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Malachite Stalactite Slice – STATEMENT/COLLECTOR’S PIECE

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Large Malachite stalactites are an incredibly rare find. This is a thick, polished slice from a HUGE stalactite of pure Malachite that would have taken 100,000s of years to form. It is not only a gorgeous piece to have on display in your home, it’s an investment & collector’s piece and a wonderful healing tool too. There is a video of this piece available, please drop me a line via the Contact Form if you’d like to see it.

If you would like to read my informative blog on Malachite, please Click Here.

Malachite is a powerful healing crystal that releases negative thoughts and feelings. It provides us with the energy of stability, patience, tolerance and strength and is said to ease depression as it releases a lot of the heavy energy or grief that lies at the root of depression. It is excellent for those who hold on to anger and do not take responsibility for the way their life is lived. Malachite also aids acceptance of what is and the strength to move forward when we come up against blocks or challenges in our lives. Simply sit with this beautiful slice and ask it to show you what needs to clear within yourself so that you can move forward with ease and grace.

Malachite is also one of THE most effective minerals/vibrations on a physical level. It is excellent for easing pain as the high copper content makes it a natural anti-inflammatory, particularly for joint pain, arthritis and rheumatism. Simply hold the piece in your hands or lay it on the area of the body that is hurting and it should alleviate the pain quite quickly. You may feel the crystal become hot, cold or tingle whilst it is doing this and that is perfectly natural. It simply means you’re feeling the energy in whatever way is right for you. The frequency of Malachite is also said to regulate and heal disease of the renal system that can lead to diabetes or issues with our pancreas, gall bladder, liver or kidneys.

I would place this piece in any room in the house, but as it contains a lot of copper, it would probably be better in a dry room where it doesn’t get repeatedly wet (ie not a bathroom or kitchen). It won’t harm the crystal if it gets wet, but it could dull the shine of it over time unless it is regularly wiped dry.

Approx 16cm (160mm) long X 12.5cm (125mm) wide x 1cm (10mm) thick and weighs over half a kilo. You will receive the crystal in the photograph and it comes with a display stand. If ordering from overseas, please select International Tracked/Signed postage, which provides full insurance for this incredible Collector’s Piece.



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