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Hand Gathered Larvikite Rough – Crystal Gridding Set – Item A


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This is a set of four, beautiful pieces of rough, natural Larvikite that is very special as it comes with a Goddess story, which you can read HERE. Each of these pieces has made the journey from their birthplace in Norway, across the seas to be hand gathered by myself on the shores of a nature reserve on the East Coast of the UK. As I have gathered these pieces personally, they are being sold at cost/wholesale price. You won’t get a more magical energy to work with at this price, anywhere else Worldwide. This listing is for four pieces that can be used in crystal gridding sets.

Larvikite is Norwegian Feldspar. Is is an excellent crystal for students as it expands our mental energy, helping us to retain & relay information effectively. Its also a spiritual awakening stone, bringing clarity and enhancing lucid dreaming, vision work and any form of psychic or spiritual development. It also has a strong connection to Earth energies, although it also opens the Crown so we can reach for the stars. It’s a wonderful stone of transformation and balance between working with 3D and 5D energies.

You will receive the four crystals in the photograph. The smallest piece is approx 5cm (50mm) long X 4.5cm (45mm) wide. Please check sizing carefully as there is a range of sizes available.

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