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Malacholla Ring – Item D – Size N-UK, 7-US, 54-EU


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This is an absolutely stunning, incredibly rare ring of Malacholla set in thick sterling silver. The colours and patterning are amazing and the energy is so uplifting. Each of these pieces is absolutely unique and I’ve Googled and cannot find any of these rare rings for under £65 online anywhere ~ so this beauty is an absolute bargain!

There was a large vein of Malacholla discovered in the Ural Mountains, but that has been mined out and there hasn’t been any more discovered since. That makes it hard to obtain and quite expensive, but its worth it. Due to its rarity, finding classy jewellery in Malacholla is almost impossible. My supplier commissions everything himself.

Its the best pain relief crystal I have ever used. Probably because of the copper in the crystal, which works as a natural anti-inflammatory.

If you’re working on releasing old emotional issues or anything negative from the past, or have illnesses that have manifested physically due to those issues, then there isn’t a better stone to use.

Chrysocolla is an amazing crystal on so many levels. It increases our capacity to love others. Flushes out and heals heart blockages relating to fear, grief or loss. Excellent for releasing guilt or irrational fears. Good for those whom have suffered trauma or abuse, particularly as a child or in close relationships. On a physical level, it is great for blood sugar balance, diabetics, arthritis, rheumatism, respiratory disorders and anything involving hormones or internal organs. Draws out pain & heat – an anti-inflammatory crystal – a natural, beautiful blend of blues & greens.

Malachite is excellent for arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, kidneys, liver & depression. A powerful healing crystal that releases negative emotions and provides stability, patience, tolerance and strength. Excellent for those who hold on to anger and do not take responsibility for the way their life is lived. Also aids acceptance of what is and the strength to move forward.

Please only purchase if the ring is your size or close to it. Obviously with rings, they have to fit comfortably, so am happy to exchange/refund no problem, but please respect this service. Thank you 🙂

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