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Grandidierite RARE – Rough – Item AB


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This is a small, rough piece of extremely rare Grandidierite, straight as it comes out of the mine in Madagascar. Each piece is unique and you’ll be drawn to the one that will support you the most. The energy, colour and vibrancy of these natural pieces is beautiful and far softer/lighter than the larger, polished pieces. Please check sizing carefully as many of these pieces are small & would easily slip into a pocket, bra, pillowcase or crystal cage. They’re also EXCELLENT in crystal grids ~ just one or two pieces in a grid ignites it with deep Earth Energy.

To read my informative blog on Grandidierite, please click Here.

Grandidierite is a heart centred stone that packs a punch. I’ve never worked with anything like it. It is grounding, stabilising, supportive and very feminine. However, it contains the highest form of POWER in our feminine energy at any given time. It’s a strong energy to work with. For me personally, it moved me into the energy of acceptance and vulnerability within one day of working with a polished pebble. It has allowed me to access & release heartbreak, an emotional energy I didn’t even know my system was holding. Heartbreak that was getting in the way of my ability to trust.

Grandidierite supports us in our surrender and vulnerability, in our intuition and ability to step into compassion and love, in inner child work and deep, deep healing. For me, it moves us towards becoming the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother. With healing our wounds that are ancestral and passed down from mother to child, generation after generation. Grandidierite takes us deep into Mother Earth and deep into ourselves, forming a connection with all parts of ourselves. It allows old emotions to bubble to the surface so we may acknowledge them, feel them, comfort the wounded part of ourselves and then release them. This mineral is not for the feint hearted. There are plenty of crystals that support the heart chakra, self love and emotional healing. Grandidierite goes right to the roots, to the core of our issues and emotions, connecting us to our absolute truth and authenticity in all it’s glory.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 5cm (50mm) long x 3cm (30mm) wide

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