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Kundalini Quartz – RARE – Item AA


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This is a gorgeous piece of the extremely rare Kundalini Quartz. This piece comes from the most recent find in the Congo in late 2022 ~ it’s taken that long to be mined and shipped over to the UK. The last tranche of Kundalini Quartz released to the market was ten years ago now, so we come across new crystals, on average, once per decade. It is incredibly rare to find such small pieces and individual points as traditionally, Kundalini Quartz is only sold in large chunks. These smaller pieces have all come from a vast, heavily clustered wall and once they’re gone, they’re gone. They don’t mine crystals with care in that part of the World, so these pieces are rough, straight as they come out of the ground. If you’re looking for perfection, these pieces can be polished up to achieve that. However, I love them just as they are as the energy is incredible and I’ve got my own piece that is utilised and used as a manifestation magnet, every single week.

This mineral is pricey as it’s a very specific form of Natural Citrine that requires certain conditions in which it can form in the classic gathering of multiple points. Out of 20+ Citrine pockets, you’d be lucky to find even one of Kundalini and that is why finds occur decades apart. The Citrine mines are also located in an area of the World where there is a lot of disease, civil unrest and war. They are out in the middle of nowhere and it costs an inordinate amount to insure the safety of miners and crew and to ensure the safe passage of the minerals to docks so they can be exported. Sadly, many shipments don’t make it that far. So if you wonder why Kundalini Quartz is so rare and priced higher than many other stones, this is why. If you would like to read my informative blog on Kundalini Quartz, please Click Here.

Kundalini Quartz is named as such as it is said to draw energy up from our base chakra. However, I don’t know if its this particular new find or if we are working from a much deeper or higher vibrational place in this day and age, but the pieces I have worked with go much deeper than just the base. I could feel the energy being drawn up from the earth, from deep within the Earth Star Chakra, which is the seat of our soul. This energy moves up through our system, igniting and spinning each chakra as it goes. 

This experience can feel quite intense, so be ready for it. Activating our Kundalini energy is said to shift us forward in life and get us moving along our spiritual path and connect us to our Soul Purpose. Great to use if we’re stuck on any level or are working through transforming or changing something in our lives. This activation and subsequent connection allows us to work from our spiritual centre, rather than the egoic mind.

Kundalini Quartz is also an incredibly powerful manifestation and abundance tool. Kundalini Quartz lights us up, connecting us strongly to the supportive, inspirational, creative, source energy of the Universe. It helps us to transform ourselves, to learn to trust ourselves and the bigger picture. It support us in believing in ourselves, so we grow in confidence and our self esteem rises up. Kundalini Quartz works very hard on silencing our inner critic so we can blossom and flourish into who we are meant to be. My piece makes me feel like anything is possible 🙂

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3cm (30mm) long X 2.5cm (25mm) wide. Apologies for the higher postage, but this piece must be sent well packaged in a box.


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