use in Different Types of Relationships
Lapis Lazuli Use when thoughts are jumbled & arguing is constant and repetitive
Howlite Use to release anger & pent up negativity and to have patience
Kunzite Use when finding love or kindness from another difficult to accept
Carnelian Use when there are problems between family members
Herkimer Diamond Use when wanting to connect spiritually or to connect with the Spirit/Soul/Higher Self of another person (both parties must be aware)
Citrine Use when we need to stop making other people responsible for our happiness
Malachite Use when needing to release negative thoughts & patterns from previous relationships
Black Tourmaline Use when a relationship is difficult or causes us to want to protect ourselves (from things such as anger, jealousy or negativity)
Celestial Aura Use when needing a stronger relationship with our self
Morganite To draw love to us, to open us up to love or to rekindle love, bringing patience & compassion


If you have any questions about what crystals are good for any other specific purpose in relationships, please drop me a line and I’d be glad to help.

With love and cosmic cuddles



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