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Manganese – Item AR


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This is a lovely piece of Manganese that is small enough to slip into a pocket, bra or pillowcase.

Manganese is a really inexpensive way of working with the energy of Sugilite as it is the main component of this very expensive and rare mineral. Sugilite has become expensive and rare as China has bought up all of the World’s supply as Manganese is processed to be used in Morphine and as an anti inflammatory and pain killer.

So instead of trying to source Sugilite at ridiculous cost, it was actually easier to source pure Manganese and work with this unusual mineral directly. It’s a really cool, unassuming energy that draws things together and bonds them in positive ways. It is an energy that encourages us to build bridges ~ whether internally for our inner child/teen and adult or externally, between ourselves and others. It can help us create bonds with ourselves or others and conversely, is also a good energy to use if needing to break ties or bonds in order to move on. Manganese can be programmed to work either way. It does the same when working with Spirit or indeed any energy. Use it to draw things closer or to repel and keep them at bay. Very handy for crystal healing grids!

On a mental level, it allows us to connect dots and bring together information so that we can understand the bigger picture behind our experiences in life. Manganese is extremely grounding and protective on a mental and emotional level and a handy mineral to keep on your body if suffering from pain or inflammation. It’s also really helpful when detoxing as it supports our body in this process beautifully.

If you’d like to read my informative blog on Manganese, please Click Here.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 2.4cm (24mm) long x 1.6cm (16mm) wide.

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