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Pink Scolecite Pebble – Item E


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This is a chunky piece of polished, Pink Scolecite ~ the name amuses me as it’s closer to a peach colour than pink, but that is what the miners called it when they found it. Each piece is unique and absolutely blissful for the entire energy system. Like being given a warm huge and knowing ‘everything is going to be OK’. It’s a truly comforting mineral.

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Scolocite is a wonderful crystal. Its energy feels like a hug – warm, comforting, emotionally soothing and quite blissful. If this crystal is around, I can’t help but touch and hold it. Scolocite is an excellent mineral for bringing feelings of inner peace… it assists with sleeping soundly and enhances meditation. It brings uplifting energy, as if floating on a daydream, often finding your heart opens and bursts of joy and loving energy spill out. Scolocite gently clears the chakras and mind allowing for connections with your Higher self and understanding about your existence. It helps with becoming peaceful, bringing balance in times of change and hardship. It is gentle, as it assists with being receptive to life. It helps with taking control of your life and helps with the actualisation of your desired life. Pink Scolecite, in particular, radiates compassion, inner piece, the ability to move from a place of genuine kindness and is excellent for peaceful meditations, sleep and journeying. It helps to boost our emotional balance and strength.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 2.7cm (27mm) long X 2.2cm (22mm) wide.

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