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Golden Star Mica – Item F


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This is a gorgeous, hand held sized chunk of natural, Golden Star Mica, straight as it comes out of the ground (also called Muscovite, they are the same). This is an absolutely STUNNING mineral to work with ~ in how it feels so tactile in the hand, how it shimmers in the light and sheds sparkles of gold and the gorgeous energy it emanates. It literally glows in natural light!

Golden Star Mica is a gorgeous, metallic coloured, shimmery mineral that catches the light from all angles. It grows in layers forming a star pattern. Golden Star Mica really taps into the energy of personal power and protection. It raises the vibration of Self Worth and Self Confidence, drawing strength from within that we didn’t necessarily know we had. It also works hard to release any of the emotions that prevent us from knowing our true power, such as shame, fear and guilt. As these emotions are released, we are able to tune into our power centre on a much deeper level, connecting to our Soul & Higher Self so we can hear it’s guidance easily and clearly.

If you need to make decisions about your life or come up against challenges that may be life changing, this is the mineral to use to keep you focused and decisive, without feeling tons of worry or fear, particularly around whether the decision you’re making is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. This chunk will support you in going with your gut intuition and that never leads us down a wrong path. Golden Star Mica is also an excellent crystal for students or those learning new skills as it boosts our personal power, which in turn boosts our mind’s ability to retain and repeat information (there is a direct link between our gut and brain on a physical level and the same is the case energetically). On a physical level, this sparkly mineral supports our renal and digestive systems, alongside the pancreas and gallbladder as all of these organs work together with each other.

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You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx size 16.5cm (165mm) long X 4cm (40mm) wide.



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